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"Nikko Kinugawa-Onsen Area, Trains on Nikko-Kinugawa Line, and Imaichi Walkabout"

This shows several clips from some time I spent in the Kinugawa-Onsen (鬼怒川温泉) area in Tochigi-ken (栃木県), including several clips of trains in the area, ending with the trip back to Tokyo via a Nikko Express that took me straight to Shinjuku.  There is a cooperative arrangement between Tobu Railways and JR, so the JR trains go onto the Tobu Line tracks midway to Nikko and use Tobu-Nikko Station instead of JR-Nikko Station.  Since Tobu-Nikko Station is closer to the famous shrines and temples, it's a more convenient arrangement for visitors.  For still photo views (and descriptive text) of my trip to the area, see my photo blog entry [here].

"Onsen Ryokan Funamisou Outside Hot Springs Bath" (101018Mo-0652)

A look at the outside bath (Rotenburo) at Ryokan Funamisou.  (This view is of the men's section - I wasn't able to see the woman's section, but there's a photo of it at the Ryokan's website.)

English - http://www.japanbooking.info/ryokan/funamisou
Japanese - http://funamisou.com/

鬼怒川温泉の旅館船見荘の露天風呂  栃木県

"Kinukawa-Onsen - 360 View on Old Pedestrian Bridge" (101018Mo-1017)

A 360 degree view from the old pedestrian bridge over Kinugawa River (nearest station: Kosagoe).

鬼怒川温泉の360風景 (一番近い駅: 小佐越駅)  栃木県

"Walking Across New Pedestrian Bridge (Kinugawa-Onsen Station Area)" (101018Mo-1109)

Walking over the new pedestrian bridge in the Kinugawa-Onsen Station area.

鬼怒川温泉駅エリアの新しい散歩橋  栃木県

"Furukama Waterfall (Kinugawa-Onsen Station Area)" (101018Mo-1207)

Furukama Waterfall - looking very nice to my city-tired eyes!

古釜の滝 - 鬼怒川温泉駅エリア  栃木県

"Overgrown Area to Furukama Waterfall (Kinugawa-Onsen Station Area)" (101018Mo-1218)

Walking from an overgrown path to Furukama Waterfall.

草だらけの道から古釜の滝まで - 鬼怒川温泉駅エリア  栃木県

"Walking Back Across New Pedestrian Bridge (Kinugawa-Onsen Station Area)" (101018Mo-1228)

Walking back over the new pedestrian bridge in the Kinugawa-Onsen Station area.

鬼怒川温泉駅エリアの新しい散歩橋  栃木県

"Skyward View of New Kinugawa-Onsen Footbridge" (101018Mo-1236)

Looking up at one of the two support towers for the pedestrian suspension bridge in the Kinugawa-Onsen Station area.

鬼怒川温泉駅エリアの新しい散歩橋の空向きビュー  栃木県

"Kinugawa-Onsen Express Arrival at Kinugawa-Onsen Station" (101018Mo-1430)

Watching a Kinugawa express train arrive at Kinugawa-Onsen Station.

鬼怒川温泉駅に鬼怒川特急の到着  栃木県

"Boarding Local Train at Kinugawa-Onsen Station" (101018Mo-1446)

Boarding a local train at Kinugawa-Onsen Station.

鬼怒川温泉駅で各駅停車の電車を乗る  栃木県

"Departing Kinugawa-Onsen Station (Local Train)" (101018Mo-1449)

Departing Kinugawa-Onsen Station on a local train and heading towards Kosagoe Station.

鬼怒川温泉駅から出発 - 各駅停車で  栃木県

"Shintakatoku Station Platform" (101018Mo-1459)

Looking out an open window of a local Tobu-Kinugawa Line train at the Shintakatoku Station platform.

東武鬼怒川線の新高徳駅を見る  栃木県

"Departing Okuwa Station (Tobu-Kinugawa Line)" (101018Mo_1511)

Departing Okuwa Station on the Tobu-Kinugawa Line (on a local train).

東武鬼怒川線の大桑駅から出発  栃木県

"Window View from Tobu-Kinugawa Line" (101018Mo-1514)

Looking out the window of a local Tobu-Kinugawa Line train at the blur of green going by (and a glimpse of a driving school's closed-access practice course).

東武鬼怒川線の窓からの風景  栃木県

"Arriving at Shimoimaichi Station" (101018Mo-1518)

Looking out the window as a local Tobu Line makes its way into Shimoimaichi Station.

東武線の下今市駅に到着します  栃木県

"Trains at Shimoimaichi Station" (101018Mo-1522)

Watching trains at Shimoimaichi Station.

東武線の下今市駅での電車  栃木県

"Shimoimaichi Station Wooden Passageways" (101018Mo-1529)

Walking through the wooden passageways of Shimoimaichi Station in Imaichi City.

東武線の下今市駅の木造の通路  栃木県

"Imaichi - Walking Around" (101018Mo-1537)

Walking about in Imaichi.

今市での散歩  栃木県

"Large Carp in Small Pool in Large Parking Lot" (101018Mo-1541)

Looking at some nice-looking carp in a rather small pond in a large empty parking lot.

大きい駐車場の中に小さい池の中に大きい鯉 - 今市での散歩  栃木県

"Side-Street Diving in Imaichi" (101018Mo-1545)

Escaping fire-breathing machinery by diving into a side street in Imaichi City.

今市での横道散歩  栃木県

"Imaichi Walkabout" (101018Mo-1547)

Walking about in Imaichi.

今市でのあっちこっち散歩  栃木県

"Imaichi Shotengai" (101018Mo-1557)

Walking down a covered shopping street (shotengai) in Imaichi.

今市の商店街  栃木県

"Beside Kamashin Grocery Store (in Imaichi)" (101018Mo-1611)

Looking around beside a Kamashin Grocery Store in Imaichi.

今市の商店街のかましんスーパー  栃木県

"Nikko Express Departing Shimoimaichi Station" (101018Mo-1642)

Watching a reserved seat express train depart Shimoimaichi Station.

下今市駅から出発する特急を見る  栃木県

"Nikko Express - Bound for Shinjuku" (101018Mo-1647)

Watching my Shinjuku-bound reserved-seat express train arrive at Shimoimaichi Station, and then boarding it.

新宿行き特急が遣って来ます - 下今市駅で乗る  栃木県

"Shinjuku Bound Nikko Express - Window View" (101018Mo-1649)

Looking out a window into the passing evening landscape from a Shinjuku-bound Nikko Express - listening to the announcements, with the English part being nice... which is a very welcome change from the usual irritating variety used on most Tokyo commuter trains!

新宿行き特急の窓風景とアナウンス  栃木県

"Nikko Express - Back in Tokyo" (101018Mo-1834)

Looking out the window at the passing buildings and lights of Tokyo.  The green of the countryside and then the lights of the city....

新宿行き特急の窓風景 - また東京に戻りました...  東京

"Walking by Nikko Express in Shinjuku" (101018Mo-1840)

Walking by the Nikko Express I had just ridden back into Tokyo on.

日光特急 - 新宿で見る  東京

"Shinjuku - Transferring to Chuo Line" (101018Mo-1842)

Transferring to a Chuo Line train after riding into Tokyo on a Nikko Express.

新宿駅で日光特急から中央線に乗り換え  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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