Wednesday, October 12, 2016

You Can/Can’t Go Back

October 11th, 2016

“You Can/Can’t Go Back”
   After seeing some old work acquaintances in a 26-year-old video I took, and finding myself near where we worked together back in 1990, I decided to drop by and see if there was anyone there I knew from before.
   I should have known better....  The building was still there (not to be taken for granted in permanently evolving Tokyo!), and it was much the same inside (with some notable exceptions), but where there were once many familiar faces, not a single one of them was still there.  I spoke briefly with a young employee, which resulted in my feeling old via the difference of a full generation between us.
   If I decide to pour some time and effort into looking, I suppose I might be able to find an aging manager off in another branch of the company somewhere, but....
   So... what’s my conclusion?  That you can go back, but you better not expect anyone you knew to still be there.

- Lyle