Saturday, March 16, 2019

Perceiving Colors

I've always enjoyed color, but a couple of things in my life have caused me to take a harder look at color, and think about what it means, and how it is perceived.
The first was a pre-cell phone experience in about... 1985 or 1986 I think it was.  Pre-cell phone, you would arrange to meet people by agreeing to meet at a coffee shop.  That way, whoever got there first could sit down and relax while waiting for the other person to show up.
One such day in Harajuku I arrived at a coffee shop early, and felt really lucky to get the table right in front of the window (it was a long, narrow shop, so there was just one such table).  I ordered a coffee, and then as I slowly drank it, I contemplated the world outside on the Omotesando street.  Normal enough thing for the time, but an added element made it even more interesting.  Someone had a bunch of flowers set up in front of the coffee shop (an actual flower shop maybe, but more likely through some agreement with the coffee shop).
As I began to drink my coffee, I observed a woman buy some flowers, and then, while waiting for her change, she looked at the flowers in her hand and had this really happy expression on her face....  I thought, "She must really like flowers..."  As I continued to drink my coffee while waiting for my acquaintance to arrive, I observed another customer buying flowers - also a woman, and also showing that happy look while looking at the flowers.  "Huh... just like the last customer..." thought I.
If it had only been those two customers, I probably would have just forgotten about it, but I observed several other people buying flowers, all women, and all of them looked upon the flowers they bought with that happy expression on their faces.  It was quite striking!  At the time, I remember thinking, "I like flowers too, but I don't recall them making me feel happy the way they seem to be making that parade of women customers happy... they must be seeing something I don't when looking at flowers..."
  Fast forward a couple of decades and there was some research done on how men and women perceive colors and (if I'm remembering this correctly) the result was that women are far more perceptive of color than men.  When I read that, I immediately had a flashback to that day - watching people buying flowers from that coffee shop window in Omotesando (near Harajuku Station).
  Fast forward some more, and I've found I recently appreciate flowers and their colors in a way I haven't before.  As an example, the flowers in the vase further up the page.  I carried them home from Shinagawa poking out of the top of my bag.  So who gave them a good look in the train?  Women.... I'm sure part of the issue is men are supposed to be like cold steel and uninterested in the fragile beauty of flowers, but there's some other element too it seems.  How did I feel carrying them home so publicly?  I wish I could respond here with, "Huh? What do you mean?", but I found myself feeling defensive about them, thinking basically, "Yeah, that's right, a guy is carrying some flowers home. You got a problem with that?"  Why?  Well, no other guys had flowers sticking out of their bags and several woman were checking out the flowers with radio wave questions in the air.....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Rewiring of Brain?

I'm a fairly heavy computer user, but have yet to begin using a smartphone, so as I observe how just about everyone around me out in pubic is almost constantly looking at and poking their little microcomputers, I'm beginning to worry about what direction humanity is going.  It seems like people are turning over more and more of their thinking to the microcomputers almost constantly in their hands, so what will be the outcome of this?  Hopefully not dysfunctional people who can't communicate with others or navigate their world without a machine constantly telling them what to do.  ...........  I just had an awful thought - in a very real sense, some people (many people?, [shudder] most people?) are becoming cyborgs!
Don't get me wrong - I'm actually quite enthusiastic about technology, but with regards to cell phones, smartphones , etc., I believe in shutting them down for at least part of the day.  With the computer, I understand only too well how the endless stream of possibilities while on-line keeps me looking at one thing or another, and I enjoy it, but I also enjoy some time with the machine shut down so I can concentrate on one thing.  (In fact, I'm writing this right now off-line, as I figured I wouldn't get far with any text if I tried writing it with the gateway open.)
About the title "Rewiring of Brain?" - I was reading an article about something on-line and it stated that people's brains had been rewired with the advent of books.  I had never heard that before, but it got me to thinking.  I have long believed the brain changes depending on how it's used, which is why I think horror movies should be illegal.  What we read, watch, listen to, etc., is akin to programming a (biological) computer, and "garbage in - garbage out", as used to be said (still is?) about computer programming.  So the opposite should be aimed for - "quality in - quality out".
Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Tuesday, March 05, 2019


  I've been into photography since I was s small child and so recording images via film, tape, IC chip, and whatever comes next, is of perpetual interest to me.  But what has come to occupy a larger percentage of my time than recording new images, is the analog video material I recorded from early 1990 through to mid-1993 - from reviewing, editing, posting, and responding to comments from viewers, to thinking about the nature of change....
  To a certain extent, change is something I tend to think about anyway, but I've noticed that the number one aspect to the 1990-93 videos that generates pretty radically different responses is change, specifically whether things have, or have not changed in the past 28 years or so.  I think 28 years is an interesting amount of time - almost exactly one generation.  Without actually researching it, I think 28 must not be far off the mark for the average age people had children in 1991, and now some of those children are having children themselves....
  I would like to write about this in an orderly and logical way, but as I finished the above paragraph, I realized there were several aspects to the concept suddenly competing for attention.  I stopped writing for a couple of minutes and stared at the picture above (of 1991 Hibarigaoka)... finally reaching the conclusion that it's impossible to do this in a really orderly way and/or I don't have time to do it that way, so I'll just run through some things in the order they reach my typing fingertips, and not worry about what really deserves to come first.
  So - the picture above of 1991 Hibarigaoka Station - is of the station before it was completely rebuilt.  I think this is something any sane person would agree has changed... which brings up a strange sub-category to this concept.  For some videos, which depict a place that has changed quite radically, some biped or other out there will respond "Nothing has changed!".  I suppose that when someone declares that something that has very clearly changed, has not changed, they are trying to provoke an argument, or maybe they are mentally deranged?  Who knows!
  But there are many places where, depending on what you were expecting from the number "1991", things are either surprisingly the same, or surprisingly different.  Add in the many detailed elements that make up reality and time that are not clearly visible in a recorded image, and there are things that are quite different on a kind of radio frequency level and thus not evident to all.
  And... stepping way way waaaaaaaay back, there are elements to a society/culture that are remarkably resistant to change.  When I read "The Journal Of Francis Hall, 1859-1866", I was struck by several cultural elements that he described that left me thinking "Well, that's the same as now!".  Initially, when reading an account of things from about 150 years before, you expect any and everything to be different, but on a cultural level, much of a culture carries forward at least partly (or perhaps mainly) due to the power of language and how a culture is enshrined in its vocabulary, sentence structures, etc., and how they are used.
  Video as time machine.  I used to joke to a programmer friend when I saw them, "So, have you invented a time machine yet?" which they would laughingly wave off and laugh at, but one day, when I asked my tiresome question, "Have you invented a time machine yet?  I want a time machine!" they didn't laugh, and instead looked off thoughtfully into the distance and said something along the lines of "It would require an immense amount of data storage..." which surprised me, but then I started thinking about it, and the concept of a time machine consisting of detailed recordings of the past started to seem like something other than a joke.  There are many aspects to this concept, but here's one experience I had that really did feel like a time machine experience:
  I was talking with a group of people in a conference room and I was using a large screen TV as a monitor for writing notes (to give to the group) when someone mentioned how they were going to a party.  I asked where, and they described renting an apartment someone set up specifically for people to rent to give parties at, and I responded "Oh, I went to a party at such a place back in the Bubble Era, in 1990... and then realized I could actually take them there.  I typed in the relevant search terms on the computer and suddenly the June 1990 party was in full swing on the large screen TV, with stereo sound no less.  With the large screen and the quality sound, it really felt like we had jumped back in time, and - in a way - we had.  A couple of decades later, we were (again for me, first time for the others) experiencing a 1990 Bubble Era party....

  And so, when someone recently commented on YouTube how one of the 1991 videos made the viewer feel as though it was a kind of time machine, I responded with this:
  "Thank you for commenting!  I'm finding them to feel that way for me too, probably even more so, since I was behind the camera at the time.  On some level, I knew some of the things I took would only be viewable via a recording in the future, but I think what really drove me at the time was that I found Japan to be an intensely interesting place and thought that there was too much focus on places like Kyoto and on anything deemed new and/or strange, so I strongly felt the normal things in the city (Tokyo mostly) needed to be recorded.  It took a couple of decades for technology to advance to the point where I had a platform to show people.  The main downside to this is that so much of my material is copied and used without my permission...."

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Sunday, January 06, 2019

1991 and 2018 - Here and There

Looking at the dates of the 2018 videos, I see they go back to August... yikes!  Over five months ago!  I really would like to update this blog with the links every month, or at least every two months... five months is too long!
In any case, The same reason it's been five months is the same reason I can't say very much right now - lack of time!  Lots of things going on, but most of them aren't really worth writing about.  To start with, I'm just putting two photos here - one from 2018 and one from 1991.  If I find time, I'll try putting in some more photos later.
1991 野方駅-上石神井駅-田無駅 西武新宿線 Nogata to Tanashi - Seibu Line 910923

1991 田無駅前-ひばりヶ丘駅前 西武バス Tanashi to Hibarigaoka by Bus 910923

2018 大塚駅 ホームの自動販売機の中と山手線が遣って来る Otsuka Station 180804

2018 小平市の灯りまつり Kodaira Summer Festival 180804

JV-EV-8 九年前京都で買ったの竹のコップを開く 180804

JV-9 1991年はいつもある タイムマシンで 180807

EV-9 Revisiting 1991 Continually for Over Ten Years 180807

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅 西武池袋線 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro - Seibu Line 911001

1991 池袋散策散歩 西口 West Side of Ikebukuro Station 911001

1991 池袋駅 ある平日の日 Daytime Ikebukuro Station 911001

1991 池袋駅-原宿駅 山手線 Ikebukuro to Harajuku - Yamanote Line 911001

1991 原宿駅から渋谷駅まで 表参道など 散策散歩 雨の日 Walkabout - Harajuku to Shibuya 911001

EV-10 AM Radios 181010

JV-10 AM-ラジオ 181010

1991 渋谷駅-上野駅-東京駅 山手線と京浜東北線 Shibuya to Ueno to Tokyo 911001

JV-11 昔の人間の考えとは 180814

EV-11 What Exactly Did People Really Think Before 180814

2018 西新宿夕方散歩 Nishi-Shinjuku Evening Stroll 180814

JV-12 八月末 夏の懐かしい雰囲気と次の季節の覚悟 180828

EV-12 August - Thinking About Summer 180828

2018 西新宿夜横道散歩-ア Nighttime Side Streets in Nishi-Shinjuku 180828

2018 西新宿夜横道散歩-イ Nighttime Side Streets in Nishi-Shinjuku 180828

1991 中野区長い散策散歩 野方 沼袋 新井 中野駅辺り 中央 青梅街道 中野坂上駅 他 910928

1991 中野坂上駅-新宿駅東口 SA待ち合わせ場所 Nakano-Sakaue to Shinjuku 910928

1991 隣々有人改札と自動改札 中野坂上駅 Manual and Automatic Ticket Gates 910928

1991 新宿駅-渋谷駅 山手線 土曜日の夜 Shinjuku to Shibuya - Saturday Night 910928

2018 築地市場-01 Tsukiji Fish Market 181004

2018 築地市場-02 Tsukiji Fish Market 181004

2018 築地市場の隣 02 Tsukiji 181004

2018 築地市場の隣 01 Tsukiji 181004

2018 工事現場 181004

JV-13 コミックマーケット38 カタログ 90 Summer 180819

EV-13 Comic Market-38 Summer 1990 August 18-19 180819

JV-14 TDKテープのパンフレット 180819

EV-14 TDK Tapes and Accessories Catalog 180819

2018 新橋駅-有楽町駅 山手線 Shinbashi to Yurakucho 181012

JV-15 男はつらいよのパンフレット 180819

EV-15 Otoko-wa Tsurai-yo Tora-san Pamphlet 180819

JV-18 紙の地図 当時のナビゲーション 181008

EV-18 Paper Map Navigation 181008

2018 Plant in the Sun 180909

2018 品川駅-田町駅 山手線 Shinagawa to Tamachi - Yamanote Line 180921

2018 夕方の有楽町駅 雨の日 ホームの様子 Evening Yurakucho Station 180921

2018 夕方有楽町 雨の道 Evening Yurakucho Street 180921

2018 夕方 銀座へ向かう Headed Towards Ginza 180921

2018 Fallen Trees After Storm 181001

2018 東京駅 中央線到着 Tokyo Station Chuo Line Arrival 181005

2018 小川駅-鷹の台駅 西武国分寺線 Seibu-Kokubunji Line 181006

2018 新橋駅-有楽町駅 山手線 Shinbashi to Yurakucho 180907

2018 田町駅-浜松町駅 山手線 Tamachi to Hamamatsucho - Yamanote Line 180921

2018 浜松町駅-新橋駅 山手線 Hamamatsucho to Shinbashi - Yamanote Line 180921

2018 東京駅-有楽町駅 山手線 ホームの様子とか Tokyo to Yurakucho 180928

2018 神田駅 山手線の到着 Kanda Station Yamanote Line Arrival 181012

2018 Late Night Friday Side Street Scene in Ginza 181012

JV-17 1990年10月の小田急ロマンスカー時間表 180819

EV-17 1990 Odakyu Romance Car Schedule 180819

JV-16 平成元年のメトロニューズのパンフレット 180819

EV-16 1989 Tokyo Subway Pamphlet 180819

2018 夜の有楽町道居酒屋 Yurakucho Summer Izakaya 180907

2018 有楽町駅 金曜日の夜 Friday Night Yurakucho Station 180907

2018 田町駅-浜松町駅-新橋駅-有楽町駅-東京駅 山手線 Tamachi to Tokyo 181005

2018 神田駅-東京駅 山手線 Kanda to Tokyo - Yamanote Line 181012

2018 東京駅-有楽町駅 山手線 Tokyo to Yurakucho - Yamanote Line 181012

2018 品川駅-田町駅 夕暮れの山手線 Evening Yamanote Line 181012

2018 田町駅-浜松町駅 夕暮れの山手線 Tamachi to Hamamatsucho 181012

2018 浜松町駅-新橋駅 山手線 Hamamatsucho to Shinbashi - Evening Yamanote Line 181012

1991 渋谷 土曜日の夜 駅辺り Shibuya Saturday Night 910928

1991 東急渋谷駅-日吉駅 東横線 Toyoko Line - Shibuya to Hiyoshi 910928

1991 工事中の日吉駅 Hiyoshi Station Under Construction 910928

1991 日吉駅-渋谷駅-新宿駅-中野駅-野方駅-田無駅 夜 Hiyoshi to Tanashi 910928

2018 夕暮れの電車が遣って来る 181102

2018 有楽町駅 夜ホームの様子 181102

2018 高田馬場駅過ぎ-目白駅-池袋駅 山手線 Takadanobaba to Ikebukuro 181103

2018 二足と影 Bipeds and Shadows 181102

2018 山手線 夜の反射 Yamanote Line Reflections 181102

1991 夜中の散策散歩 Midnight Walkabout 910928

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅隣の踏切 Railroad Crossing Wait 911005

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅 西武池袋線 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro 911005

2018 秋葉原 夜の横道 Akihabara Side Street 181109

1991 南池袋 散策散歩 池袋駅から Minami-Ikebukuro Walkabout 911005

2018 品川駅-田町駅 山手線の窓風景 Shinagawa to Tamachi 181019

JV-19 古いカメラ Kodak Duoflex-IV 181020

EV-19 Kodak Duoflex-IV 181020

JV-20 言葉が変わる 181025

EV-20 Language - Foreign Language Changes 181025

JV-21 古いフラッシュバルブ 181113

EV-21 Old Flash Bulbs 181113

JV-23 コードを結ぶ 181114

EV-23 Coil-Tying a Cord 181114

2018 田町駅-浜松町駅 山手線 夕暮れの窓風景 Tamachi to Hamamatsucho 181019

2018 浜松町駅-新橋駅途中 山手線 夕暮れの窓風景 Hamamatsucho Towards Shinbshi 181019

2018 新橋駅-有楽町駅 山手線 夕暮れの窓風景 Shinbashi to Yurakucho 181019

JV-22 分離蛍光灯 181113

EV-22 Two Section Florescent Bulb 181113

2018 前へ進む In The Flow 181116

2018 階段通路階段通路階段通路 Stairs and Passageways 181116

2018 大井町横町 飲食店街 西向きの散歩 Oimachi Yokocho - Westward Bound 181116

2018 大井町横町 飲食店街 東向きの散歩 Oimachi Yokocho - Eastward Bound 181116

2018 大井町駅隣の夜風景 Walking Along Beside Oimachi Station at Night 181116

1991 日吉駅-渋谷駅-新宿駅-池袋駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Hiyoshi to Hibarigaoka 911026

1991 ひばりが丘 散歩と買い物 Hibarigaoka Baseball Win Shopping 911026

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅-新宿駅 西武池袋線と埼京線 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 911031

2018 大崎噴水 Osaki Fountain 181122

2018 品川駅 東口へ向かう Shinagawa Station Walking East 181122

2018 品川駅隣 東側の広場 港南ふれあい広場Shinagawa East Side Plazza 181122

2018 Ebisu Conveyor Belt Stroll-1 181122

2018 Ebisu Conveyor Belt Stroll-2 181122

2018 渋谷夜 山手線からスクランブル交差点まで Shibuya 181122

2018 新宿テーマパーク Shinjuku Theme Park 181122

2018 夜の西武線 Nighttime Seibu Line 181122

2018 品川駅 夕方の様子 Shinagawa Station 181122

2018 渋谷駅隣 木の下 Under a Tree in Shibuya 181122

2018 新宿駅 山手線が遣って来ると出発 E235 Shinjuku Yamanote Line 181122

2018 新宿駅新南口の光散策散歩 Shinjuku Light Stroll 181122

2018 恵比寿駅 ホームの様子 山手線を乗ります Ebisu Station 181122g

2018 品川の夜 鉄とグラスと光の散策散歩 Shinagawa Reflection Stroll 181122g

2018 恵比寿ガーデンプレイス 夜の光散策散歩 Yebisu Garden Place 181122g

1991 やきとり横丁と思い出横丁 新宿西口 Yakitori-Yokocho and Omoide-Yokocho 911031

1991 新宿散策散歩 東側から西側へ Shinjuku Walkabout 911031

1991 新宿駅-池袋セール-池袋駅-ひばりが丘 Shinjuku to Ikebukuro to Hibarigaoka 911031

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅-巣鴨駅 西武池袋線と山手線 Hibarigaoka to Sugamo 911102

1991 巣鴨駅からの長い散策散歩 Sugamo Long Walkabout 911102

2018 JV-24 算盤 Abacus 181125

2018 都電荒川線 Passing Arakawa Line Streetcars 181201

2018 Empty Hallways Stairs and Elevator Etc 181207

2018 有楽町駅へ向かう 夜のイルミネーション道 Yurakucho Station Bound 181207

JV-25 CDシングル 181209

EV-25 Single CDs from 1990s 181209

2018 御徒町駅 夜ホームの様子 Okachimachi Station 181130

2018 神田駅 ホームの様子 Kanda Station Platform View 181207

2018 東京駅-有楽町駅-新橋駅-浜松町駅 山手線 Tokyo to Hamamatsucho 181130

2018 浜松町駅-田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Hamamatsucho to Shinagawa 181130

2018 品川駅-新橋駅 反射の山手線の窓ビュー Shinagawa to Shinbashi 181130

2018 御徒町駅 京浜東北線の出発 Departing Keihin-Tohoku Line Train 181130

2018 御徒町駅 ホームから改札と夜へ Okachimachi Station at Night 181130

2018 アメ横丁 夜九時前の様子 前半 Ameyokocho at 2100 181130

2018 アメ横丁 夜九時前の様子 後半 Ameyokocho at 2100 181130

2018 秋葉原駅 改札を出て夜へ向かう Nighttime Akihabara Station 181130

2018 秋葉原駅 京浜東北線が遣って来る Akihabara Station Keihin-Tohoku Line 181130

2018 秋葉原駅-神田駅-東京駅-有楽町駅 夜の京浜東北線 Akihabara to Yurakucho 181130

2018 有楽町駅 ホームの様子 午後六時半 Yurakucho Station Platform View 181130

2018 有楽町駅隣の緑色イルミネーション 落ち着いた夜 Quiet Night in Yurakucho 181130

2018 紅葉とエスカレーターと反射と線 Autumn View 181129g

2018 秋葉原の光反射橋 夜の散歩 Akihabara Nighttime Reflections Etc 181130

2018 秋葉原の横道と夜の都市雲 Akihabara Side Streets and Night Clouds 181130g

2018 銀座一丁目の横道 落ち着いた夜の眺め 都市雲など Nighttime Ginza Sidestreet 181130

1991 都電荒川線 大塚駅まで Streetcar to Otsuka 911102

1991 大塚駅辺り 商店街と駅 山手線を乗る Otsuka Walkabout 911102

1991 大塚駅-池袋駅 山手線 池袋駅立ち食い Otsuka to Ikebukuro 911102

JV-26 瀬戸大橋愽1988年岡山 パンフレット 181220

EV-26 Brochure for Seto Ohashi Bridge - 1988 181220

2018 品川駅-田町駅 山手線 Shinagawa to Tamachi - Yamanote Line 181214

2018 田町駅-浜松町駅-新橋駅 山手線 Tamachi to Shinbashi - Yamanote Line 181214

2018 新橋駅-有楽町駅-東京駅 山手線 Shinbashi to Tokyo - Yamanote Line 181214

2018 東京駅 山手線の出発 Yamanote Line Departing Tokyo Station 181214

2018 三鷹駅 夕方ホームの様子 Mitaka Station 181214

2018 夜の三鷹駅から中央線で吉祥寺駅へ向かう Nighttime Chuo Line 181214

2018 吉祥寺駅から出て夜の道へ向かう From the Station Into the Night 181214

2018 吉祥寺 商店街の天井のイルミネーション Seasonal Lights in Kichijoji 181214

2018 吉祥寺 夜の道と店と人 Nighttime Street in Kichijoji 181214

2018 三鷹駅-吉祥寺駅 中央線 Mitaka to Kichijoji - Chuo Line 181216

2018 吉祥寺駅 ホームから改札まで Kichijoji Station - Platform to Ticket Gates 181216

2018 新宿駅新南口のイルミネーション Seasonal Lights in Shinjuku 181218

1991 東池袋の散策散歩 豊島区 Higashi-Ikebukuro Walkabout 911102

JV-27 色々 バスの100Vコンセントとか 181226

EV-27 Various 100V Sockets on Bus Etc 181226

JV-28 1995年10月のMetro Newsと第28回大銀座まつり 営団地下鉄 181229

EV-28 1995 Eidan Subway System Brochures 181229

JV-29 そうそう そうですそうです そうです 世代の言葉変更 181229

EV-29 Generational Shifts in Language 181229

2018 新宿 東側の夜散歩 Nighttime Shinjuku - East Side 181226g

1991 池袋駅-駒込駅 山手線 Ikebukuro to Komagome 911102

1991 駒込駅辺りの散策散歩 東銀座街など Komagome Walkabout 911102
Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Friday, December 28, 2018

Circa 1991 Neckties...

I mentioned to someone over at YT that I still have some ties I bought back in the flashy bubble years, but that I don't use them much recently - and that they require courage to wear...
The YT person said they were curious what they look like - so I took a quick picture (see above) to show them.  Some other ties I have from the era are more "hade", but this photo (the first four ties from the left) shows how different they were from more recent conservative designs.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Sayonara Self-Published Book...

- Not to be melodramatic about it, but I'm now in the process of ripping up and throwing my approximately 1,800 remaining copies of my self-published book, "The LL-Letters - by Lyle 宏 Saxon & E-Friends" (written in 1999 and published in 2001) into the garbage.
- I still believe in the concept that "There's profound in the mundane, and mundane in the profound", and I think there are a certain number of people out there who would enjoy reading the book, but I don't know how to reach them, and the physical size the 1,800 books are consuming in my small apartment has become an issue, so I've begun to (reluctantly) throw them away.
- I don't want to just put them, as-is, in the garbage though, so I'm first ripping the covers and first pages off (which I in turn rip up and throw away separately).
- And there's another looming issue (aside from not being able to sell them - or even give them away).  It's become increasingly difficult and expensive to throw things away, so I want to get rid of this physical burden before trash disposal rates go up.  Never mind the expression "They couldn't give them away!", that's now becoming "They couldn't afford to pay for them to be thrown away"!
- Naturally, I'm not going to throw all 1,800 remaining copies away, but I'll probably only keep two or three hundred of them.
 - ..... I was going to go on writing more about this, but the more I write, the more depressed I'm getting, so I'll stop here and get back to work on destroying my book.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Sunday, November 11, 2018

1990年 コミックマーケット38カタログ

1990年 コミックマーケット38カタログ '90 Summer - On one of my video recording trips in Tokyo in 1990, I noticed an event and took a peek inside - to discover that it was a huge manga convention.  I remember being surprised at the time that there was a convention just for that, and as I was looking inside, some friendly people at a table by the entrance gave me a catalog for the event.
I put it in my backpack and when I got home, put it in a box.  Over the years, it has resurfaced from time to time and I've always felt it was valuable, a kind of dictionary of manga at that time, but never really spent time going through it in detail. 
Fast forward to 2018 and it resurfaced yet again while I was in the middle of a fairly aggressive effort to reduce the number of things I have.  I took a quick video of it (which I posted to YouTube) and was about to throw it away when I remembered it fell within my "1990-93 Exception" - an exception I made for things to escape going into the garbage if they were from the same period as my early 1990's videos. 
And here it is... (148 pages of the 554 total).  I don:t know exactly how rare it is, or exactly how much interest there is in it, but whatever other people think, I think it has a great value.  Summer 1990 was the last summer of the "bubble economy" years and was before manga were popular outside of Japan.
I'm sure there are a certain number of copies of this catalog out there somewhere, but this was from 28 years ago (as I write this in 2018), so certainly a number of copies of this have disappeared over the years.  Taking a look at my YouTube channel, I'm not finding anything from either August 18, 1990 or August 19, 1990, but I'm pretty sure I was out taking video, so (presumably, hopefully) there's footage from that day.  I didn't go in and spend much time there, since I was in the area for other reasons, but I think I took a quick video at the entrance....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon