Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Art Gallery Bulletin Board" - (110224)

"Art Gallery Bulletin Board" - Copyright 2011 by LHS

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Tama-Monorail, Kichijoji, Ginza, Hibiya Line, Shibuya-Scramble, Shinjuku, Etc."

This batch of videos includes several clips showing the scenery on the Tama-Monorail as it goes from station to station.  They were taken a year ago, but the season is the same, so the scenery should be mostly the same now.  And then there are views taken in Ginza, Yurakucho, etc.  In Shibuya, I make a few runs through the famous Shibuya Scramble Crosswalk; in Harajuku I take some views near the station, and there are a number of scenes taken in Shinjuku.

Tama-Monorail - Manganji to Takahatafudo (100201-1059)

Riding the Tama-Monorail from Manganji Station to Takahatafudo Station.

Tama-Monorail - Takahatafudo to Hodokubo (100201-1102)

Riding the Tama-Monorail from Takahatafudo Station to Hodokubo Station.

Tama-Monorail - Hodokubo to Tama-Dobutsu-Koen (100201-1104)

Riding the Tama-Monorail from Hodokubo Station to Tama-Dobutsu-Koen Station.

Tama-Monorail - Tama-Dobutsuen to Chuo-Daigaku - Meisei Daigaku (100201-1107)

Riding the Tama-Monorail from Tama-Dobutsuen Station to Chuo-Daigaku - Meisei Daigaku Station.

Tama-Monorail - Chuo-Daigaku / Meisei Daigaku to Otsuka-Teikyo-Daigaku - (100201-1109)

Riding the Tama-Monorail from Chuo-Daigaku / Meisei Daigaku Station to Otsuka-Teikyo-Daigaku Station.

Kichijoji in the Rain (100201-1901)

A quick look at Kichijoji in the rain.

Ginza Rain - (091014-2008)

Standing in a doorway in Ginza waiting for the rain to ease up a little.

Ginza Wendy's - Rain Window View (091014-2024)

Taken from inside the Ginza Wendy's not long before Wendy's ceased to exist in Japan.

Passing Umbrellas in Ginza Rain (091014-2025)

Watching umbrellas pass by in the rain from the Ginza Wendy's (before it closed).

Yurakucho-SB (091014-2109)

An evening view of Yurakucho SB.

Tama-Monorail - Otsuka Teikyo Daigaku to Matsugaya - (100201-1111)

Riding the Tama-Monorail from Otsuka Teikyo Daigaku Station to Matsugaya Station.

Tama-Monorail - Matsugaya to Tama Center (100201-1113)

Riding the Tama-Monorail from Matsugaya Station to Tama Center Station.

Tama-Monorail - Tama Center to Matsugaya (100201-1118)

Riding the Tama-Monorail from Tama Center Station to Matsugaya Station.

Boarding Hibiya Line (091015)

Boarding a Hibiya subway train on the way to Roppongi.

Hibiya Line Window View (091015-1859)

Looking out/into a window on the Hibiya Line.

Disembarking From Hibiya Line at Roppongi Station (091015-1900)

Getting off a Hibiya Line train at Roppongi Station to attend a stupid PR event that was a complete waste of time.

Circular WC Door on Train (091015-2123)

Having a quick look at a push-button operated WC door on a long-distance train just before getting off in Shinjuku.

Yamanote Line - Arriving at Shibuya - (091020-0850)

Arriving at Shibuya via the Yamanote Line.

Shibuya Station Stairs (091020-1755)

Walking down the stairs from a platform at Shibuya Station.

Shibuya Scramble Crosswalk-A -  (091020-1756)

Cruising Shibuya's  scramble crosswalk.  (A)

Shibuya Scramble Crosswalk-B - (091020-1758)

Cruising Shibuya's  scramble crosswalk.  (B)

Shibuya Scramble Crosswalk-C - (091020-1759)

Cruising Shibuya's  scramble crosswalk.  (C)

Shibuya Scramble Crosswalk-D - (091020-1800)

Cruising Shibuya's  scramble crosswalk.  (D)

Shibuya Scramble Crosswalk and Hachiko (091020-1802)

Shibuya scramble crosswalk and Hachiko plaza area.

Hachiko Plaza and Shibuya Scramble Crosswalk (091020-1807)

Hachiko Plaza area and Shibuya scramble crosswalk scene.

Shibuya Evening Crowds - (091020-1808)

A typically busy evening in Shibuya.

Shibuya Vertical Scramble - (091020-1811)

A vertical look at Shibuya's scramble crosswalk.

Harajuku Station - Waiting for a Train -  (091020-1824)

Waiting for a train at Harajuku Station.

Bridge Near Harajuku Station - (091020-1830)

Looking around on a bridge near Harajuku Station.

Vertical Train Leaving Harajuku Station - (091020-1831)

Vertical view of train leaving Harajuku Station.

Ogawa to Hagiyama - Multi-Angle View (110222-1438)

Riding the Seibu Line from Ogawa to Hagiyama - looking around along the way.

Disney-Ear Hand-Grips in Train (110222-1510)

Taking a quick look at Disney-ear hand-grips in a Seibu Line train.

Near Seibu-Shinjuku Station (110222-1516)

Area near Seibu-Shinjuku Station in Shinjuku.

Heading for Nishi-Shinjuku (110222-1517)

Walking towards Nishi-Shinjuku area.

Entering Early Afternoon Omoide-Yokocho (110222-1518)

Crossing street and then entering early-afternoon Omoide-Yokocho.

Early Afternoon Omoide-Yokocho (110222-1531)

Entering Omoide-Yokocho from the side in the early afternoon.

Nishi-Shinjuku Sidewalk Shadows (110222-1536)

Watching Nishi-Shinjuku sidewalk shadows flowing by....

Nishi-Shinjuku Afternoon Sidewalk Stroll (110222-1537)

Strolling along on a sidewalk in Nishi-Shinjuku in front of Shinjuku Station in the afternoon.

Nishi-Shinjuku Streets (110222-1547)

Walking along - checking out streets in Nishi-Shinjuku.

Keio Plaza Hotel Stroll (110222-1632)

Walking through part of Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku.

Keio Plaza Hotel Escalator (110222-1633)

Riding on one of the escalators in Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku.

Entering the NS Building in Shinjuku (110222-1638)

Walking into the NS Building in Shinjuku in February 2011.

NS-Building Atrium at Night (110222-1831)

Looking up at the NS-Building atrium at night.

Nishi-Shinjuku Evening Streets-A (110222-1920)

Walking around on the evening streets of Nishi-Shinjuku.  (A)

Nishi-Shinjuku Evening Streets-B (110222-1947)

Walking around on the evening streets of Nishi-Shinjuku.  (B)

Entering Omoide Yokocho in the Evening (110222-2151)

Entering the izakaya street Omoide Yokocho in the evening.

Shinjuku Rail Bridge (110222-2153)

Walking near and under a rail bridge in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku Jazz Street Band (110222-2154)

Watching/listening to a (jazz) street band in Shinjuku.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Ginza - Chuo-Dori" - (110212-2207)

"Ginza - Chuo-Dori" - Copyright 2011 by Lyle H Saxon

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Ebisu, Shinjuku, Yamanote Line, Seibu Line, Kyobashi, Ginza, Etc"

Starting off watching an inbound Chuo Line train come in - and then a scene in Shinjuku Station, followed by several clips from Ebisu Station and then views on the Yamanote line.  Then we're back in Shinjuku, and then out on the Seibu Line, including a look at Tamagawa-Josui Station and a ride on the Tama-Monorail.  Towards the end of this batch of clips, we're off to Kyobashi and Ginza, including views of the Ginza subway line.

Chuo Line Arriving at Kokubunji Station (110208-1824)

Watching a Chuo Line train arriving at Kokubunji Station.

Shinjuku Station - Upper Level to Saikyo Line Platform (110208-1850)

Walking through Shinjuku Station - from the upper level to the Saikyo Line platform.

Ebisu Station Platform - Quick View (110208-1900)

A quick view of one of the two JR Ebisu Station Platforms.

Ebisu Side Street Shops (110208-1914)

Walking by shops on a side street in Ebisu.

Walking Towards Ebisu Station (110208-1917)

The view while walking towards Ebisu Station.

Nearing Ebisu Station (110208-1919)

Walking along - nearing Ebisu Station.

Ebisu Subway Station Under Construction (110208-1920)

A view of the stairwell under construction at Ebisu Subway Station (Hibiya Line).

Ebisu - Climbing Old Section of Subway Stairs - (110208-1922)

Climbing the remaining old section of the subway stairs under construction at Ebisu Station.

Ebisu Station - Lower Level Stroll (110208-1923)

Walking through the lower level section of Ebisu Station on the outside of the ticket barrier.

Ebisu Station Mall (110208-1928)

Walking through Ebisu Station mall.

Ebisu Station - Upper Ticket Gates (110208-1931)

Upper ticket barrier area of Ebisu Station.

Arriving at Shibuya on Yamanote Line (110208-1936)

Arriving at Shibuya Station on the Yamanote Line.

Departing Harajuku Station Towards Yoyogi (110208-1939)

Departing Harajuku Station, heading towards Yoyogi Station.

Yamanote Line - Yoyogi to Shinjuku (110208-1942)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Yoyogi to Shinjuku.

Yamanote Six-Door Train Car at Shinjuku (110208-1943)

A look at a six-door Yamanote Line train car at Shinjuku Station.  Apparently these are being phased out to standardize the door positions so they can fully wall in all the platforms on the Yamanote Line.

Shinjuku Station - South Exit (110208-1945)

At Shinjuku Station - the South Exit area.

Shinjuku Station - West Side Sidewalk (110208-2204)

Walking on a west side sidewalk by Shinjuku Station.

Ebisu Station Mirror (110208-1925)

Looking into a mirror at Ebisu Station.

Seibu Line - Haijima Line Platform (100201-1021)

Ogawa Station - Seibu-Haijima Line Platform view.

Boarding Seibu-Haijima Line Train - (100201-1022)

Boarding Seibu-Haijima Line train at Ogawa Station.

Ogawa (小川駅) to Higashi-Yamato-shi (東大和市駅) - (100201-1024)

Taking the Seibu-Haijima Line from Ogawa (小川駅) to Higashi-Yamato-shi (東大和市駅).

Higashi-Yamato-shi (東大和市駅) to Tamagawa-Josui (玉川上水駅) (100201-1027)

Taking the Seibu-Haijima Line from Higashi-Yamato-shi (東大和市駅) to Tamagawa-Josui (玉川上水駅).

Seibu-Haijima Line Train Leaving Tamagawa-Josui Station (100201-1029)

Watching a Seibu-Haijima Line Train Leave Tamagawa-Josui Station.

Tamagawa-Josui Station - Transferring from Seibu to Tama-Monorail (100201-1032)

Transferring from Seibu to Tama-Monorail at Tamagawa-Josui Station.

Looking Around at Tamagawa-Josui Station 玉川上水駅の見回り (100201-1036)

Looking around at Tamagawa-Josui Station before getting on the Tama-Monorail.


Cars Running Under Tama-Monorail Tracks (Vertical) (100201-1038)

Looking down on cars running under Tama-Monorail Tracks (Vertical) from elevated platform.

Tama-Monorail - Arrival, Boarding, Interior, and Running (100201-1040)

Tama-Monorail - Arrival, boarding, interior, and running views.

Art - Work in Progress - (110212-2133)

Watching a work in progress (details - after rotation) - entitled:
"Drawing - Process-1 (For Catwalk) by Yokko"

Y's Arts - Room-508 Exhibit - (110212-2133)


Takadanobaba Station - Seibu Line Leaving Station (110212-2237)

Watching a Seibu Line train leaving Takadanobaba Station.

Seibu Line - Ogawa to Hagiyama - (110212-1448)

Riding the Seibu Line from Ogawa to Hagiyama - looking out on the construction zone there.

Old Elevator in Kyobashi Building (110212-1617)

Riding an old elevator in a building in Kyobashi.

Ginza Line Trains Arriving at Ginza Station (110212-2212)

Watching Ginza Line trains arriving at Ginza Station from both directions.

Ginza Line - Ginza to Kyobashi (110212-2213)

Riding the Ginza Line from Ginza to Kyobashi.

Nihonbashi Station - Ginza Line to Tozai Line (110212-2215)

Changing trains at Nihonbashi Station from the Ginza Line to the Tozai Line.

Ginza - From Chuo-Dori to Ginza Line Platform (110212-2209)

In Ginza - walking from Chuo-Dori down to the Ginza Line platform.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Ginza Art, Sugamo, Ginza, Yurakucho, Ebisu, Tozai and Yamanote Lines, Etc."

First, a couple of looks at art seen in Ginza, then (after a Tozai Line view) a quick look at Sugamo. After that, it's off to Ginza and Yurakucho, followed by Ebisu and the usual train views from various lines (mainly the Tozai Line and the Yamanote Line). These are not posted in strictly chronological order, but if you mind the dates, you can watch them in order by making a play-list within YouTube (or at least I think you can - I've never actually tried doing it).

Murakami Kanako Exhibition at Nabis Gallery in Ginza (110207-1647)

A look at the Murakami Kanako (村上佳奈子) wood sculpture exhibition at Nabis Gallery (なびす画廊) in Ginza.

Art - Work in Progress - (110207-2023)

Checking in on a large-scale painting (work in progress) entitled: "Drawing - Process-1 (For Catwalk) by Yokko" - with an explanation of the project by the artist.

Y's Arts Room-508 Exhibit


Tozai Line - Takadanobaba to Waseda (Window View) (110207-1403)

Riding the Tozai Line from Takadanobaba to Waseda while looking out into the tunnel and its lights while listening to the noises of the train rolling through the tunnel.

Sugamo Station - New Area (101027-1201)

Walking through newly remodeled Sugamo Station with new retail stores, etc.

Sugamo - Covered Sidewalk - (101027-1202)

Walking down a covered sidewalk towards the large shotengai in Sugamo.

Sugamo Shotengai (101027-1223)

A quick look at the big Shotengai in Sugamo.

Sidewalk by Ginza 1-Chome Station Entrance (101027-1324)

Walking down a sidewalk by an entrance to Ginza 1-Chome Station.

Ginza Side Street (101027-1325)

Walking down a side street in Ginza.

Ginza Chuo Dori at Night (101027-1900)

A look at Ginza Chuo-Dori at night.

Walking Towards Yurakucho Station (101027-1905)

Walking towards Yurakucho Station in the evening.

Yurakucho Station Plaza - Loud Announcement (101027-1907)

Looking around in the Yurakucho station plaza while a very loud announcement blasts the air.

Walking Under Rail Bridges Near Yurakucho (101027-1924)

Walking under rail bridges near Yurakucho - listening to and looking at the scene.

Yamanote Line - Between Shinagawa and Osaki - (101027-1937)

Looking out the window of a Yamanote Line train between Shinagawa and Osaki.

Ebisu - From WTD-Pub to Street (101027-2247)

In Ebisu - walking from the WTD-Pub back down to the Street.

Departing Shinjuku on Saikyo Line (110208-1852)

Riding a Saikyo Line train out of Shinjuku on my way to Ebisu.

Departing Ebisu on Yamanote Line (110208-1932)

Taking a Yamanote Line Train from Ebisu.

Walking Towards Ebisu Station-A (101027-2250)

Walking along towards Ebisu Station.

Walking Towards Ebisu Station-B (101027-2250)

Walking along towards Ebisu Station. B

Yamanote Line Arriving at Ebisu (101027-2254)

Watching a Yamanote Line train arriving at Ebisu Station.

Yamanote Line Leaving Shinjuku Station (101027-2305)

Watching a Yamanote Line train leaving Shinjuku Station.

Arriving at Takadanobaba Station and Changing Trains (110207-1359)

Arriving at Takadanobaba Station and changing trains (from the Seibu Line to the Tozai Line).

Tozai Line - Takadanobaba Platform Walk (110207-1400)

Waiting for a Tozai Line train - walking down the platform at Takadanobaba Station.

Tozai Line Arriving at Takadanobaba (110207-1402)

Watching a Tozai Line train arriving at Takadanobaba Station.

Ginza Line Arriving at Nihonbashi (110207-1419)

Watching a Ginza Line train arriving at Nihonbashi Station.

Entering Ginza Station (110207-2217)

Entering Ginza Station in Chuo-ku.

Ginza Station Platform Walk (110207-2218)

Walking down the platform at Ginza Station.

Descending to Tozai Line Platform at Nihonbashi (110207-2222)

Walking down to the Tozai Line platform at Nihonbashi Station.

Boarding Tozai Line at Nihonbashi (110207-2225)

Boarding a Tozai Line train at Nihonbashi Station.

Departing Otemachi Station on Tozai Line (110207-2227)

Looking out a window of a train departing Otemachi Station on the Tozai Line.

Arriving at Shibuya (via Saikyo Line) - (110208-1856)

Arriving at Shibuya Station on a Saikyo Line train.

Shibuya to Ebisu on the Saikyo Line (110208-1858)

Rolling from Shibuya to Ebisu on the Saikyo Line.

Walking Through Ebisu Station Mall (110208-1909)

Walking through the Ebisu Station mall that connects with the upper ticket gates.

Walking Around on Side Streets in Ebisu - (110208-1914)

Walking around on a few of the side streets in Ebisu.

Ebisu Station - JR to Hibiya Line - (110208-1924)

Walking around in Ebisu Station - from JR to the Hibiya Line.

Yamanote Line - Shibuya to Harajuku (via 6-Door Train Car) (110208-1937)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Shibuya to Harajuku - via a six-door train car.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Monday, February 07, 2011

"Niigata in February 1991, Sugamo, Yamanote Line Window Views, Ginza, Etc."

This batch of clips begins with a jump back to Saturday, February 9th, 1991 - first in a clip showing the regular trains (not Shinkansen) I took to Yamato-Machi in Niigata Prefecture, and then the next clip details my walk around within Yamato-Machi - in snow country.  Both clips are long and boring, but of interest if you want to know what it's like to ride the regular 1991 trains to Niigata (not the Shinkansen) and to walk around in February 1991 Yamato-Machi....

After time-tripping back to 1991 Niigata, the next batch of clips were recorded on October 27th, 2010 - showing many of the Yamanote Line runs - from station to station.  First from Takadanobaba towards Ueno and around to Kanda, etc. in the daylight, and then continuing around towards Ebisu at night later on the same day.  These are also long and boring - unless you want to know how it is to ride the Yamanote Line.  No action heroes appear, nor space aliens or earth-threatening asteroids, etc. - just the regular flow of life in Tokyo.  Of possible interest if you pay attention to details and want a better grasp of the reality of living in mega-city Tokyo.

The last clip of this batch shows how it is navigating Shinjuku Station - which is often listed as the most-used railway station in Japan.  This clip is actually (generally) interesting I think - and possibly "a trip" to experience if you don't live in a mega-city buzzing with bipeds here, there, and everywhere - and more.

Winter Trip to Niigata in 1991 - (910209)

Taking a train from Tokyo to Yamato-Machi in Niigata Prefecture on February 9th, 1991.  東京から新潟県の大和町まで。

Yamato-Machi in Niigata on February 9th, 1991 -  (910209)

Looking around in Yamato-Machi in Niigata - snow country - on February 9th, 1991.  新潟県の大和町 - 冬の様子 - 雪雪雪

Yamanote Line - Takadanobaba to Meguro (101027-1151)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Takadanobaba to Meguro - looking out a right-side window.

Yamanote Line - Meguro to Ikebukuro - (101027-1153)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Meguro to Ikebukuro - looking out a right side window.

Yamanote Line - Arriving at Sugamo Station (101027-1158)

Arriving at Sugamo Station on the Yamanote Line.

Sugamo Street Scene (101027-1241)

Walking along - taking in a street scene in Sugamo.

Entering Sugamo Station (101027-1243)

Walking into Sugamo Station.

Yamanote Line - Sugamo to Komagome (101027-1244)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Sugamo to Komagome.

Yamanote Line - Komagome to Tabata (101027-1246)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Komagome to Tabata.

Yamanote Line - Tabata to Nishi-Nippori (101027-1248)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Tabata to Nishi-Nippori.

Yamanote Line - Nishi-Nippori - Partway to Nippori (101027-1250)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Nishi-Nippori, partway to Nippori.

Yamanote Line - Nippori - Partway to Uguisudani (101027-1251)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Nippori, partway to Uguisudani.

Yamanote Line - Rolling into Uguisudani Station (101027-1252)

Riding the Yamanote Line - rolling into Uguisudani Station.

Yamanote Line - Uguisudani to Ueno (101027-1253)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Uguisudani to Ueno.

Yamanote Line - Ueno to Okachimachi (101027-1255)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Ueno to Okachimachi.

Yamanote Line - Okachimachi to Akihabara (101027-1257)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Okachimachi to Akihabara.

Yamanote Line - Akihabara to Kanda (101027-1258)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Akihabara to Kanda.

Yamanote Line - Kanda to Tokyo (101027-1300)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Kanda to Tokyo.

Ginza Side Street -  (101027-1902)

Walking down a side street in Ginza.

Yurakucho Station Trains (101027-1926)

Watching trains at Yurakucho Station before catching one for Tokyo Station.

Yurakucho to Shinbashi - Night View - (101027-1928)

Riding a train from Yurakucho to Shinbashi at night.

Shinbashi to Hamamatsucho - Night View (101027-1930)

Riding a train from Shinbashi to Hamamatsucho at night.

Hamamatsucho to Tamachi - Night View - (101027-1932)

Riding a train from Hamamatsucho to Tamachi at Night.

Osaki to Gotanda - Night View - (101027-1941)

Riding a train from Osaki to Gotanda at night.

Gotanda to Meguro - Night View - (101027-1943)

Riding a train from Gotanda to Meguro at night.

Meguro to Ebisu - Night View - (101027-1945)

Riding a train from Meguro to Ebisu at night.

Ebisu Station Platform - Platform Wall Gap Guards - (101027-1948)

Watching trains and the platform wall gap guards at Ebisu Station one evening.

Harajuku to Yoyogi - Night View - (101027-2300)

Riding a train from Harajuku to Yoyogi at night.

Yoyogi to Shinjuku - Night View - (101027-2303)

Riding a train from Yoyogi to Shinjuku at night.

Navigating Shinjuku Station Crowds (101027-2306)

Walking through Shinjuku Station crowds just as people are heading home for the night.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Thursday, February 03, 2011

"Ginza Side Street" - (110124-1714)

"Ginza Side Street" - Copyright 2010 by LHS

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Tokyo-1990 Exhibition, 1991, Takadanobaba, Art - Work in Progress, Shinjuku Music, Etc."

This batch of clips starts off with the main one-hour video (of many scenes from 1990 Tokyo) I used for my 2010 exhibition/installation, and then goes to 1991 (showing Shinjuku, Hibarigaoka, Ikebukuro, etc.), and then jumps to October of 2010, showing two trains simultaneously arriving at Kodaira Station; transferring at Takadanobaba; and the Yamanote Line at night.  Finally, I come back to this year and watch while an artist paints three walls of a room (on a huge canvas attached to the walls); and look around a little in the Okuno Building in Ginza.  Following all of that, there are a couple of strolls through Shinjuku's Omoide-Yokocho and a view of a street musician performing in Shinjuku.  And the last clip is of the inside of a mostly empty late-night train.

Tokyo-1990 / 20年前の東京 (2010 Exhibition Video)

The main video I used for my June 2010 Ginza exhibition / installation entitled "Tokyo-1990 / 20年前の東京".

1991 Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Hibarigaoka, Etc. - (910326-28)

Scenes from 1991 Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Hibarigaoka, etc.  There are no specific exciting events in this long clip, but many details.  If you'd like to have an idea of how it was to be in Tokyo in 1991, you might enjoy this.  Tokyo is a huge city of course, so this is only a tiny part of that era, but still - definitely a part of that time.

Trains Arriving at Kodaira Station (101027-1127)

Two trains arriving simultaneously at Kodaira Station.

Takadanobaba Station - Seibu to Yamanote Transfer (101027-1150)

Transferring from the Seibu Line to the Yamanote Line at Takadanobaba Station via the under-tracks route.

Yamanote Line at Night - Ebisu to Shibuya (101027-2255)

Riding the Yamanote Line at night - rolling from Ebisu to Shibuya.

Art - Work in Progress (110131-2025)

Watching a work in progress.

Okuno Building-6F (110131-1449)

Looking around on the right side of the 6th floor in the Okuno Building.

Okuno Building - 5F (110131-1517)

Looking around on the 5th floor of the Okuno Building in Ginza.

Art - Work in Progress - Sketches (110131-1522)

Watching an artist review his sketches prior to resuming work on his full-wall painting in the Okuno Building in Ginza.

Okuno Building Stairs - Left Side (110131-1902)

Walking down the left side stairs in the Okuno Building.

Art - Work in Progress - (110131-1959)

Art - Work in Progress - (110131-2003)

Watching a work in progress (new section) - entitled:
"Drawing - Process-1 (For Catwalk) by Yokko"

Art - Work in Progress - Left Wall (110131-2042)

Art - Work in Progress - Left Wall - (110131-2047)

Watching a work in progress (left wall) - entitled:
"Drawing - Process-1 (For Catwalk) by Yokko"

Art - Work in Progress - Hallway to Painting (110131-2057)

Watching a work in progress (hallway to painting) - entitled:
"Drawing - Process-1 (For Catwalk) by Yokko"

Okuno Building - 5th Floor Hallway - (110131-2059)

Exploring the 5th floor hallway of the Okuno Building.

Kana - Live in Shinjuku on February 1st, 2011 - (110201-1943)

Listening to street musician Kana performing near the west exit of Shinjuku Station on February 1st, 2011.   新宿の路上ライブ

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Shinjuku - Omoide Yokocho - (110201-1939)

Walking through Omoide-Yokocho in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku Station West Side Sidewalk (110201-1941)

Walking along a sidewalk on the west side of Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho (110201-2216)

Walking through Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho.

Seibu Line Train - Inside View - (110201-2305)

Looking down a mostly empty late-night train car in Tokyo.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Late Night Train" - (110201)

"Late Night Train"

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon