Sunday, November 16, 2014

1990 Ueno, Tamachi, Shinjuku, Etc.; 2014 Ginza, Shinjuku, Etc.

This batch opens with views of 1990 Ueno Ameyokocho - an area that visually *looks* quite similar today, but *feels* a bit different.  The area has become a little more of a tourist destination for foreign tourists, and a little less of a shopping destination for local residents.  Or at least that's how it seems to me - I could be wrong.
After that is a trip to Omiya, trips to Tamachi, Machida, Shinjuku, Machida, etc.  Thinking back on this period of video recording, I think I had separated the use of the two cameras I had into using the one this batch was recorded with for daily around town stuff, and the other (newer and better) camera for video recording expeditions.

1990 上野のアメ横丁 Ueno Ameyokocho 900921

1990 上野駅と上野駅辺り Ueno Station and Station Area 900921

1990 大宮駅の見回り Omiya Station Look-around 900921

1990 大宮散策散歩 Omiya Walkabout 900921

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅-田町駅 朝の通勤 Hibarigaoka to Machida Morning Commute 901001

1990 田町駅から仕事まで歩く Walking to Work in Tamachi 901001

1990 忙しくない月曜日 Slow Work Day in Tamachi 901001

1990 夕方田町 Evening Tamachi 901001

1990 Tamachi Rail Ticket Office 901001

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅-新宿駅 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 901002

1990 田町駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Tamachi to Hibarigaoka 901001

1990 新宿彼方此方 Shinjuku Walkabout 901002

1990 夜西新宿から新宿駅まで散歩 Night Walk to Shinjuku Station 901002

1990 新宿駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Shinjuku to Hibarigaoka 901002

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅-新宿駅 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 901003

1990 Shinjuku Sky Angles 新宿角度空 901003

1990 小田急新宿駅 Odakyu-Shinjuku Station 901003

1990 新宿駅-町田駅 Shinjuku to Machida 901003

1990 町田駅辺り一見 Machida Station Area Quick Look 901003

1990 町田駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Machida to Hibarigaoka 901003

The following few views are basically the same category as the previous batch from 24 years ago in 1990.  Comparing how it felt to record video in 1990 with how it feels now in 2014, there was a novelty to it in 1990 and now it's just an ordinary thing....

飯田橋駅-御茶ノ水駅 中央線 Iidabashi to Ochanomizu - Chuo Line 141003

元万世橋駅-神田駅 中央線 Manseibashi to Kanda - Chuo Line 141003

The Sound of Crickets Singing Away at Kanda Station 141003

田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Tamachi to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line FC-View 141003

大塚駅の山手線 Yamanote Line Train Arriving at Otsuka 141004

And back to around town views - again showing Tamachi, Shinjuku, Hibarigaoka, etc.

1990 Tamachi Overcast Morning 朝の田町 901004

1990 Tamachi Late Afternoon 午後の田町 901004

1990 夕方田町駅 Evening Tamachi Station 901004

1990 田町駅-新宿駅 Tamachi to Shinjuku 901004

1990 夕方新宿駅南口から西新宿へ Evening Walk Into Nishi-Shinjuku 901004

1990 夜の西新宿から新宿駅まで Nishi-Shinjuku to Shinjuku Station 901004

1990 新宿駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Shinjuku to Hibarigaoka 901004

1990 ひばりヶ丘駅-新宿駅 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 901005

1990 新宿駅南口隣のお昼の様子 Noontime View of Shinjuku South Exit Street 901005

1990 Odakyu Shinjuku Station 小田急新宿駅ホームの様子 901005

And then the rest of the views in this batch of video views are all from 2014.  I've been busy this past month+ and so some time has passed since taking them (over a month!).  Ideally, I'd like to comment on these soon after taking them, or at least watch them again before commenting, but I really don't have the time at the moment to do that.

高田馬場駅隣土曜日お昼の様子 Takadanobaba Afternoon Stationside Scene 141004g

有楽町駅-品川駅 雨の山手線 Yurakucho to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 140925

Arriving at Ochanomizu on the Chuo Line 中央線 総武線 御茶ノ水駅 140926

Quick 360 on a Tokyo Station Platform 東京駅ホーム360度 140926

田町駅-品川駅 左側の山手線 Tamachi to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 140926

中村千代展 Nakamura Chiyo Exhibition - Gallery Kazuki 画廊香月 140926

駒込駅隣の360度 Afternoon Komagome Station Area 360 140930

駒込駅の山手線 Waiting for the Yamanote Line at Komagome Station 140930

西日暮里駅-上野駅 山手線の右側 Nishi-Nippori to Ueno - Yamanote Line 140930

御徒町駅-秋葉原駅 山手線 Okachimachi to Akihabara - Yamanote Line 140930

Rattling Vertical Signs in Akihabara 秋葉原電気街 140930

Although this was taken back in September(!), I remember this one very clearly.  I was in Akihabara when I noticed an unusual rattling sound and looked up - discovering the source of the sound to be the many metal rollers inside the vertical metal frames for vertical display banners - being pushed back and forth in the metal frames by a fairly strong wind.

They used to have more of these on building sides, but they're much less common now.  Outside billboard-style advertising in general is becoming less and less common, since people are walking around looking down at their cell-phone-computer screens all the time and hardly ever bother to look around when they're outside.

夕暮れの西新宿 元淀橋 Twilight Nishi-Shinjuku Stroll 140930g

新宿工事現場 ホームの様子 Shinjuku Construction Symphony of Noise 141002g

新宿駅-大崎駅 湘南新宿ライン東海道線直通特別快速 Shinjuku to Osaki SSLTCTK 141002

Akihabara Plaza 360 秋葉原広場360度 141002

Kawase Kazuyo A 河瀬和世展示会 和紙の世界-V2 Exhibition at Art Space Rondo 141003

Kawase Kazuyo B 河瀬和世展示会 和紙の世界-V2 Exhibition at Art Space Rondo 141003

駒込駅 夜ホームの様子 Nighttime Komagome Station Platform 141003

Yamanote Line Train Arriving Behind Platform Wall 山手線 高田馬場駅 141007

Akihabara Side Street 秋葉原横道 141007

Looking Up and Down Late Afternoon Platform at Akihabara Station 秋葉原駅 141007

秋葉原駅で総武線電車が遣って来る Sobu Line Trains at Akihabara 141007

大崎駅の夕暮れ電車など Twilight Trains Passing Osaki Station 141009

Twilight Osaki Residential Towers 夕暮れの大崎 141010

Yurakucho Evening Street 夕方有楽町の道 141010

堀越千秋展示会 (ア) Horikoshi Chiaki Exhibition at Gallery Kazuki 画廊香月 141010

堀越千秋展示会 (イ) Horikoshi Chiaki Exhibition at Gallery Kazuki 画廊香月 141010

堀越千秋展示会 (ウ) Horikoshi Chiaki Exhibition at Gallery Kazuki 画廊香月 141010

堀越千秋展示会 (エ) Horikoshi Chiaki Exhibition at Gallery Kazuki 画廊香月 141010

Una Lee Exhibition at Ginza Art Space Rondo ウナ・リー展示会 銀座アートスペース・ロンド 141010

In this view (above), the artist briefly explains a couple of her paintings.

横山光伸展示会 (ア) Yokoyama Mitsunobu Exhibition アートギャラリー石 141010

横山光伸展示会 (イ) Yokoyama Mitsunobu Exhibition アートギャラリー石 141010

Asphalt Desolation 141010

With high-rise towers now being the standard form of new construction in Tokyo, there appears to be a requirement to have a certain amount of green that goes with each tower, so areas with no plant life whatsoever like this desolate late-night view are becoming rare (fortunately!).

有楽町ガード下の居酒屋 Yurakucho Under-Tracks-Izakaya 141010

Yurakucho Autumn Street Izakaya 有楽町秋道居酒屋 141010

Yurakucho Autumn Street Izakaya 有楽町秋道居酒屋 141010

有楽町ガード下スタンドバー居酒屋ストリートシーン Yurakucho-SB 141010

有楽町駅-東京駅 金曜日の夜十時山手線 10PM Yurakucho to Tokyo - Yamanote 141010

Chuo Line Arriving at Kunitachi Station 国立駅に中央線が遣って来る 141010

Train Race to Shibuya 渋谷駅まで 山手線の隣 141011

渋谷駅-大崎駅 湘南新宿ライン Train Race with Yamanote Line from Shibuya 141011

大崎何とか祭り Walkway Event in Osaki 141011

Halloween Exhibition and Performance Art at Ginza Forest Gallery 141021

Interesting Visitors at Art Space Rondo 銀座アートスペース ロンドの不思議の客様 141021

夕方新宿駅 Evening Shinjuku Station 141021

Welding Light Show in Nighttime Shinjuku 新宿南口 夜の工事現場 141021

新宿東口の夜道散策散歩 Shinjuku East Side Night Walkabout 141021

田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Riding Past Former Shinagawa Rail Yards in October 2014 (141017)

Boarding Tozai Line at Nihonbashi 東西線 日本橋駅のホーム 141017

西武新宿線の夜高田馬場駅ホーム Seibu-Shinjuku Line Takadanobaba Station 141017

夜の秋虫音 Insect Noises at Night 141017

Narrow Stairs 141021

有楽町駅夕方ホーム Evening Yurakucho Station Platform View 141014

新宿駅夕方ホーム Evening Shinjuku Station Platform View 141014

新宿駅南口前の様子 Shinjuku South Exit Night Sidewalk Scene 141014n

新宿駅南口の夜 Shinjuku Station Night South Side Quick Look-Around 141014n

Shinjuku South Side Pedestrian Overpass Look-Around 新宿南口の夜 141014

Shinjuku Southern Terrace at Night - Installing End-of-Year Lighting 141014

Riding Chuo Line into Kanda Station 中央線 神田駅 141017

Yamanote Line Platforms at Kanda - Early Stage of Platform Wall Construction 141017

有楽町駅-新橋駅 山手線 Yurakucho to Shinbashi - Yamanote Line 141017

秋葉原駅山手線ホームの様子 Akihabara Station Platform View 141021

神田駅-有楽町駅 山手線 Kanda to Yurakucho - Yamanote Line 141021g

Shinkansen Trains Passing Yurakucho 夕方新幹線が有楽町駅を通る 141021g

Boarding Train in Shinjuku 141023

神田駅の電車 Watching Trains at Kanda Station 141024

Keio Line Side Window View 京王線 141025

Hachioji Station Elevated Plaza 八王子駅前広場 141025

Twilight 141025

新宿駅-大崎駅 湘南新宿ライン東海道線直通特別快速 Shinjuku to Osaki SSLTCTK 141023

夜の大崎 Nighttime Osaki 141023

Osaki Escalator Ride 大崎駅ホームまでのエスカレーター 141023g

飯田橋駅-神田駅 中央線各駅と快速 Iidabashi to Kanda - Chuo Line Local and Rapid 141024

有楽町駅-浜松町駅-田町駅 山手線 Yurakucho to Tamachi - Yamanote Line 141024

田町駅-品川駅 山手線 Tamachi to Shinagawa - Yamanote Line 141024

日本橋の夜 Nighttime Nihonbashi 141024

Waiting for a Train at Keio-Takao Station 141025

高尾駅-狭間駅 京王線 Takao to Hazama - Keio Line 141025

北野駅ホームの様子 京王線 Kitano Station Platform View 141025

北野駅-京王八王子駅 京王線 Kitano to Keio-Hachioji - Keio Line 141025

The timing for this video was good and after pulling out of the station at the same time as the train on the other platform (and briefly running in parallel) a JR train comes alongside and then while passing under another JR line, a train is going by overhead while we pass underneath.  All in all, it was  a great ride for seeing other trains.

Twilight Akihabara Streets 夕暮れの秋葉原の道 141028

有楽町駅-東京駅 山手線 Yurakucho to Tokyo - Yamanote Line 141031

西武新宿線の窓情景 Seibu-Shinjuku Line Window View 141101

Seibu-Shinjuku Line Window View 西武新宿線の窓情景 左側 141101

池袋駅東口前 雨の日 Ikebukuro Rainy Day Sidewalk on East Side 141101

練馬駅-保谷駅 西武池袋線 Nerima to Hoya - Seibu-Ikebukuro Line 141101

保谷駅-清瀬駅 西武池袋線 Hoya to Kiyose - Seibu-Ikebukuro Line 141101

所沢駅ホームの様子 Tokorozawa Station Platform View 141101

夕方東京駅内 Evening Tokyo Station 141028

東京駅八重洲口夜散策散歩 Tokyo Station Yaesu Side - Night Walkabout 141028

夜の高田馬場駅 Nighttime Takadanobaba Station 141028

西武高田馬場駅 夜ホームの様子 Evening Seibu Takadanobaba Platform View 141028

西武新宿線の夜窓ビュー 高田馬場駅-鷺ノ宮駅 Seibu-Shinjuku Line Night Window View 141028

東村山駅で西武拝島線を乗る Boarding Seibu-Haijima Line at Higashi-Murayama Station 141028

Evening Train Arriving at Osaki 夕方列車が大崎駅に到着 141030

新宿駅中央線ホームからの左右の様子 Shinjuku Chuo Line Platform Left-Right View 141030

Osaki Station Area Night Walkway 大崎駅へ向かう 141031

大崎駅辺り東側夜見回り Osaki Station Area - East Side Look-Around 141031

大崎夜回る情景など Osaki Spinning Night View Etc 141031

大崎駅夜山手線ホーム Osaki Station Night Yamanote Platform 141031

山手線が大崎駅に遣って来る Yamanote Line Arriving at Osaki 141031

有楽町金曜日の夜 駅辺り Yurakucho Friday Night 141031

夜の有楽町スタンドバー辺り Yurakucho-SB - Passing Night Train 141031

有楽町駅の方に走るなど Elevated Keihin-Tohoku Line at Yurakucho Etc 141031

東西線車内移動 早稲田駅-高田馬場駅 Evening Tozai Line Interior 141028g

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Teaching/Learning English

Verbal communication - not the same as written.  Superb writers are often poor speakers; and smooth talkers often can't write properly....

Context - very often missing from general studies of a foreign language.

Logistics - Verbal communication best taught one-to-one - there is only so much a teacher can do when the ratio is 35-1.

Deep-Brain Automatic Responses - Necessary for true communication, but largely missing with students of a radically different language - such as between eastern and western languages.

Vocabulary - Not exchangeable on a word-by-word basis, but this fluid concept takes a lot of time to sink in.

Foundation of Basic Grammar - Important, but difficult to mesh smoothly with the moving and imperfect targets that languages are.

Group Repeat - Logistically useful, but many in a large group fail to get it right or even to participate.

A-B-A-B-A-B Chain Practice - Maximum speaking time for students (outside of pair work that is), but with the drawback that the students are talking with each other and not with a native speaker (who can, however, correct pronunciation and intonation while monitoring the conversation practice as it progresses through a group of students - best not much larger than about 15.  (Around six or seven students is much better of course.)

Teacher and Student One-to-One Practice - Opportunity for students to speak directly with/to a native speaker, but with the drawback that students can only practice half of a conversation at a time.

Reading - Reading stories and other interesting material that is.  Textbooks are often clinical and devoid of the magic of interesting conversations.

Listening - Fairly easily done with modern technology (electronic files played back on cell phones, etc.), but students need to push on even when much of what they're listening to is (at first) flying by with little comprehension.

Pair Practice - Logistically wonderful in that a large group can all be practicing a language simultaneously, but dangerous in that the students don't fully know if what they're doing is accurate in content, pronounced correctly, or with sensible intonation.

Culture - Vitally important, but often missing from textbooks which tend to use Frankenstein text with the context and life stripped from it.

Reset-Return to Pre-Word Thinking - Non-Verbal Pure Thought Utilization of Target Language Vocabulary - Words, at their best, are clumsy tools to express non-verbal thought processes.  Non-comprehension of this vital element of language and communication (not the same thing) leads to losing the meaning and then mechanically using words, resulting in nonsensical usage and sophistry.  Ironically, this is more of an issue for native speakers of English than foreign students of the language....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Passing On the Dim Torch" (Ranting...)

I remember when I was in my mid-twenties (23-26), I would see an older person (40's, 50's, etc.) and think "You're on the way down - now it's my turn...".  Fast forward three decades and I'm (in my fifties) having some very frustrating/irritating encounters with people in their mid-twenties.  Whether they're right or they're wrong, they are always (to themselves) Right by virtue of being Wonderful and Young.  When they're right, I try to recognize it and kind of shake my head at myself, thinking: "Try not to be too rigid...", but when they are Very Clearly Wrong, their arrogance and General Nastiness are no joy to behold.

The older I get, the more amazed I am at how Truly Amazingly Stupid so many people are, and - being a humanoid biped myself, I realize I'm not exempt from this criticism.  Humans appear not to be equipped with much in the way of CPU power....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon