Sunday, October 24, 2010

"From Shinjuku to Nikko via Reserved Seat Express"

Beginning with my arrival at the platform in Shinjuku Station, where the special express to Nikko was waiting; continuing with views of the inside of the train and views out the window; and ending with a look at both Tobu-Nikko station and also JR-Nikko Station.

"Arriving at Nikko Express Platform in Shinjuku" (101017Su-0843)

Arriving at the platform where my express train to Nikko was waiting.

新宿駅の日光行き特急  東京

"Boarding Nikko Express in Shinjuku" (101017Su-0849)

Boarding a Nikko Express train in Shinjuku.

新宿駅の日光行き特急を乗るところ  東京

"Nikko Express Departing Ikebukuro" (101017Su-0910)

Leaving Ikebukuro on a Nikko Express train.

日光行き特急を池袋駅から出発  東京

"Nikko Express - Crossing River" (101017Su-0920)

Crossing a river in a Nikko Express train.


"Nikko Express - Arriving at Omiya Station" (101017Su-0928)

Arriving at Omiya Station in a Nikko Express.


"Nikko Express - Departing Omiya" (101017Su-0933)

Departing Omiya Station and continuing on towards Nikko.


"Nikko Express - Speeding View" (101017Su-0937)

Looking out a left side window of a speeding Nikko express train.


"Nikko Express - Inside and Outside Views" (101017Su-0947)

Looking outside and inside a Nikko express on the way to Nikko.


"Nikko Express - Left and Right Window Views" (101017Su-1001)

Looking out both the left and the right sides of a Nikko Express on the way to Nikko.


"Nikko Express - Green Fields View" (101017Su-1008)

Looking out a left side window of a Nikko express at green fields passing by outside.


"Nikko Express - Rolling Through the Fields" (101017Su-1011)

Rolling through green fields on the way to Nikko.


"Nikko Express - Windowsill" (101017Su-1045)

Windowsill view of the world rolling by as seen from a Nikko express train.


"Tobu-Nikko Station - October 17th, 2010" (101017Su-1128)

Tobu-Nikko Station on October 17th, 2010

東武日光駅  栃木県

"JR-Nikko Station" (101017Su-1140)

Inside the old JR-Nikko Station, which now only handles one line that runs between Nikko and Utsunomiya.

JR日光駅  栃木県

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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