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"Tobu-Nikko and Tobu-Kinugawa Lines + Kosagoe Station and River View"

Starting on the Tobu-Nikko Line and transferring over to the Tobu-Kinugawa Line (with several views on the Kinugawa Line), and then showing an area by the river near a ryokan (not far from Kosagoe Station).

"JR-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1141)

Looking around on the first and second floors of the old JR-Nikko Station.

JR日光駅  栃木県

"Looking at a Two-Car Local Train at Tobu-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1150)

Walking around at Tobu-Nikko Station - looking at a two-car local train.

東武日光駅の二車両電車を見る  栃木県

"Tobu-Nikko Express Departing Tobu-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1156)

Watching a Tobu-Nikko reserved seat express train leaving Tobu-Nikko Station.

東武日光駅の東武日光特急の出発  栃木県

"Boarding Local Train at Tobu-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1159)

Boarding a Tobu-Nikko Line local train at Tobu-Nikko Station.

東武日光駅で各駅停車電車の東武日光線を乗る  栃木県

"Tobu-Nikko Local Train Departing Tobu-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1200)

Departing Tobu-Nikko Station aboard a Tobu-Nikko local train.

東武日光駅で各駅停車電車の出発  栃木県

"Tobu Line Local Train Folding Table" (101017Su-1206)

Trying out the folding table in a local Tobu-Nikko Line train.

東武日光線のテーブル  栃木県

"Connecting the Walkway Between Tobu Line Cars"(101017Su-1212)

Watching the walkway connections being made on a Tobu Line train in Nikko.

東武日光線のつなぎ方  栃木県

"Running to See Passing Procession" (101017Su-1221)

Hearing festival-style music, I ran over just in time to see a traditional procession pass by.

日光市の祭りなんとかを駆け足で見る  栃木県

"Nikko Passing Procession" (101017Su-1222)

Watching some sort of traditional procession pass by in Nikko City.

日光市の祭りなんとかを見る  栃木県

"Walking Around Shimoimaichi Station" (101017Su-1231)

Looking around Shimoimaichi Station - including its old wooden passageways.

下今市駅で歩き回っている  栃木県

"View Out Window Leaving Shimoimaichi Station" (101017Su-1236)

Looking out the window of a Tobu-Kinugawa Line train as it leaves Shimoimaichi Station.

下今市駅から出発 - 東武鬼怒川線の窓風景  栃木県

"Nikko-Kinugawa Line - Countryside Views" (101017Su-1238)

Looking out the window of a Tobu-Kinugawa Line train as it rolls through the green countryside.

東武鬼怒川線の窓からの風景  栃木県

"Tobu-Kinugawa Line - Arriving at Okuwa Station" (101017Su-1241)

Window views of green countryside passing by on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line, and then arriving at Okuwa Station.

東武鬼怒川線の大桑駅に到着  栃木県

"Tobu-Kinugawa Line - Between Okuwa and Shintakatoku Stations" (101017Su-1243)

Riding the Tobu-Kinugawa Line - looking at the green countryside passing by between Okuwa and Shintakatoku Stations.

東武鬼怒川線の大桑駅と新高徳駅の間  栃木県

"Arriving at Shintakatoku Station" (101017Su-1246)

Arriving at Shintakatoku Station on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line.

東武鬼怒川線の新高徳駅に到着  栃木県

"Arriving at Kosagoe Station" (101017Su-1251)

Arriving at Kosagoe Station on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line.

東武鬼怒川線の小佐越駅に到着  栃木県

"Watching Trains at Kosagoe Station and Exiting" (101017Su-1253)

Watching trains at Kosagoe Station on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line and then heading to the exit.

東武鬼怒川線の小佐越駅で電車ウォッチング  栃木県

"Walking Away from Kosagoe Station" (101017Su-1255)

After arriving at Kosagoe Station, walking off towards a ryokan - going back down along the tracks of the Tobu-Kinugawa Line.

東武鬼怒川線の小佐越駅から歩き出す  栃木県

"Looking Around Near Kosagoe Station" (101017Su-1302)

Taking a look around just down the road from Kosagoe Station.

東武鬼怒川線の小佐越駅の近くに見回る  栃木県

"Looking at River Near Ryokan Funamisou" (101017Su-1310)

Looking around by the river near Ryokan Funamisou.

旅館ニッケン船見荘の近くの川を見回り  栃木県

"Watching Nikko Express Train at Kosagoe Station" (101017Su-1328)

Watching an express train at Kosagoe Station on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line.

東武鬼怒川線の小佐越駅で特急を見る  栃木県

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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