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1992 Nakano, Shibuya, Etc.; 2014 Miharabashi Last Friday, Etc.

Views from 1992 and 2014 in this batch, with a large number of clips among the 2014 views showing the final Friday (April 25th, 2014) of the Miharabashi under-road pedestrian area, where a big farewell bash was held by and in honor of the Mihara Curry Corner shop.
The 1992 views are mostly fairly ordinary views taken of and around the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line, the Yamanote Line, and the Toyoko Line.  By 1992, I wasn't going out on video excursions very often; mainly just taking videos of places I happened to already be in or near when I had my video camera with me.  On the plus side, I had been taking video for about two-and-a-half years by the summer of 1992, so the camera handling is smoother than in - say - early 1990.

Still, there are a few notable and/or interesting visual/audio records in this batch of 1992 views I think.  Looking down the list of titles and links below... wait... I was going to comment on them here at the top, but it would make more sense to just do so near (generally below) the titles themselves.  So - scroll down for further comments!

1992 中野夏祭り サンプラザ前 920725n

The summer festivals are always fun, but one looks (and sounds) pretty much like another one, so I don't actually consider this video to be of particular interest, although it might be for people who lived in Nakano at the time this was taken.

1992 Nakano to Hiyoshi Etc 中野駅-日吉駅など 920725

At first, I wasn't going to comment on this video, but watching it again, I notice/remember that there are a few interesting points about it.  While I've covered going to Hiyoshi in 1991 and 1992 several times before, I think this may be the only video showing going there from Nakano, which is significant because when changing from the Chuo Line to the Yamanote Line at Shinjuku, there are several (brief) views of trains at the station that were common at the time, but no longer (or very seldom) seen now.

This also includes - as I've done in previous videos from Hiyoshi - a front-seat view while driving on the narrow streets near Hiyoshi Station.  What I find interesting in this video though, is part of a radio news broadcast mentioning (among other things) the Barcelona Olympics (on the drive back to Hiyoshi Station).  Looking it up, I see that the opening ceremony for the Barcelona Olympics was July 25th, 1992 (in Spain), and since this was the night of July 25th in Japan, as I was listening to the news in the car, it would have been around noon in Spain (also on July 25th).

1992 渋谷ハチ公スクエアなど Shibuya Hachiko Square Etc 920802

Actually, the title of this video is only relevant to the last part.  The first part of the video has scenes from the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line and then the Yamanote Line taken on the way to Shibuya.

1992 中野裏道など Nakano Back Streets Etc 920807

Ah!  This one!  This one is historically interesting, as some of the backstreet areas I recorded in it have since been demolished.  That interesting backstreet area still exists of course, but it's shrinking, and the composition of the shops has changed somewhat.

The beginning of this video starts on residential streets, jumps to a quick rooftop view of the western horizon (in the last minutes of the day's twilight) and then (after a couple of quick views of internal-combustion machinery roads), enters the no-bloody-automobiles zone at around 1:40.  I probably should have dived into the back streets earlier, but overall, this is a good video for showing a typical 1992 Nakano residential area, the horizon from up high, and then the izakaya backstreet area.

1992 細い道のバス Bus on Narrow Streets 920821

The bus ride part highlighted in the title begins at about the 1:30 mark.  The video starts off on a train, shows a little of Nerima, and then the bus ride starts, which goes down some amazingly (for a large bus) narrow streets.  In situations like this, with the bus right in the thick of pedestrian traffic, things are so visually interesting that you end up kind of hypnotized while watching the things around you in such close proximity.

1992 Random Night Scenes Etc 夜の道など 920719

1992 Hibarigaoka to Nerima Etc ひばりヶ丘駅-練馬駅など 920725

1992 西武池袋線とバス Seibu-Ikebukuro Line and Bus Ride 920803

1992 Seibu-Ikebukuro Line Window View Etc 西武池袋線など 920807

1992 ひばりヶ丘から渋谷まで Hibarigaoka to Shibuya 920808

1992 遊園地 Amusement Park 920815

This 15-minute video shows various scenes from a famous amusement park.  Not historical in the way views of city streets are, but maybe there's something of the era between the frames, so to speak.  Actually... watching the video as I type this - it really does feel like a different era to me.

1992 中野区の平日公園と新井と野方など Nakano Suburbia 920821

1992 木造練馬駅など Wooden Nerima Station Etc 920821

1992 ひばりが丘夏祭り Quick View of Hibarigaoka Summer Matsuri 920828

三原橋の三原カレーコーナー内の見回り 忙しい金曜日 平成26年4月25日 140425

A view of the last Friday at Mihara Curry Corner in the Miharabashi Chikagai under-bridge place.  It's a good look at how it was during the final day for general customers (it was open for a couple of days after that for local area people).

Construction Site by Shinjuku Station 新宿駅隣の工事現場 140424

After doing extensive foundation work, they've started building up at the construction zone next to Shinjuku Station.  When the project is finished, probably the Saikyo Line platform will basically feel like a subway, situated as it is below a huge overhead bridge and with a highrise building towering up right next to Track-1.

三原橋地下街 最後の金曜日 午後三時半 Miharabashi-Chikagai - Last Friday Afternoon 140425

Construction Site in Ginza 1-Chome 銀座一丁目の工事現場 140425

黒多弘文インスタレーション 銀座奥野ビル306号室の光と反射 140425

(Below) - Several videos showing Miharabashi Chikagai and Mihara Curry Corner on Final Friday, April 25th, 2014.

三原カレーコーナー店主の吉田信三さんの一言 金曜日 140425

三原橋-01 平成26年4月25日 三原カレーコーナーイベント 140425

三原橋 野口寅次郎 三原カレーコーナーイベント Noguchi Torajiro 140425

三原橋-02 平成26年4月25日 三原カレーコーナーイベント 140425

三原橋 野口寅次郎と成田朱希 三原カレーコーナー内 140425

三原橋地下街 金曜日平成26年4月25日のイベント 通路のところ 140425

三原橋 撮影夢中 140425

Taking pictures... as it was the last day for Mihara Curry Corner at Miharabashi Chikagai, a lot of pictures were taken.

三原橋-03 平成26年4月25日 三原カレーコーナーイベント 140425

三原橋-04 平成26年4月25日 三原カレーコーナーイベント 140425

三原橋-05 平成26年4月25日 三原カレーコーナーイベント 140425

三原橋-06 平成26年4月25日 三原カレーコーナーイベント 140425

三原橋-07 平成26年4月25日 三原カレーコーナーイベント 140425

三原橋-08 平成26年4月25日 三原カレーコーナーイベント 140425

三原橋-09 平成26年4月25日 三原カレーコーナーイベント 140425

居酒屋の電話 二の一 140425

In these two videos (above and below), the guy on the phone was trying out the old type phone.  He had commented on the phone, which is a type that used to be the norm in coffee shops and izakayas, but is quite rare now.  At first, he was impressed, but then he appeared to think it was just sitting there as an ornament, and wasn't in use.  So, to demonstrate that it wasn't ornamental, but really was the shop's phone, I called it, and he acted out the part of someone working at an izakaya.  It was a fun night, and it occurred to us that he might never again get a chance to use one of those phones in an authentic way.

(What I mean by "authentic", is as an actual real phone that was installed as a piece of current technology, and not a replica, or an actual old phone installed as a retro object for nostalgic reasons.  For some reason it didn't occur to me to ask the shop owner how old the phone was, but I would imagine several decades.)

居酒屋の電話 二の二 140425

三原橋 平成26年4月25日 三原カレーコーナーイベント記念写真 140425

三原地下街の閉門時間が近い 平成26年4月25日 140425

三原地下街の閉門時間 平成26年4月25日 140425

Midnight Kyobashi 夜中の京橋 140425

京橋車鋼鉄反射と木造建物 Kyobashi Steel Reflections and Wooden Building 140425

Waiting for Oimachi Line Train 東急大井町線の電車を待っている 140425

1992 Hibarigaoka Kids Matsuri Etc ひばりが丘子供の夏祭り 920716

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-日吉駅 電車と車など Hibarigaoka to Hiyoshi Etc 920718

(Below)  This video covers a lot of ground, including bus rides, train rides (surface and subway), and a walkabout in Waseda, followed by weekend street scenes in Shinjuku.  This was taken in July of 1992, a time when much of the train system had already gone to automatic ticket gates, but there were still manually operated ones here and there, and there are a couple of clear views of manually operated ticket gates on the Tozai (subway) Line in this video.

1992 バスと電車と早稲田と新宿など Buses Trains Waseda Shinjuku Etc 920719

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon