Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Boxes Reaching Towards the Sky" - (100623-1039)

"Boxes Reaching Towards the Sky"

New big-box buildings look nice from the outside, but generally have bad air quality inside. I wonder if bipeds will manage to get back to properly ventilated buildings by the 22nd century?  Or will we give up on using these monstrosities and leave them to androids, who don't need oxygen?

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Hibiya Line Exit Gates, Live at WTD, and 23:17 Chuo Line from Shinjuku"

Train views, as usual, plus a couple of views of street musicians.  Walking parallel to an evening rush of people flowing out the exit gates at Hibiya Line's Ebisu Station.  Then heading over towards 'What the Dickens' English pub, where I watch some live music (several clips) and then a view of a late-night Chuo Line train as it comes into Shinjuku Station.

"Sugiyama Yu (杉山裕) Live in Sugamo" (101027We-1235)

Sugiyama Yu playing his guitar and singing on the street in Sugamo.

杉山裕が巣鴨でライブ  東京

"Tokyo to Yurakucho - Watching Trains at Yurakucho Station" (101027We-1302)

Riding a Yamanote Line train from Tokyo Station to Yurakucho Station, and then watching passing trains from the Yurakucho Station platform.

東京駅から、有楽町駅まで 有楽町駅で電車が通る  東京

"Matsuoka Miho (松岡美穂) Live in Yurakucho on October 27th, 2010"

Listening to Matsuoka Miho playing her guitar and singing in front of Yurakucho Station.

有楽町駅前で松岡美穂のストリートライブを見て聞く  東京

"Hibiya Line Exit Gates at Ebisu Station" (101027We-2022)

People streaming out the exit gates at the Hibiya Line's Ebisu Station.

恵比寿駅の日比谷線の夕方改札口  東京

"Nighttime Streets in Ebisu (Tokyo)" (101027We-2024)

Walking towards WTD (What The Dickens) in Ebisu.

恵比寿の夕方道  東京

"Live Music at WTD (What the Dickens) in Ebisu (A)" (101027We-2040)

Listening to cool tunes at What the Dickens in Ebisu. (A)

恵比寿ライブハウスWTDの2010年10月音楽  東京

"Live Music at WTD (What the Dickens) in Ebisu (B)" (101027We-2047)

Listening to cool tunes at What the Dickens in Ebisu. (B)

恵比寿ライブハウスWTDの2010年10月音楽  東京

"Live Music at WTD (What the Dickens) in Ebisu (C)" (101027We-2055)

Listening to cool tunes at What the Dickens in Ebisu. (C)

恵比寿ライブハウスWTDの2010年10月音楽  東京

"Live Music at WTD (What the Dickens) in Ebisu (D)" (101027We-2101)

Listening to cool tunes at What the Dickens in Ebisu. (D)

恵比寿ライブハウスWTDの2010年10月音楽  東京

"Live Music at WTD (What the Dickens) in Ebisu (E)" (101027We-2104)

Listening to cool tunes at What the Dickens in Ebisu. (E)

恵比寿ライブハウスWTDの2010年10月音楽  東京

"23:17 Outbound Chuo Line at Shinjuku Station" (101027We-2314)

Waiting for and then watching an outbound Chuo Line train arrive at Shinjuku Station.

新宿駅の23:17の下り中央線電車  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Nikko Kinugawa-Onsen Area, Trains on Nikko-Kinugawa Line, and Imaichi Walkabout"

This shows several clips from some time I spent in the Kinugawa-Onsen (鬼怒川温泉) area in Tochigi-ken (栃木県), including several clips of trains in the area, ending with the trip back to Tokyo via a Nikko Express that took me straight to Shinjuku.  There is a cooperative arrangement between Tobu Railways and JR, so the JR trains go onto the Tobu Line tracks midway to Nikko and use Tobu-Nikko Station instead of JR-Nikko Station.  Since Tobu-Nikko Station is closer to the famous shrines and temples, it's a more convenient arrangement for visitors.  For still photo views (and descriptive text) of my trip to the area, see my photo blog entry [here].

"Onsen Ryokan Funamisou Outside Hot Springs Bath" (101018Mo-0652)

A look at the outside bath (Rotenburo) at Ryokan Funamisou.  (This view is of the men's section - I wasn't able to see the woman's section, but there's a photo of it at the Ryokan's website.)

English -
Japanese -

鬼怒川温泉の旅館船見荘の露天風呂  栃木県

"Kinukawa-Onsen - 360 View on Old Pedestrian Bridge" (101018Mo-1017)

A 360 degree view from the old pedestrian bridge over Kinugawa River (nearest station: Kosagoe).

鬼怒川温泉の360風景 (一番近い駅: 小佐越駅)  栃木県

"Walking Across New Pedestrian Bridge (Kinugawa-Onsen Station Area)" (101018Mo-1109)

Walking over the new pedestrian bridge in the Kinugawa-Onsen Station area.

鬼怒川温泉駅エリアの新しい散歩橋  栃木県

"Furukama Waterfall (Kinugawa-Onsen Station Area)" (101018Mo-1207)

Furukama Waterfall - looking very nice to my city-tired eyes!

古釜の滝 - 鬼怒川温泉駅エリア  栃木県

"Overgrown Area to Furukama Waterfall (Kinugawa-Onsen Station Area)" (101018Mo-1218)

Walking from an overgrown path to Furukama Waterfall.

草だらけの道から古釜の滝まで - 鬼怒川温泉駅エリア  栃木県

"Walking Back Across New Pedestrian Bridge (Kinugawa-Onsen Station Area)" (101018Mo-1228)

Walking back over the new pedestrian bridge in the Kinugawa-Onsen Station area.

鬼怒川温泉駅エリアの新しい散歩橋  栃木県

"Skyward View of New Kinugawa-Onsen Footbridge" (101018Mo-1236)

Looking up at one of the two support towers for the pedestrian suspension bridge in the Kinugawa-Onsen Station area.

鬼怒川温泉駅エリアの新しい散歩橋の空向きビュー  栃木県

"Kinugawa-Onsen Express Arrival at Kinugawa-Onsen Station" (101018Mo-1430)

Watching a Kinugawa express train arrive at Kinugawa-Onsen Station.

鬼怒川温泉駅に鬼怒川特急の到着  栃木県

"Boarding Local Train at Kinugawa-Onsen Station" (101018Mo-1446)

Boarding a local train at Kinugawa-Onsen Station.

鬼怒川温泉駅で各駅停車の電車を乗る  栃木県

"Departing Kinugawa-Onsen Station (Local Train)" (101018Mo-1449)

Departing Kinugawa-Onsen Station on a local train and heading towards Kosagoe Station.

鬼怒川温泉駅から出発 - 各駅停車で  栃木県

"Shintakatoku Station Platform" (101018Mo-1459)

Looking out an open window of a local Tobu-Kinugawa Line train at the Shintakatoku Station platform.

東武鬼怒川線の新高徳駅を見る  栃木県

"Departing Okuwa Station (Tobu-Kinugawa Line)" (101018Mo_1511)

Departing Okuwa Station on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line (on a local train).

東武鬼怒川線の大桑駅から出発  栃木県

"Window View from Tobu-Kinugawa Line" (101018Mo-1514)

Looking out the window of a local Tobu-Kinugawa Line train at the blur of green going by (and a glimpse of a driving school's closed-access practice course).

東武鬼怒川線の窓からの風景  栃木県

"Arriving at Shimoimaichi Station" (101018Mo-1518)

Looking out the window as a local Tobu Line makes its way into Shimoimaichi Station.

東武線の下今市駅に到着します  栃木県

"Trains at Shimoimaichi Station" (101018Mo-1522)

Watching trains at Shimoimaichi Station.

東武線の下今市駅での電車  栃木県

"Shimoimaichi Station Wooden Passageways" (101018Mo-1529)

Walking through the wooden passageways of Shimoimaichi Station in Imaichi City.

東武線の下今市駅の木造の通路  栃木県

"Imaichi - Walking Around" (101018Mo-1537)

Walking about in Imaichi.

今市での散歩  栃木県

"Large Carp in Small Pool in Large Parking Lot" (101018Mo-1541)

Looking at some nice-looking carp in a rather small pond in a large empty parking lot.

大きい駐車場の中に小さい池の中に大きい鯉 - 今市での散歩  栃木県

"Side-Street Diving in Imaichi" (101018Mo-1545)

Escaping fire-breathing machinery by diving into a side street in Imaichi City.

今市での横道散歩  栃木県

"Imaichi Walkabout" (101018Mo-1547)

Walking about in Imaichi.

今市でのあっちこっち散歩  栃木県

"Imaichi Shotengai" (101018Mo-1557)

Walking down a covered shopping street (shotengai) in Imaichi.

今市の商店街  栃木県

"Beside Kamashin Grocery Store (in Imaichi)" (101018Mo-1611)

Looking around beside a Kamashin Grocery Store in Imaichi.

今市の商店街のかましんスーパー  栃木県

"Nikko Express Departing Shimoimaichi Station" (101018Mo-1642)

Watching a reserved seat express train depart Shimoimaichi Station.

下今市駅から出発する特急を見る  栃木県

"Nikko Express - Bound for Shinjuku" (101018Mo-1647)

Watching my Shinjuku-bound reserved-seat express train arrive at Shimoimaichi Station, and then boarding it.

新宿行き特急が遣って来ます - 下今市駅で乗る  栃木県

"Shinjuku Bound Nikko Express - Window View" (101018Mo-1649)

Looking out a window into the passing evening landscape from a Shinjuku-bound Nikko Express - listening to the announcements, with the English part being nice... which is a very welcome change from the usual irritating variety used on most Tokyo commuter trains!

新宿行き特急の窓風景とアナウンス  栃木県

"Nikko Express - Back in Tokyo" (101018Mo-1834)

Looking out the window at the passing buildings and lights of Tokyo.  The green of the countryside and then the lights of the city....

新宿行き特急の窓風景 - また東京に戻りました...  東京

"Walking by Nikko Express in Shinjuku" (101018Mo-1840)

Walking by the Nikko Express I had just ridden back into Tokyo on.

日光特急 - 新宿で見る  東京

"Shinjuku - Transferring to Chuo Line" (101018Mo-1842)

Transferring to a Chuo Line train after riding into Tokyo on a Nikko Express.

新宿駅で日光特急から中央線に乗り換え  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Monday, October 25, 2010

"Tobu Kinugawa Line, Shinfujiwara Station Area, Mountain Stream, and Old Footbridge"

Riding the Tobu-Kinugawa Line out to Shinfujiwara Station and then walking around in that area - stumbling upon a mountain stream after walking into a forest; then walking back to the station and going downriver, getting off at Kosagoe Station.

"Departing Kosagoe Station (Tobu-Kinugawa Line)" (101017Su-1339)

Window view from Tobu-Kinugawa Line train as it departs Kosagoe Station.

東武鬼怒川線の小佐越駅から出発  栃木県

"Tobu-Kinugawa Line - Near Shinfujiwara Station" (101017Su-1406)

Nearing Shinfujiwara Station on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line.

東武鬼怒川線の新藤原駅の近く  栃木県

"Fujiwara Irrigation Channel and Shrine" (101017Su-1430)

Walking along an irrigation channel in Fujiwara - passing by a small shrine.

藤原水道と神社  栃木県

"Fujiwara - Town to Forest" (101017Su-1434)

Walking from the edge of Fujiwara and then into a forest.

藤原町から森まで  栃木県

"Fujiwara Irrigation Channel Source by Stream (A)" (101017Su-1440)

Looking around at the source of an irrigation channel in Fujiwara.

藤原の近くの川  栃木県  (A)

"Fujiwara Irrigation Channel Source by Stream (B)" (101017Su-1443)

Looking around at the source of an irrigation channel in Fujiwara.

藤原の近くの川  栃木県  (B)

"Fujiwara Irrigation Channel Source by Stream (C)" (101017Su-1444)

Looking around at the source of an irrigation channel in Fujiwara.

藤原の近くの川  栃木県  (C)

"Mountain Stream Near Fujiwara " (101017Su-1447)

Contemplating a clear and cool mountain stream near Fujiwara.

藤原の近くの小川  栃木県

"Fujiwara Stream, Forest, and Town" (101017Su-1454)

Walking from a stream near to Fujiwara, through a forest, and into the edge of town.

藤原の小川と森と町  栃木県

"Shinfujiwara Station-Bound - Passing Train" (101017Su-1457)

Heading towards Shinfujiwara Station - watching a train pass by going in the other direction.

新藤原駅向き  栃木県

"Heading Towards Shinfujiwara Station" (101017Su-1459)

Walking towards Shinfujiwara Station.

新藤原駅に向いている  栃木県

"Looking Around - Shinfujiwara Station Area" (101017Su-1501)

Looking around the Shinfujiwara Station area.

新藤原駅のあたりを見回る  栃木県

"Railway Underpass Near Shinfujiwara Station" (101017Su-1509)

Walking through a pedestrian tunnel underpass near Shinfujiwara Station.

新藤原駅の近くの横断歩道地下トンネル  栃木県

"Shinfujiwara Station - Aizu Mount Express (Diesel Train)" (101017Su-1523)

Watching a red (diesel-powered) Aizu Mount Express train arrive at Shinfujiwara Station.

新藤原駅での野岩鉄道会津鬼怒川線ジーゼル電車が遣って来ます  栃木県

"Shinfujiwara Station - Boarding Tobu-Kinugawa Train" (101017Su-1535)

Boarding a Tobu-Kinugawa Line train at Shinfujiwara Station.

新藤原駅で東武鬼怒川線電車を乗る  栃木県

"Kinugawa-Onsen Express - Near Kosagoe Station" (101017Su-1606)

Watching a Kinugawa-Onsen express pass by not far from Kosagoe Station.

小佐越駅近く、特急電車が通る  栃木県

"Passing Boats Seen From Old Footbridge" (101017Su-1614)

Watching some boats pass by from the middle of an old footbridge.

鬼怒川船が通る  栃木県

"View From Old Kinugawa River Footbridge" (101017Su-1615)

Looking around at the evening view from an old footbridge over the Kinugawa River.

鬼怒川の古い散歩橋ビュー  栃木県

"Far Side of Old Kinugawa River Footbridge" (101017Su-1619)

Looking around on the far side of the old Kinugawa River footbridge.

鬼怒川古い散歩橋の向こう側  栃木県

"Escaping Fire-Breathing Machinery in Kinugawa-Onsen Area" (101017Su-1624)

Walking about exploring area around old footbridge over the Kinugawa River - escaping fire-breathing machinery at one point.

鬼怒川温泉のあたり、排気ガスマシーンから逃げる  栃木県

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Tobu-Nikko and Tobu-Kinugawa Lines + Kosagoe Station and River View"

Starting on the Tobu-Nikko Line and transferring over to the Tobu-Kinugawa Line (with several views on the Kinugawa Line), and then showing an area by the river near a ryokan (not far from Kosagoe Station).

"JR-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1141)

Looking around on the first and second floors of the old JR-Nikko Station.

JR日光駅  栃木県

"Looking at a Two-Car Local Train at Tobu-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1150)

Walking around at Tobu-Nikko Station - looking at a two-car local train.

東武日光駅の二車両電車を見る  栃木県

"Tobu-Nikko Express Departing Tobu-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1156)

Watching a Tobu-Nikko reserved seat express train leaving Tobu-Nikko Station.

東武日光駅の東武日光特急の出発  栃木県

"Boarding Local Train at Tobu-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1159)

Boarding a Tobu-Nikko Line local train at Tobu-Nikko Station.

東武日光駅で各駅停車電車の東武日光線を乗る  栃木県

"Tobu-Nikko Local Train Departing Tobu-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1200)

Departing Tobu-Nikko Station aboard a Tobu-Nikko local train.

東武日光駅で各駅停車電車の出発  栃木県

"Tobu Line Local Train Folding Table" (101017Su-1206)

Trying out the folding table in a local Tobu-Nikko Line train.

東武日光線のテーブル  栃木県

"Connecting the Walkway Between Tobu Line Cars"(101017Su-1212)

Watching the walkway connections being made on a Tobu Line train in Nikko.

東武日光線のつなぎ方  栃木県

"Running to See Passing Procession" (101017Su-1221)

Hearing festival-style music, I ran over just in time to see a traditional procession pass by.

日光市の祭りなんとかを駆け足で見る  栃木県

"Nikko Passing Procession" (101017Su-1222)

Watching some sort of traditional procession pass by in Nikko City.

日光市の祭りなんとかを見る  栃木県

"Walking Around Shimoimaichi Station" (101017Su-1231)

Looking around Shimoimaichi Station - including its old wooden passageways.

下今市駅で歩き回っている  栃木県

"View Out Window Leaving Shimoimaichi Station" (101017Su-1236)

Looking out the window of a Tobu-Kinugawa Line train as it leaves Shimoimaichi Station.

下今市駅から出発 - 東武鬼怒川線の窓風景  栃木県

"Nikko-Kinugawa Line - Countryside Views" (101017Su-1238)

Looking out the window of a Tobu-Kinugawa Line train as it rolls through the green countryside.

東武鬼怒川線の窓からの風景  栃木県

"Tobu-Kinugawa Line - Arriving at Okuwa Station" (101017Su-1241)

Window views of green countryside passing by on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line, and then arriving at Okuwa Station.

東武鬼怒川線の大桑駅に到着  栃木県

"Tobu-Kinugawa Line - Between Okuwa and Shintakatoku Stations" (101017Su-1243)

Riding the Tobu-Kinugawa Line - looking at the green countryside passing by between Okuwa and Shintakatoku Stations.

東武鬼怒川線の大桑駅と新高徳駅の間  栃木県

"Arriving at Shintakatoku Station" (101017Su-1246)

Arriving at Shintakatoku Station on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line.

東武鬼怒川線の新高徳駅に到着  栃木県

"Arriving at Kosagoe Station" (101017Su-1251)

Arriving at Kosagoe Station on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line.

東武鬼怒川線の小佐越駅に到着  栃木県

"Watching Trains at Kosagoe Station and Exiting" (101017Su-1253)

Watching trains at Kosagoe Station on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line and then heading to the exit.

東武鬼怒川線の小佐越駅で電車ウォッチング  栃木県

"Walking Away from Kosagoe Station" (101017Su-1255)

After arriving at Kosagoe Station, walking off towards a ryokan - going back down along the tracks of the Tobu-Kinugawa Line.

東武鬼怒川線の小佐越駅から歩き出す  栃木県

"Looking Around Near Kosagoe Station" (101017Su-1302)

Taking a look around just down the road from Kosagoe Station.

東武鬼怒川線の小佐越駅の近くに見回る  栃木県

"Looking at River Near Ryokan Funamisou" (101017Su-1310)

Looking around by the river near Ryokan Funamisou.

旅館ニッケン船見荘の近くの川を見回り  栃木県

"Watching Nikko Express Train at Kosagoe Station" (101017Su-1328)

Watching an express train at Kosagoe Station on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line.

東武鬼怒川線の小佐越駅で特急を見る  栃木県

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"From Shinjuku to Nikko via Reserved Seat Express"

Beginning with my arrival at the platform in Shinjuku Station, where the special express to Nikko was waiting; continuing with views of the inside of the train and views out the window; and ending with a look at both Tobu-Nikko station and also JR-Nikko Station.

"Arriving at Nikko Express Platform in Shinjuku" (101017Su-0843)

Arriving at the platform where my express train to Nikko was waiting.

新宿駅の日光行き特急  東京

"Boarding Nikko Express in Shinjuku" (101017Su-0849)

Boarding a Nikko Express train in Shinjuku.

新宿駅の日光行き特急を乗るところ  東京

"Nikko Express Departing Ikebukuro" (101017Su-0910)

Leaving Ikebukuro on a Nikko Express train.

日光行き特急を池袋駅から出発  東京

"Nikko Express - Crossing River" (101017Su-0920)

Crossing a river in a Nikko Express train.


"Nikko Express - Arriving at Omiya Station" (101017Su-0928)

Arriving at Omiya Station in a Nikko Express.


"Nikko Express - Departing Omiya" (101017Su-0933)

Departing Omiya Station and continuing on towards Nikko.


"Nikko Express - Speeding View" (101017Su-0937)

Looking out a left side window of a speeding Nikko express train.


"Nikko Express - Inside and Outside Views" (101017Su-0947)

Looking outside and inside a Nikko express on the way to Nikko.


"Nikko Express - Left and Right Window Views" (101017Su-1001)

Looking out both the left and the right sides of a Nikko Express on the way to Nikko.


"Nikko Express - Green Fields View" (101017Su-1008)

Looking out a left side window of a Nikko express at green fields passing by outside.


"Nikko Express - Rolling Through the Fields" (101017Su-1011)

Rolling through green fields on the way to Nikko.


"Nikko Express - Windowsill" (101017Su-1045)

Windowsill view of the world rolling by as seen from a Nikko express train.


"Tobu-Nikko Station - October 17th, 2010" (101017Su-1128)

Tobu-Nikko Station on October 17th, 2010

東武日光駅  栃木県

"JR-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1140)

Inside the old JR-Nikko Station, which now only handles one line that runs between Nikko and Utsunomiya.

JR日光駅  栃木県

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Friday, October 22, 2010

"Ramen Stand in Shinjuku" - (100928-2152)

"Ramen Stand in Shinjuku"

The best time for visiting places like this is the autumn, before it gets too cold.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Express Train to Nikko and View of Kinugawa from Rooftop"

I went out to Nikko and the Kinugawa Onsen area to take pictures of something other than Tokyo for a change - and to visit a hot-spring equipped ryokan.  I did my usual routine of taking too many pictures, so now I need some time to sort through them!  In the meantime, here are a few videos from the trip - three from the limited express train I took there, and one from the roof of the ryokan I stayed at.  Incidentally, the city of Nikko is - by area - the third largest city in Japan!  (The biggest two are Takayama and Hamamatsu.)  More about this trip later!

"Nikko-Bound Express - Shinjuku to Ikebukuro" (2010)

Looking out a left side window of an old 1978 JR Tokkyu express train (with the inside renovated in 2006) as it goes from Shinjuku to Ikebukuro on the first part of its trip to Nikko.

日光行き特急 - 新宿から池袋まで  (2010年)

"Nikko-Bound Express - Window View (A)" (2010)

Looking out a left side window of an old 1978 JR Tokkyu express train (with the inside renovated in 2006) as it nears Nikko.  (A)

日光行き特急 - 日光の近く  (2010年)

"Nikko-Bound Express - Window View (B)" (2010)

Looking out a left side window of an old 1978 JR Tokkyu express train (with the inside renovated in 2006) as it nears Nikko.  (B)

日光行き特急 - 日光の近く  (2010年)

"Rooftop View from Funamiso Ryokan" (2010)

Looking out over the river from the rooftop of Ryokan Funamiso.

Ryokan Funamisou:

ニッケン舟見荘屋上ビュー  (2010年)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"View from Train Window" - (101005-1318)

"View from Train Window"

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Odakyu Line Sangubashi, Shinjuku Live, and Shinjuku Various"

Views of the area around Sangubashi Station on the Odakyu Line, a few street performers in Shinjuku, as well as general Shinjuku street scenes. On another day, views of taking the Odakyu Line to Sangubashi Station and a 360-degree video taken within Yoyogi Park. - Typical views of Tokyo in October.

"Narrow Passage by Odakyu Line" (101012Tu-1718)

Walking along a narrow passageway next to the Odakyu Line.

小田急線の隣の細い道 東京

"Walking Towards Sangubashi Station" (101012Tu-1722)

Walking towards Sangubashi Station on the Odakyu Line.

小田急線の参宮橋駅に向かっての散歩 東京

"Sangubashi Station - Watching Trains" (101012Tu-1735)

At Sangubashi Station, watching an outbound train pass by and then watching my inbound train come in.

小田急線の参宮橋駅で電車を見ている 東京

"South Exit of Shinjuku Station" (101012Tu-1743)

Exiting the South Exit of Shinjuku Station.

新宿駅の南口 東京

"Shinjuku Street Musician" (101012Tu-2055)

Walking by a street musician in Shinjuku.

新宿駅前ストリートライブ 東京

"Koyama Akari (小山あかり) Live in Shinjuku" (101012Tu-2100)

Koyama Akari performing live in Shinjuku.

新宿駅前小山あかりストリートライブ 東京

"Hibi Haohiro Live in Shinjuku" (101012Tu-2103)

Hibi Haohiro performing live in Shinjuku.

新宿駅前日比直博ストリートライブ 東京

"Nishi-Shinjuku Stroll" (101012Tu-2107)

Strolling along in Nishi-Shinjuku.

西新宿散歩 東京

"Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho Stroll" (101012Tu-2108)

Strolling down the always interesting Omoide-Yokocho in Shinjuku.

新宿思い出横丁散歩 東京

"Shinjuku Tunnel Music" (101012Tu-2109)

Watching a train cross a bridge and then listening to some kind of live music in a concrete pedestrian tunnel that runs under the JR tracks.

新宿トンネル音楽 東京

"Shinjuku Morning Rush Transfer From Chuo Line To Odakyu Line" - (101013-0741)

Rushing from the Chuo Line at Shinjuku Station to the Odakyu Line.


"Odakyu Line - Shinjuku to Minami-Shinjuku" (101013-0742)

Riding a local Odakyu Line train from Shinjuku to Minami-Shinjuku.


"Odakyu Line - Minami-Shinjuku to Sangubashi - (101013-0744)

Riding a local Odakyu Line train from Minami-Shinjuku to Sangubashi.


"Yoyogi Park 360" (101013We-1527)

Looking around 360 degrees in one spot of Yoyogi Park.

代々木公園360 東京

"Sangubashi Station - Train Leaving" (101013We-1802)

Just missing a train out of Sangubashi Station.

参宮橋駅 - 電車の出発 東京

"Sangubashi Station - Romance Car Passing" (101013We-1804)

Watching one of the reserved seat "Romance Car" trains passing Sangubashi Station.

参宮橋駅 - ロマンスカーが通る 東京

"Shinjuku Southeast Plaza" (101013We-1812)

Looking around in the plaza by the southeast exit of Shinjuku Station.

新宿駅隣の広場 東京

"Shinjuku - Walking Towards East Entrance" (101013We-1814)

Walking towards the east entrance to Shinjuku Station.

新宿駅の東口に向かう 東京

"Shinjuku - Walking Away From East Entrance" - (101013-1816)

Walking away from the East Entrance of Shinjuku Station.


"Shinjuku - Walking Away from East Entrance" (101013We-1818)

Walking away from the east entrance to Shinjuku Station.

新宿駅の東口から離れる 東京

"Shinjuku - Continuing Away from East Entrance Area (A)" (101013We-1819)

Continuing to walk away from the east entrance of Shinjuku Station.

新宿駅の東口から離れて行く (A) 東京

"Shinjuku - Continuing Away from East Entrance Area (B)" (101013We-1820)

Continuing to walk away from the east entrance of Shinjuku Station.

新宿駅の東口から離れて行く (B) 東京

"Walking Into Kabukicho" (101013We-1822)

Walking Into the Kabukicho area of Shinjuku.

新宿歌舞伎町あたりに向かう 東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Monday, October 11, 2010

An Old Japanese-to-English Dictionary

I bought this old dictionary in a used bookshop in Tokyo around... ten years ago I think it was.  The shopkeeper insisted that it was old-stock-new, and not actually used.  It seemed as though that could be the case, with the low purchase price due to some (mold?) spots on the edge of the pages maybe?  In any case, I think it's interesting how it has hand-written characters - to show the difference between printed and written kanji?
Old Japanese-to-English Dictionary
Old Japanese-to-English Dictionary
Old Japanese-to-English Dictionary
Old Japanese-to-English Dictionary

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Old Message Board?" - (101008-1224)

Old Message Board?

I'm not sure what this is - but I think it might be an old message board?  (There's a newer one further up the street.)  Notice the old house behind it and the old concrete wall as well.  There aren't so many old things like this left in Tokyo.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"Interesting Design Near Tokyo Station" - (100920-2039)

Interesting Design Near Tokyo Station

Part of the fun of living in Tokyo is that the city never stops changing, so you never get bored.  Just stay away from any area for a little while and by the time you go back, the old buildings will have vanished and the area will look like it's from a different city.  This building is near Tokyo Station.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

"Shinjuku Blue Bridge (Under Construction)" - (100921-2123)

"Shinjuku Blue Bridge (Under Construction)"

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Floor Advertising..." - (100921-2222)

Floor Advertising

I don't think I've seen this approach to advertising before. Maybe it works - so long as it's not too crowded.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Whatever Happened to my old Early-Days Friend TM?" - (911005)

I revisited October 5th, 1991 today via video I took that day, and in the video is a man - TM - who I met in 1984 while staying at a "gaijin house" in Mitaka (Tokyo English Center, I think it was) which was in an old wooden building (formerly a company dormitory) with widows that rattled when the wind blew. (Checking the Internet, there's a new place with the same name just down the Chuo Line, so maybe that's where they moved after that old wooden building was torn down.)

The rooms there had two beds each and the concept was that they put one foreigner in with one local. The foreigners were there because it was cheap accommodation, and the locals were there for the novelty of it and also to get experience interacting with foreigners (this was when the exchange rate was Y245 to $1, so foreign travel was rather expensive). I was only there about a month, but it was an interesting time and the building was a remnant of another era.

There's much that could be said about that time, and I was planning to do so, but it's late, so I'll just say that this came soon after my Shinagawa adventures, which I (previously) detailed here:

"August/September 1984/2006"

I wonder what became of my old roommate - who was a student at Waseda University? I remember being impressed that he was studiously going through a very difficult English novel as part of his studies, but could barely speak a word of English. Since this was during my first two months in japan, and I could hardly speak a word of Japanese; not surprisingly, we never got to know each other.

Hmm... I just had a flashback in thinking about it. When I left after being there only a month (I would have been there longer, but found a job in Chigasaki at a small school that arranged for me to rent a room in a house near the Shonan Beach), I seem to remember feeling as though I had let my roommate down. In spite of nearly zero verbal communication, we got along okay and I think he was hoping to get to communicate with me a little and was unhappy that I was drifting off so soon. In the same situation now, I'd make a point to meet up with him and others there again after moving, but I was in the thick of my New-World-Adventure and things were constantly changing, so I just pushed ahead.

Anyway - another (short) chapter in the Early Years story. Here's the October 1991 video with former Mitaka Tokyo English Center resident TM in the middle - buying cigarettes and talking to the shopkeeper about them:

"1991 Minami-Ikebukuro and Shibuya" - (911005)

I sure wish I'd had a video camera back in 1984! It was the end of an era. From 1985, the value of the yen began steeply climbing and then just about everything changed pretty radically after that... I guess.., but - come to think of it - Tokyo never stops changing.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Sunday, October 03, 2010

"The Green of Summer..." (100928)

"The Green of Summer..."

Now that time has slipped into October, the beautiful green of summer will not last long, but I suppose it's coming and going with the seasons is what makes it look so nice when it's here.  (Photo taken in western Tokyo, and copyrighted by LHS/ITG.)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Friday, October 01, 2010

Extra Cold Beer Place in Ginza - (100831-1814)

Extra Cold Beer Place in Ginza

All through the heat this summer, this Extra Cold beer place place has nearly always had people lined up out on the sidewalk waiting to get inside, but I suppose it won't be very busy in the middle of winter!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Seibu Haijima Line Construction, Ginza, Chuo Line, and Shinjuku"

Starting off with a look out the right side of a Seibu-Haijima Line train as it passes a rail construction zone between Ogawa and Hagiyama stations, and then going off to Ginza, followed by Chuo Line views and views in Shinjuku - including of a street band there.

"Seibu-Haijima Line Construction Between Ogawa and Hagiyama" (100928Tu-1332)

Looking out a right-side window at the ongoing construction on the Seibu-Haijima Line between Ogawa and Hagiyama Stations.

西武拝島線工事 - 小川駅と萩山駅の間  東京

"Entering Tozai Takadanobaba Station" (100928Tu-1404)

Entering the Tozai Line subway part of Takadanobaba Station.

高田馬場駅の東西線に入るとこと  東京

"Boarding Tozai Line at Takadanobaba" (100928Tu-1406)

Watching a Tozai Line train come in, and boarding it at Takadanobaba Station.

高田馬場駅で東西線を乗る  東京

"Ginza Station Show Window Display Changes" (100928Tu-1427)

Walking past a row of display windows in Ginza Station as they were being changed to a new display.

銀座駅のショーウィンドーディスプレー変換  東京

"Ginza Chuo-Dori Stroll" (100928Tu-1428)

Walking down Chuo-Dori in Ginza after a rain.

銀座中央通散歩  東京

"Ginza Doorway View" (100928Tu-1454)

Looking out a doorway in Ginza onto the passersby on the street.

銀座玄関ビュー  東京

"Waiting for a Keihin-Tohoku Line Train at Yurakucho" (100928Tu-1935)

Waiting for a Keihin-Tohoku Line train to arrive at Yurakucho Station.

有楽町駅で京浜東北線電車を待っている  東京

"Nighttime Chuo Line - Tokyo to Kanda" (100928Tu-1940)

Looking out a left-side window of a Chuo Line train at night as it goes from Tokyo Station to Kanda Station.

夜中央線 - 東京駅から神田駅まで  東京

"Kanda to Ochanomizu - Nighttime Chuo Line" (100928Tu-1942)

Looking out a left side window on a nighttime Chuo Line train as it goes from Kanda Station to Ochanomizu Station.

夜中央線 - 神田駅から御茶ノ水駅まで  東京

"Departing Ochanomizu via the Chuo Line" (100928Tu-1949)

Departing Ochanomizu on a nighttime Chuo Line train.

夜中央線 - 御茶ノ水駅からの出発  東京

"Chuo Line - Passing Local Train in Central Area" (100928Tu-1950)

Looking out a left-side window of a Chuo Line train as it passes a local train in central Tokyo.

夜中央線 - 各駅電車より、お先に  東京

"Arriving in Shinjuku and Chuo Line Platform Scene" (100928Tu-1952)

Arriving at Shinjuku Station on an outbound Chuo Line Train and then looking around on the platform while it unloads, loads, and departs again.

中央線で新宿駅に到着とホームの様子  東京

"Stumbling Upon Shinjuku Street Band Otsukarezu" (100928Tu-2153)

Walking off into the night from the south exit of Shinjuku Station, I stumbled upon the street band "Otsukarezu".

新宿駅南口から散歩が始まりと「おつかれーず」というストリートバンドが発見しました!  東京

"Ramen Stand by Shinjuku Station South Entrance" (100928Tu-2200)

Taking a quick look at a ramen stand by the south entrance to Shinjuku Station.

新宿駅南口隣のラーメン... 何とか  東京

"Entering Shinjuku Station via South Entrance" (100928Tu-2201)

Entering Shinjuku Station from the south entrance/exit.

新宿駅南口から駅を入る  東京

"Azusa Express Train Arrives at Shinjuku" (100928Tu-2202)

Watching an Azusa reserved-seat express train arrive at Shinjuku Station.

Azusa特急電車が新宿駅に到着  東京

"Azusa Express Reflections at Shinjuku Station" (100928Tu-2205)

Walking by reflections on an Azusa reserved seat express.

Azusa特急電車の新宿駅反射  東京

"Watching Chuo Line Trains Depart Yotsuya Station" (100928Tu-2211)

Watching an outbound and an inbound Chuo Line train depart Yotsuya Station - one after the other.

四ッ谷駅から出発する中央線  東京

"Azusa Express Passes Yotsuya Station" (100928Tu-2240)

Watching an Azusa reserved-seat train pass while I was waiting for a Chuo Line train.

四ッ谷駅からAzusa特急が通る  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon