Thursday, March 26, 2020

Fearing the Air...

Looking back at previous years, you compare things.... and contemplate whether things were better or worse than the present time.  Comparing 2019 with 1990, on one hand you have 1990 which was a time you went about your life thinking about work, friends, the weekend, etc., and other than land line telephone calls and paper-based mail (the hand-delivery kind), you communicated with the people you were actually with and didn't contemplate the end of civilization or whether you could go out without filtering the air you breathed.
In 2019, the world seemed to be coming apart in many ways - global heating, wars, a whole host of non-sustainable human activities/behavior leading to an existential threat to life in the future.  And now in 2020, the very air is to be feared.  Nearly everyone covers their face when going out.  .............  Thought I was going to write up a storm about this, but that's basically it.  I'm feeling very nostalgic about 1990 as a time when people went about their lives without wearing face masks and when you were with someone, they didn't have primary focus on their micro-computer(s) and were actually with you.
On the other hand - I certainly do like having computers and electronic communication.  What would be nice?  Getting past this virus threat/upheaval, and while still having the convenience of modern technology, a world where people turned off their electronic devices while with others and left primary focus on the people they were actually with.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Monday, March 16, 2020

七国への旅 - 令和二年三月

The new morning ritual now after a night's sleep is to go on-line and see how much worse everything is.  I don't recall any time in my life where reality seemed so much like a disaster movie where the people on the screen confront an ever worse reality - leading to...?
Aside from the abstract feeling of reading about bad news from afar, and seeing/feeling the people around you getting nervous about events, the first in-my-face shock came on February 27th at Tokyo Station when I went to the platform for the Chuo Line and it was nearly empty!  Then when I got on the train, it was nearly empty as well - until it filled up down the line.  Thinking about it now, I suppose the businesses in the Marunouchi area (next to Tokyo Station) were told to work from home?
Gradually, the concept that it's bad to be near people has set in and I've stopped (for now...) going to art exhibitions in Ginza and stopped walking through places with a lot of people (if I don't need to be there that is).  What with telecommunications, it's not so bad to hole up at home, but after a while you want to get out and get some fresh air....
And so I decided to take a mini-vacation to a suburb of Tokyo I'd never been to before.  As I exited the station, I felt a little excited and started thinking about it:  "On the face of it, I've just gone across town to a nondescript suburb, but what is so different really from jetting to another country for a vacation?  In both cases, I'm in an area for the first time, seeing things I've never seen before.  This is a valid vacation!"  Granted, I could use the same language I use at home, half of the chain store names I already knew, and I would be going - not to a hotel - but home that evening, but on the adventurous vacation side, I hadn't seen the names of half of the chain stores, and as I walked up a hill I'd never walked up before, I thought "I wonder what's up the road here...?"
I don't know...  As I attempt to explain it in words, it looks kind of mundane on the screen... but in the moment it was actually quite nice.  After not having gone anywhere new for so long, the change really did feel as though I were on a journey into an unknown land... which I was.  The part that looks mundane is that it was just another part of the city I already live in and was just a day trip.  I know... but trust me, it felt like an adventure!
As I walked up the hill, I thought, "As long as this goes up, it's going somewhere interesting... if it levels off or starts going down, I'll turn around and go back."  Writing/remembering that, I realize an important element of it becoming a pleasant adventure was that I had low expectations for it.  I didn't really expect to find anything very interesting, but whatever was up the hill was guaranteed to be at least a little bit interesting, since I was approaching it from a fairly long period of boredom.   Contrast is the key element here.  If there is contrast, then it's interesting.
Midway up the hill I looked across the street and saw an area between condominium... not high rises, but medium rises?  From about nine to fifteen stories high?  What do you call those?  Anyway, they're one of the forms vertical gated communities take.  The area looked visually interesting, so I thought it would be a good place to record a pair of JV/EV videos.  So I crossed the street and started a JV video... and realized it was a boring one and there wasn't so much to say, so I just left the camera running and said the same boring content in English, then another comment in Japanese and then English again.  Ideally, those should be separate, but lumping them together in a JEV video gets it out-of-the-way more quickly.
From there I continued up the hill... and at an intersection, I looked down the road going to the right.  Something about what I was looking at seemed interesting....  Recalling the moment now, I'm not really sure exactly why it seemed interesting, but the scene beckoned and I obeyed the allure.  As I walked along, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was approaching the edge of a valley, with a view through space to the other side of the valley.
Again, contrast.  If you do a comparative analysis of valleys on planet earth, surely there are many more dramatic and beautiful ones.  But for me, after spending months on narrow streets, in crowded trains, inside buildings, etc., that open space - with some flowering trees (cherry? plum?) in the middle of a cluster of green trees (on the other side of the valley) was a beautiful sight.  Arriving at the end of the road, I then descended a series of stairs (with the camera rolling) and discovered Opera Tunnel... which I just had to give a try.  (The experience and the video were in tandem, so that's an authentic view.)
The echo was... dare I say spectacular?  ("Spectacular" here refers to the quality of the echo, not the quality of my bad singing.)  As a child, I liked the fun of making noise in tunnels, continuing on to honking my car horn in them (when there was no other traffic) and throughout my life, I generally haven't been able to resist trying out the echo in tunnels.  But... I am usually disappointed!  There's always some kind of echo in a tunnel, but generally not enough to be much fun.  Opera Tunnel though, now that's what a tunnel echo should be!  Perhaps the oval shape of the tunnel works better than a round tunnel?
After that, I climbed back up the stairs and walked along a beautifully straight road on the edge of the valley.  Why "beautifully straight"?  Back to contrast - when living in cities that had nearly all straight roads, I would have considered it the very definition of boring, but now I live in an area with no straight roads at all.  There are some roads that are straight for short stretches, but even those roads tend to be curving slightly or straight for only very short stretches.  So, looking down a perfectly straight road, it was an exciting thing to walk down - for the contrast of it.
And... that's about it actually.  As I walked back down the hill towards the station I was beginning to feel tired and then the prospect of being home again that evening was a pleasant thought.
Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Wednesday, March 04, 2020

The Fragility of Supply...

   It was when I saw a news article stating that industry people were saying "There's no need to panic-buy toilet paper - there's a good supply of it..." that I thought "Uh-oh..." and a few days later I went around to three stores in my area, two of which have a large area where they stock a small mountain of a dizzying variety of toilet paper.  Before walking into the first big store where there had always been that mountain of toilet paper, I thought "It'll probably be half gone..." so it was a bit of a shock to walk in and see the shelves were completely bare.  And not just toilet paper - there were no tissue paper packs or paper towels either.
   So, I went to two other stores to have a look... and it was the same story.  Completely empty shelves.  One of the large stores had a sign at the empty shelves where the toilet paper used to be saying "Two packs per customer".  Okay... I guess that didn't help too much.  For that kind of thing, I suppose a family of four would have each family member go to a cash register on their own?  In any case, what I have is what I have and any new stock is unavailable to buy.  I have some, so I'm okay for now, but I wonder when it'll be available again.  What I'll probably run out of first are tissue packs... I have pollen allergies and fairly active sinuses....
   Anyway, after I had checked out the situation with paper products, I went grocery shopping, which was uneventful except for noticing that rice was nearly sold out.  I bought one of the last remaining bags.  I walked around the store observing the other shoppers in their face masks.... and then noticed a woman not wearing one.  Seconds after spotting her, she let loose with a very congested-sounding cough... into her fist (to best spread the germs around).  I speed walked in another direction (but still ran into her again a few minutes later).  I thought "Well, that's great.  Probably the only person in the store who really should be wearing a mask is the one who isn't...."
   Anyway, the whole thing reminds me of the fragility of supplies.  Never in my life have I experienced going into a store and there being no toilet paper for sale.  It was always there... and then, with people considering the possibility of having to stay holed up at home for some period of time, hording starts, and "Poof!" supply vanishes.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon  20200304  (水)

Mechanical Mice Work Best

   Back when I began using computers, there were only one type of cursor-positioning mice in general use, the type with a small but heavy rubber surfaced ball that rotated two shafts mechanically and indicated motion that way.  They worked fine, although they needed to be cleaned periodically for proper use.  Since most people I observed around me never cleaned theirs, the performance would get spotty and they blamed the design and enthusiastically embraced optical mice when when came out, since they could be absolutely filthy dirty and they would still work fine (provided nothing was blocking them optically.
   But wait - there was another problem with the mechanical type - since they needed a certain amount of friction to work properly (to mechanically turn the rubber ball), they didn't work very well on slippery surfaces.  The blazingly simple answer to that was to use them on a sheet of paper, but while I used a sheet of A3 or whatever non-glossy paper was handy and got great performance that way, I don't recall anyone around me noticing what was happening and doing a little work procedure kaizen for themselves.
   Fast forward to the era where all externally-connected computer pointing devices are optical and I've found (to my intense irritation) that one optical device after another starts out working great, but develops a kind of glitch where if you're trying to move it precisely (like when cropping a photograph) it will jump or stick a little.  I don't know if the sensor for the light beam is wearing out or what, but it's really irritating when editing pictures....
   Fast forward again to yours truly walking down a street in Akihabara about a month ago.  I noticed a box of old PS/2 connector mechanical mice - new ones no less (old stock) and so I bought a couple (as my desktop machine has both USB and PS/2 sockets) and while I wasn't really expecting it to be great, I'm finding that it's much much more precise in movement (on a sheet of copy paper, as of old) than the optical ones I have.  The amount of motion required for moving the pointer is quite a bit more, but after going into the settings on my computer and dialing the speed up, it works absolutely great.  No jumping or stalling  - yet.  Hopefully it will just keep working this way and I won't need to go back to optical mice which have - time after time after time - started produced spotty performance after using them for a few months.
   Granted, I've only been using this new (old stock) mechanical mouse for a few weeks, but I remember how it was before - if the performance started to get weird, just clearing out dust buildup on the metal shafts (that come in contact with the rubber ball) would restore performance.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

1990 1991 2000 2019 2020 Etc

  February 2020... and these video links go back to October 2019!  That's way too long for doing an update here and there are more video links than I have time to match up with relevant photos, so I'm just going to put some radon pictures among the video titles and links.  Well, not exactly random - the videos are from 1990 & 1991 and 2019 & 2020, with the photos being from 2000 - right between the two pairs of years for the videos.
1990 夜の西新宿 散策散歩 Nighttime Nishi-Shinjuku Walkabout 901220

1990 思い出横丁 テーマパークになる前時代 Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho Before Tourism 901220
2019 神田駅-東京駅-有楽町駅-新橋駅-浜松町駅 山手線 191017g

2019 浜松町駅-田町駅-品川駅 山手線 191017g

2019 田町駅-品川駅 山手線FV Tamachi to Shinagawa 191018

2019 目黒川 品川 Meguro River - Shinagawa 191018

2919 東京駅-神田駅 中央線 夜反射 Tokyo to Kanda 191018

2019 渋谷駅-恵比寿駅 山手線 Shibuya to Ebisu 191019

2019 恵比寿駅で山手線が遣って来る Ebisu Station Platform View 191019

2019 渋谷駅まで左側風景 工事現場など 山手線から 191019

2019 渋谷駅 山手線が遣って来ると工事現場 191019g
2019 渋谷駅前から工事現場隣まで 階段と周りの風景 191019

2019 渋谷工事現場隣から桜丘町の坂を上り 工事人のお昼休み 多分 191019g

2019 桜丘町散策散歩 工事の音と周りの風景 工事現場白い壁の間など 191019

2019 Shibuya Trackside-01 191019

2019 Shibuya Trackside-02 191019

2019 渋谷 線路 駐車場 落書き 電車 車 人 191019

2019 渋谷区猿楽橋の近く 見回ると通る電車 191019

2019 猿楽橋の階段 渋谷区 191019

2019 Train Watching from a Bridge 191019

2019 渋谷区の住宅 Residential Area in Shibuya 191019
2019 代官山の散歩 Daikanyama 191019

JV-83 雑音 当日の散歩に対して 191019

EV-83 Walking Around by Daikanyama Station 191019

2019 代官山駅の通過電車と橋からの様子 191019

JV-84 都市の秋と音 191019

EV-84 Autumn in the City - Sounds Etc 191019

2019 細い道 Narrow Path 191019

2019 壁道散歩 Narrow Road Between Walls 191019

2019 橋の下 古い物と新しい物 歴史と将来 191019
2019 渋谷川隣 何とかキャラクター 191019

JV-85 渋谷川をまた見える 191019

EV-85 Shibuya Riverside New Construction 191019

2019 渋谷川と周りのビル Shibuya River 191019

JV-86 渋谷川 元線路があったところ 191019

EV-86 Walkway Where Elevated Railway Was 191019

JEV-87 元地上線路 Former Surface Railway Maybe 191019

2019 夕暮れ渋谷川と隣にある新しい公園みたいな緑と座る場所 191019

2019 Twilight View of New Walkway Along Shibuya River 191019

2019 渋谷駅-原宿駅 山手線 夜の反射 191019
2019 代々木駅-新宿駅 山手線 夜の反射 新宿駅ホームの様子 191019

2019 下り小田急線 夜の窓風景 Outbound Nighttime Odakyu Line 191019

2019 代々木上原駅-新宿駅 小田急線 夜の様子 Odakyu Line 191019

2019 新築橋など元東急渋谷駅の所 Nighttime Shibuya 191019

2019 光のエスカレーターとか 191019

2019 上からの渋谷川夜様子など Nighttime Shibuya River 191019

2019 上りエスカレーター 緑と未来光 下りエスカレーター 191019

2019 光階段 渋谷は未来ですね 将来は明るく作れるかも 191019

2019 ウワオウ なんじゃこりゃ スーペースステーションみたいな 191019
2019 今の渋谷は凄い面白い素晴らしい Amazing Shibuya 191019

2019 渋谷川 ブルーレーザーと川隣散歩 夜の光など 191019g

2019 渋谷 現在の未来 Futuristic Shibuya 191019g

1990 新宿 東側夜散策散歩 Shinjuku East Side Night Walkabout 901220

1990 池袋駅 夜の様子 JR線-西武線乗り換えとひばりヶ丘駅 901220

2019 夜の東京 東京駅八重洲口から 人々バス工事現場など 191101

2019 小雨西新宿の濡れた道 Lights On Wet Pavement 191025

JV-88 科学的な臭い匂いが嫌いです 191025

EV-88 Synthetic Chemical Stench Stinks です 191025
2019 京王ライナー 夜の様子 Nighttime Keio Liner 191029

2019 目黒川隣 Megurogawa River Walkway 191101n

2019 有楽町駅へ向かう 山手線 Yamanote Line to Yurakucho 191101

2019 新宿駅-新大久保駅-高田馬場駅-池袋駅 山手線 Shinjuku to Ikebukuro 191102

2019 大塚駅-巣鴨駅 山手線 Otsuka to Sugamo - Yamanote Line 191102

2019 巣鴨駅 ホームの様子 Sugamo Station Platform View 191102

2019 西武線の特急ラビュー 池袋駅 Seibu Laview Express Train at Ikebukuro 191102

2019  西武池袋線が遣って来る 池袋駅 Waiting for a Train at Ikebukuro 191102n

2019 ひばりヶ丘駅の踏切 RR Crossing by Hibarigaoka Station 191102
2019 午後のひばりが丘商店街 Hibarigaoka Afternoon Shotengai 191102

2019 ひばりが丘 北口の横道 Hibarigaoka Side Street 191102

2019 ひばりが丘北口新様子 Hibarigaoka Station North Side New Look 191102

2019 駐車場など ひばりが丘北3-3 191102n

2019 自転車の駐車場 ひばりが丘北3-3 191102n

2019 ひばりが丘北 色々 古いから新しいへ 191102

2019 ひばりヶ丘駅前 南口 太陽の光と影 Afternoon View 191102

2019 ひばりヶ丘駅 下りホームの様子 Hibarigaoka Station Afternoon Platform 191102

2019 工事のひばりが丘駅下りホームと電車の到着 191102
2019 所沢駅-東村山駅 西武新宿線 Tokorozawa to Higashi-Murayama 191102

2019 玉川上水隣の土道 Tamagawa Canal Path 191102

2019 鷹の台駅 電車が遣って来る Takanodai Station 191102n

2019 鷹の台駅-恋ヶ窪駅-国分寺駅 西武国分寺線 Seibu-Kokubunji Line 191102

2019 国分寺駅ホームの様子 Kokubunji Station Platform Evening View 191102

2019 夜の電車 反射 通る光 モーターの音 反対行きの電車 考えなど 191105

2019 秋 目黒川隣の散歩 Autumn Megurogawa Riverside 191108

2019 階段とビルと緑 Stairs Shadows and Light 191108

2019 有楽町駅前広場 夕方の様子 Yurakucho Plaza 191108
2019 夕方銀座一丁目 居酒屋と道と画廊ビル Evening Ginza 191108

2019 銀座線 工事中の渋谷駅 Ginza Line at Shibuya 191108

2019 渋谷 出発ところ 何十年前からのデーパートから人々の夜へ 191108

2019 夜の渋谷 さびしい工事道からピカピカ新タワーへ 落書きと車など 191108

2019 Sparkling Shibuya Night Elevated Walkway New Tower Etc 191108

2019 Shibuya Night Old Stairs Down to Street Level 夜の渋谷 191108

2019 工事中橋の下 夜の渋谷 191108

2019 夜渋谷散策散歩 工事中橋 新タワー 横断歩道 レンガ 祭り 191108

2019 祭りの夜 道 人々 電気の光と影 渋谷の夜 Nighttime Shibuya 191108
2019 渋谷夜散策散歩 交差点 東から西へ Shibuya at Night 191108

2019 新宿東南口隣の広場へ向かう 小雨の夜 Shinjuku Night Street 191029g

2019 田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Tamachi to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 191101g

2019 ひばりヶ丘駅 駅から階段で道へ Hibarigaoka Station to Street 191102g

2019 光と影と人々 平和 191108

2019 夜の渋谷 古い橋と新工事の橋 工事現場とピカピカ新タワーの様子 191108g

2019 渋谷の昔風飲み街 夜の様子 191108g

2019 夜の下り 平和の電車 191108g

2019 浜松町駅-田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Hamamatsucho to Shinagawa 191114
2019 神田駅-東京駅 上向き 山手線 Kanda to Tokyo 191115n

2019 品川駅-大崎駅 山手線 191115

2019 有楽町駅 夕方ホームの様子 Yurakucho Station 191115

2019 有楽町駅前 緑色の光々々々々 191115

2019 下神明駅 ホームの様子 191114

2019 下神明駅-大井町駅 大井町線 191114

2019 空ビュー 東京駅-有楽町駅-新橋駅-浜松町駅-田町駅 山手線 Sky View 191115g

2019 新リュート前日 田町駅-品川駅 山手線 191115
1990 ひばりが丘-池袋駅-新宿駅-市川駅 901222

1990 市川駅 土曜日の朝 Ichikawa Station 901222

1990 市川市の散策散歩 Ichikawa Walkabout 901222

1991 ひばりが丘 北口辺り Hibarigaoka North Side View 910615n

1991 西武線と池袋駅の東側散歩 Ikebukuro East Side Stroll 910701

1991 池袋駅-五反田駅 山手線 Ikebukuro to Gotanda - Yamanote Line 910701

2019 田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Tamachi to Shinagawa 191121vt

2019 新橋駅-浜松町駅 山手線 反射ビュー Shinbashi to Hamamatsucho 191121

2019 浜松町駅-田町駅 山手線 反射ビュー Hamamatsucho to Tamachi 191121
2019 田町駅-品川駅 山手線 右側反射ビュー Tamachi to Shinagawa Right Side 191122

2019 歩きながら影を見ている Shadows on the Ground 191203g

2019 木と電気光とビルと夜 Lights in the Night 191129g

2019 東京駅-有楽町駅 山手線 Tokyo to Yurakucho 191122

2019 Christmas Tree 191129

2019 スカイツリーって凄いですね 191203n

2019 Tokyo Skytree Quick View from Tower 191203n

2019 Old Floor 191129

2019 Tokyo Skytree Looking Down Quick View 191203

2019 田町駅-品川駅 山手線 左側反射ビュー Tamachi to Shinagawa Left Side 191128
2019 東日本橋駅 ホームの様子 Higashi-Nihonbashi Station 191203

2019 大崎駅のエスカレーター Osaki Station Escalator 191129n

2019 東日本橋駅-浅草橋駅-蔵前駅 都営浅草線 Asakusa Line 191203

2019 神田駅-御茶ノ水駅 夜中央線 Kanda to Ochanomizu 191129

2019 蔵前駅-浅草駅-本所吾妻橋駅-押上駅 都営浅草線 Asakusa Line 191203

2019 神田駅-東京駅 山手線 左側反射ビュー Kanda to Tokyo Left Side 191129

2019 スカイツリー近くの見回る Near Tokyo Skytree 191203

2019 押上駅 ホームの様子 都営浅草線 Oshiage Station - Asakusa Line 191203
2019 下りエスカレーターから光の夜へ Into the Night 191129

2019 空木タワー近くのエスカレーター Escalators Near Tokyo Skytree 191203

2019 神田駅-秋葉原駅 山手線 Kanda to Akihabara 191129

1991 都営浅草線 五反田駅 Toei-Asakusa Line - Gotanda Station 910701

1991 五反田駅-戸越駅-中延駅-西馬込駅 午後の都営浅草線 Gotanda to Nishimagome 910701

2019 階段を下りて井の頭船ホームへ 明大前駅 Meidaimae Station 191220

2019 Samille 銀座展示会 奧野ビル 601号室 Samille Ginza Exhibition 191220n

2019 太陽の無い神田駅 京浜東北線の到着と出発 Kanda Station 191213
2019 レンズ・ノスタルジア 小島一晃 写真展 Lens Nostalgia Photo Exhibition 191220n

2019 Nissan Ginza Showroom Concept Car 191220n

JV-89 渋谷の八個広場 191220

2019 明大前駅-東松原駅 井の頭線 Meidaimae to Higashi-Matsubara 191220

2019 東松原駅-新代田駅 井の頭線 Higashi-Matsubara to Shindaita 191220

2019 新代田駅-下北沢駅-池ノ上駅-駒場東大前駅-神泉駅 井の頭線 191220g

2019 明大前駅に向かうと到着 京王線 Keio Line Window View 191220g

2019 渋谷駅の古い所から階段を上って銀座線を乗って出発 Ginza Line 191220g

1991 西馬込駅と南馬込と都営浅草線五反田駅 Minami-Magome Etc 910701
1991 五反田駅-品川駅-田町駅 山手線国鉄205系 Gotanda to Tamachi 910701

1991 田町駅-東京駅 国鉄103系昭和43年型 京浜東北線 Tamachi to Tokyo 910701

1991 東京中央郵便局 特殊切手の騒ぎ Special Postal Stamp Fever 910701

2019 E353特急の出発 Departing Express Train 191227n

2019 Early Morning Tokyo Station - Escalator to Chuo Line Platform 191228

2019 銀座四丁目交差点 夕方の様子 Ginza 4-Chome Intersection 191227

2019 井の頭線 吉祥寺駅に到着 ホームの様子 Inokashira Line at Kichijoji 191227

2019 銀座線 元渋谷駅 最後の日 切符窓口と改札口 ホームの様子 Ginza Line Shibuya 191227

2019 車庫から電車がホームに到着と出発 工事中新駅を通して表参道駅まで Ginza Line 191227
2019 午前4時21分の東京駅 土曜日の朝 Tokyo Station in the Morning 191228g

2020 夕暮れ反射ビュー 品川駅と田町駅の間から田町駅まで 200110

2020 夕暮れ反射ビュー 田町駅-浜松町駅 山手線 Twilight View 200110

2020 夕暮れ反射ビュー 浜松町駅-新橋駅 山手線 Yamanote Line 200110

2020 夕暮れ反射ビュー 新橋駅-有楽町駅 山手線 Twilight Yamanote 200110

2020 渋谷駅 山手線の到着 Shibuya Yamanote Line 200110

2020 夜明け頃の散歩 Early Dawn Stroll 200110

2020 夜明け頃の大崎駅 Early Dawn Platform and Sky 200110

2020 渋谷の夜横道 Shibuya Nighttime Side Street 200110
2020 有楽町駅 午後五時のホームの様子 Yurakucho Platform at 500pm 200110

2020 昭和九年デパートの下りエスカレーター ビルの一番上から一番下まで 200110

JEV-90 昭和九年デパートの階段 1935 Store Stairway 200110

2020 新しい銀座線渋谷駅 New Ginza Line Shibuya Station 200110

2020 元と新の間 銀座線の渋谷駅 Between Old and New 200110

2020 Transitioning Zone 旧銀座線渋谷駅のデパート辺り 200110

2020 最近使いえなくなった旧銀座線渋谷駅の様子 Decommissioned 200110

2020 渋谷駅の西側の夜様子 West Side of Shibuya Station 200110

2020 銀座四丁目の時計塔音 午後七時 Ginza 4-Chome 200110
2020 有楽町駅隣の広場 冬夕暮れの様子 Yurakucho Plaza 200110

2020 銀座 木と交差点 不思議なコンビ Edge of Ginza 200110g

2020 不思議な空間と夜の都市影など SpaceとLightとShadow 200110

2020 銀座 夜道から地下工事ゾーンまで Going Underground 200110

2020 銀座駅 銀座線の到着 Boarding Ginza Line at Ginza 200110

1991 池袋駅 山手線から西武線の乗り換え Ikebukuro Yamanote to Seibu Transfer 910701

1991 東京駅-上野駅-池袋駅 山手線 Tokyo to Ikebukuro - Yamanote Line 910701

1991 池袋駅-ひばりヶ丘駅と南口からの散歩 Hibarigaoka South Side 910701
2020 工事現場-田町駅-浜松町駅-新橋駅-有楽町駅 夕暮れ山手線反射ビュー 200117

2020 渋谷工事現場 Shibuya Construction 200116

2020 Twilight NC 200124

2020 道 Street 200124

2020 細い路地 古い家など Narrow Lanes Etc 200124

2020 夜の特急列車 東京駅から西の方へ Nighttime Express 200117

2020 山手線 11車両の駅に到着する様子と電車窓からの出発の様子 200117

2020 朝の散歩 通過の新幹線 Passing Train 200124

2020 昌平橋 夜の様子 Night View Near Akihabara 200124
2020 万世橋 夜の様子 Manseibashi Bridge View 200124

2020 神田駅-東京駅 山手線 暗い時の反射ビュー 200117

2020 東京の細い道 過去へ向かう Into the Past 200124g

2020 未来へ向かう Into the Future 200124g

2020 間も無く2番線に Soon Arriving on Track-2 200117

2020 有楽町駅 夕暮れ時 ホームの様子 Yurakucho Station 200117

1991 ひばりが丘-ひばりヶ丘駅-漫画-池袋駅 西武池袋線 910703

2020 ホームに到着 山手線 Yamanote Line 200131n

JEV-93 古いビルの響き Echos in Old Buildings 200131
2020 明大前駅 京王線 電車の出発々と到着々 Keio Line Trains 200207

JEV-91 秋葉原の裏道の古い家-ア Akiba Backstreet House 200131

JEV-92 秋葉原の裏道の古い家-イ Akiba Backstreet House 200131

2020 中目黒駅-渋谷駅 急行東横線の窓風景 Nakameguro to Shibuya 200207

2020 階段 暗い所から光がある所までと地下 Stairwell - Dark to Light 200131

2020 電車々とがさがさの音 貧乏人の襤褸カメラ すみません 200207

JEV-94 2001年の記念Suicaカード My First Suica Card from 2001 200201

2020 秋葉原の夕暮れ 末広町駅隣 Twilight Akihabara 200131
2020 新宿駅 山手線へ向かうの通路 Shinjuku Path to Yamanote Line 200201

2020 大井町線 下神明駅-戸越公園駅-中延駅-荏原町駅 Oimachi Line 200207

2020 自由が丘駅 踏切と大井町線の出発 Jiyugaoka Station 200207

2020 東横線 急行の窓風景 Express Toyoko Line Window View 200207

2020 新宿駅新南口裏の工事現場 Looking Around Near Shin-Minamiguchi 200201

2020 現在と歴史が繋がっている通路と階段 Present and Past 200131g

2020 新宿駅-新大久保駅-高田馬場駅-目白駅-池袋駅 山手線 Yamanote Line 200201g

1991 池袋駅辺り 東側から西側へと池袋駅内 Ikebukuro 910703
Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Time Travel - The Moment of Transition

People wonder what time travel via time machine is like... and I suppose the closest analogy is using an elevator.  You get in the machine, choose a number and after a wait, the doors open and you're there.  With the time machine, there are no visible doors since you are just materialized into the time you travel to.
   The trick with time travel is launching and landing in busy places full of motion so your sudden disappearance (when leaving) and appearance (when arriving) aren't noticed.  Fortunately the machine automatically slots you into empty space - otherwise the machine would be unusable.
   What does it look like?  It's really hard to photograph, but the above picture I was able to take when landing in the year 2000.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Manual? What Manual?

Generally when I open the package of a new USB flash memory drive, I don't look at more than the manufacturer name, transfer speed, and capacity, but I had a closer look the other day and came across a couple of things I thought were interesting.  Well, interesting if taken at face value, which they aren't really.  It's just a legal thing.  Still, the thought of... well, let's look at the first one:
  "Please read your PC manual carefully and entirely before using this memory product."
  More to the point would be, "First and foremost, please understand how your computer works so you can properly use this device with it."  There are a lot of neanderthal users out there misusing equipment after all.  Still, I thought of a computer manual of old with its many pages and had to laugh at the thought of reading it in its entirety!  Of course, within the general race-to-the-bottom in the world today, the quest to cut costs is insatiable, so there is less and less paper documentation overall, and there are more and more "Quick Guide" or "Startup Guide" folded sheets of paper that, when fully opened, are something like A2 sized.  And if you've bought a used machine, there generally is no documentation at all.
  Anyway, the other thing in the USB flash memory packaging text that caught my attention was this:
  "Do not disassemble or modify the product."
  Say what?  About the only way you could get into a flash memory device would be to take a big hammer to it and smash it!  And modify it?  How in the world could you do that?  Well, it's just a legal thing, so I suppose the manufacturer needs to cover their bases.
  Oh - and one other sentence:
  "Turn off the PC in case the product overheats."
  How about unplug the device?  It's just a USB flash memory drive after all.  Maybe the thinking is it might be too hot to touch?  Oh well, whatever!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

2014 あの電話は飾り物ですよね...

B:「いやいや! 本当に! 見せてやる!」
それで、僕の携帯電話から店の古い電話にかけて、本当に動いてるの証拠して。 その後、次に日から、あの電話が歴史になるから、使ってるフリの動画を作りました。  これです:
2014 居酒屋の電話 二の一 140425
A: "I guess that phone is just for decoration..."
B: "No - it's the actual in-use shop phone!"
A: "You're kidding!"
B: "No-no, really. Here - I'll show you!"
And I then pulled out my cell phone and called the shop number.  The guy answered it and was suitably impressed that such an old phone was still in use.  Since the shop was going to close the next day, we decided to make a couple of videos with him pretending to be working there and answering it when I called.  The first one is above and the second one is here:
2014 居酒屋の電話 二の二 140425

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

90-91 Time Machine / 平成二年のタイムマシーン

I've been wanting to touch on the time machine aspect of recorded motion pictures with sound but I've been finding the concept/reality of it to be elusive.    Earlier in the day, someone commented on one of my videos about it being almost 30 years ago and how time flies and I replied with: ..... when I first dug the old analog tapes out of the closet I'd stored them in and started digitizing them, the material had been recorded just 16 years before, and now 1991 is 28 (soon to be 29) years ago....  It's kind of a mind-bending thing for me actually... on one hand, each day in present time is a relentless march into the future, but for about twelve years now, via video time machine, it's always 1990-93 on the other end of that time tunnel.  So on one hand I deal with a constantly changing world and self, and on the other, since I've been continually revisiting 1990-93 (to edit the tapes I took back then) that period of time has become a a strangely permanent part of current time (which itself is shifting).....
それと日本語のコメントがあって:「タイムマシーンを使っての撮影お疲れ様です...」、上の英語で書いてある事の近い事この日本語の返事を書きました: ありがとうございます! - タイムマシーンに対して、最近よく考えてます。 平成二年から平成五年まで(特に平成二年と三年)必死に彼方此方に行って当時の現実を記録して... 全部のカメラが故障してしまったら、しばらく諦めて... 平成十九年からYouTubeにアップして始めて、役十二年間の毎日毎日の現実は恐ろしく将来へ進む、同時に平成二年-五年がそのまま... いつも見てるから(編集の為)毎日の現実とあの頃の現実が混ざってる感じ....。
That's pretty much what I wanted to say, but there's some other text I wrote in response to comments on YouTube videos that I saved to use in a blog sometime, so I'll toss that in here as well.
In response to this question: "When you originally recorded these videos, what were they for and what did you do with them?", I answered with:
   I've always been into photography (from when I was a small child) and video was an extension of photography for me.  Actually, just regarding these videos it might be more accurate to say "unfortunately video was an extension of still photography for me"... since the style, what I call a "moving slide show" never really fully escaped my still photography background.  As for "why", the same fundamental reason anything is recorded - for future... referencing?  The "selfie" (I really hate that word, BTW!) thing began when I got home after recording my very first videos and sat down and wrote an explanation of certain parts of the videos.  It was time-consuming and I also realized that synchronizing the video material with the written text would be a real headache, so I figured it would be light-years faster, easier, more accurate, etc. etc. to just make comments on-camera at genba.  So the purpose of that wasn't "Look-look-look!!  Here I am at Tokyo Tower!" for social media, it was to get some commentary/explanations into the videos straight off so I wouldn't have to do that later less accurately and more time-consumingly.
And there was a comment regarding ordinary views of Tokyo back then, to which I replied:
   ..... my objective at the time was to capture (for the most part) the ordinary things in Tokyo, which to my mind were quite interesting, but pretty much off the radar screens of non-residents.  I was irritated by the long tradition outside Japan of ignoring the ordinary things and always focusing on anything perceived to be odd/unusual/exotic.
また、以上の事(一部)日本語で: その当時の普通記録はイベントとか観光スポットとか記録するけど、普通の物が当たり前から記録しない... 僕の考えは、イベントなどの事より、普通の事の方が記録すべきである。 現在の当たり前の事は、すべて将来に続いて行けないので...。
Well... I'll go ahead and put this into the wires.  I've been wanting to write about this general topic for some time and realized today that I sort of addressed it in replies to comments on YouTube, so thought I'd make use of those comments rather than put off setting aside time to write about it from zero.
Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon