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"Yurakucho in a December Rain" - (111206)

"Yurakucho in a December Rain"
Copyright 2011 by Lyle H Saxon

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"1938 English Postcard"

English postcard sent in 1938
The text (and postmark) on the card is as follows (if I'm correctly reading the handwriting):

6:45 PM
10 NOV

48. Marlowe Rd.

Dear Dorothy,

Many thanks for stamps. Fancy them not knowing me six houses along! Hope this finds you well. All as usual here. Mum still as busy as ever. Hope the "old folk" are well. Shall you be home before Xmas? Must write uncle 6 or 13th.

Love, Marian

Miss D. E. Wiggins
4. Cedar Grove

I saw this card at Y's Arts (an antique shop with many fascinating items), in the Ginza Okuno Building:

Y's Arts

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Saturday, December 17, 2011

"October 29th Sky" - (111029)

"October 29th Sky"
Copyright 2011 by Lyle H Saxon

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Tachikawa, 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Kawagoe, Kagurazaka, Ginza, Etc."

It's been too long since I updated this!  It feels like it was a week or two ago when I last posted something, but having a look at the date of my last post, November 20th, I see it's been nearly a month.  I've been posting video clips, but other things (participating in a group exhibition in Ginza, visiting the 2011-Tokyo Auto Show, videoing an art gallery event, etc.) have prevented me from getting enough time in front a computer to get new material posted.  So - not in exact chronological order (or reverse chronological order), here are some comments about video clips, which pretty closely follow what I've been doing anyway (scroll down for links to the videos):

A look at the seasonal lights in Tachikawa - this time of year, many of the major stations have colorful lighting set up around the station.

Riding in an old JR train - I have fairly strong nostalgic feelings for this type of train, as it's what they used to run on the Tokaido Line, and so riding it brings back memories of going to and from Chigasaki in the Old Days.  The box seating arrangement was great on late-night inbound trains when you could get a whole box to yourself - with a drink in hand, staring into the Kanagawa/Tokyo night scenes flowing by as you listened to the various sounds of the train (and there are many! - springs, compressor motors, brake noises, motor noises, etc.).  Before the Always-Connected Age, each train ride was an interlude in which you couldn't reach (or be reached by) anyone.  I was excited by the ability to always be in touch when I got my first cell phone, but it's gotten to the point where I sometimes miss the old days of being in a non-connected space.

Crowds of people in Tachikawa Station - the flow of people in Tokyo is something like water in a river.  The flow just keeps going without letup.  Once you get used to it, it just seems like the way it should be.

Walking around in Tokyo Station.  Tokyo Station and the area around it has been under construction for what seems like a very long time.  If you include the new versions of the Marunouchi Building and the Shin-Marunouchi Building (both rebuilt under the exact same names as the buildings they replaced), I think construction in the area has been nonstop for close to twenty years now.

A quick look at a free concert in a Tokyo Park.  I should have stayed longer, but I was on my way somewhere and didn't have much time to check out more than one group of musicians (there were several performing that day).

Views of a couple of exhibitions/installations in Ginza.  I wish I could get the artists to go in front of the camera to explain their art, but they tend to be camera shy.

A look at another large-scale, long-term construction area, this one by the south side of Shinjuku Station.  The video was recorded at the point where the site was open ground.  Speaking of long-term construction sites - both Shinjuku and Tokyo Stations are being rebuilt to accommodate more long-distance buses.  A tragic state of affairs I think - considering what a great system of trains the country has - it's depressing to see more and more people traveling by bloody buses.

What with it being bonenkai season and all - there are more than the usual number of late-night scenes - centered around train stations.  Without going into details, keep in mind that the entire train system shuts down between around 12:00-1:00 a.m.  If you miss the last train home, the typical thing to do (unless you're a dirty bankster/gambler with pockets full of cash for a hotel or taxi), is to wait until the first morning train (the morning trains generally start between 4:30-5:30 a.m.).

An example of video I took that is 100% out-of-focus.  I hate - really hate auto focus in video cameras!  Any decent video camera should have manual settings that allow the user to escape the error prone-auto-focus system.  Auto-focus works pretty well for still pictures, but is a disaster for video.

Chuo Line and Ginza views.  What to say about those - I tend to have some of these with every batch of videos I post....

Several video clips of the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  It was interesting to experience, but - as always - the event itself was more interesting than the cars.  It was (thankfully) held at Tokyo Big Site this year, instead of the very distant Makuhari (which isn't technically even in Tokyo).

Incidentally, these are spread out a bit - with some HD videos posted first, followed by (after videos of completely different stuff) more interesting videos taken in the 4:3 format.

A couple of views of rain falling into a puddle on an access road in a park.  Very boring stuff, but really looking at this type of thing in person is part of tuning into and being a part of the world.  I think it may be that the more people are disconnected from this sort of thing - as they spend an increasing percentage of their time in synthetic boxes - the less human and more deranged they become.  It's time to stop destroying the planet as though it were our enemy and get back in tune with things.

A quick look at the light-up in Marunouchi - this area will likely be very thick with people on December 24th, which is the most crowded day for the areas of the city with various light-up exhibitions ("outside installations?).

Various Shinjuku Station scenes.  Of all the stations in Tokyo, Shinjuku is probably the one that has most served as a hub for me - and indeed - it's (the last time I checked anyway) the busiest station in all of Japan (measured by the number of people who access the station, including transferring from one line to another without exiting the station area).

The Yurikamome Line, which I took from Shinbashi Station to the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show at the Tokyo Big Site convention center.  I was right in front in the computer-driven train, so it was a great view, but it was really hot in the train (no ventilation and packed with people) so I had to keep wiping the glass in order to see outside.

Incidentally, the recorded announcement on this line used to be extraordinarily irritating.  Since it didn't bother me this time around, I think maybe they fixed the earlier (very super-duper special ultra-horrible) recording - either that, or I've gotten used to it [shudder!].  It's hard to explain what was so terribly wrong about it before, but one component was that "next" was pronounced "ne-ku-su-to" (four syllables instead of one), which - along with weird intonation - got very very tiring as you heard exactly the same recording ("Za NE-Ku-su-tO su-te-shon i-zu...") at station after station after station, etc. etc. etc.  (There's no need for an English announcement anyway - since the station name is the issue and that's the same in any language, baring mispronouncing it.)

An inside view of a bus that I took from the motor show to Tokyo Station.  (I would have taken a train, but the bus was free, so...)  I wish I had gotten a left-side window seat, as there were some interesting views in that direction on the way to Tokyo Station, including a fireworks display (probably from Tokyo Disneyland).  As it was, I was standing in the middle, so I just recorded a short view of the inside of the bus - looking towards the front.

Some wet views of the plaza by Yurakucho Station, when it looks best due to the reflections and the lights, with Shinkansen trains passing by in the background, etc.

Kawagoe - otherwise known as "Ko-Edo", is an interesting area, with a fascinating section of old wooden buildings that date back to the Edo Era.  I've been there several times, but it was pointed out to me that I didn't have any video clips posted from there, so I went and took a new batch of clips.  There are two batches - the first batch is basically just the main Kawagoe station (JR and Tobu - the Seibu Line is at a separate location), with the second batch (not posted yet as I write this) focusing on the old historical area.

The Maruhiro Department Store rooftop amusement park.  Most major department stores used to have this sort of thing for parents to take their young children too, but nearly all of them have shut down (the rooftop mini-amusement parks that is, and some of the department stores), what with fewer children (lower birthrate) and fewer people shopping at department stores (with most people shopping at discount stores and/or on-line these days).  For old time's sake, it was good to see one still in operation - and fun to ride the rooftop monorail!

Kagurazaka.  I thought I had some video clips of Kagurazaka posted, but apparently not.  Recently asked about it, I rode the Tozai Line over there and took a few clips.  There's only one small area that really resembles Kyoto, but it's mysterious enough, and the surrounding areas are interesting enough, that it's worth checking out as one of the things to see in Tokyo.  In one of the clips (the only one showing the mystery zone, entitled: Kagurazaka Side Street Diving), a woman in a kimono magically appears from a discreet restaurant as I am walking through the area.  One thing I was disappointed to discover in Kagurazaka though, was that an old shine had been demolished to make way for an apartment building.  At least they rebuilt another shrine on the roof of the parking garage, but still...

The last clip in this batch is a walk down the Tozai Line platform at Nihonbashi as a train was pulling out.  I ended up very close to the train as it left, since the area to walk in was so narrow.

Old J(N)R Train - Inside View - (111121-1840)

Walking through an old J(N)R train as it runs between stations.  The noises of this type of train are an important part of the ambiance.

Tachikawa Seasonal Lights - (111121-1911)

Nearing the holiday season, the lights have gone up in Tachikawa.

Tachikawa - Near Monorail Entrance - (111121-1915)

A brief look at the area near one of the monorail entrances in Tachikawa.

Tachikawa - Passing Monorail - (111121-1917)

Watching a monorail pass by in Tachikawa.

Inside Old JR Train - To and From Hachioji - (111121)

Riding an old JR (JNR) train through Hachioji.

Old JR Train - Night Window View Etc - (Toyoda, Hino, Tachikawa) - (111121)

Riding in an old JR (JNR) train at night, looking out the window, etc. while riding through Toyoda and Hino, and then stopping at Tachikawa.

Old JR Train Leaving Tachikawa Station - (111121)

Watching an old JR train leaving Tachikawa Station.

Tachikawa Station Platform - (Lens Fog) - (111121)

A quick look around a Tachikawa Station platform - with the first part through a lens fog.

Tachikawa Station Crowds - (Seasonal Lights) - (111121)

Walking around among the crowds at Tachikawa Station, and looking at seasonal lights.

Tachikawa-Minami Monorail Station Area - (111121)

Walking around the Tachikawa-Minami (monorail) Station area.

Tachikawa Station Concourse, Etc - (North and South) - (111121)

Walking around Tachikawa Station concourses within the station and on both the north and south sides of the station.

Entering Tachikawa Station from South Side - (111121)

Walking into Tachikawa Station from the south side.

Walking Around in Tokyo Station - (111122)

Walking around in Tokyo Station one afternoon.

Walking Away from Tokyo Station - (111122)

Headed away from Tokyo Station one day.

Walking Towards Park Concert - (111123)

Walking towards a free concert in a Tokyo park.

Free Concert in Tokyo Park - (111123)

A quick view of a free concert in a Tokyo Park.

People on Hill Waiting for Park Concert to Resume - (111123)

People on a hill in a park waiting for a free concert to resume.

Narumi Mineko 鳴海美年子展 Nabis Gallery なびす画廊 - (111122)

A look at the Narumi Mineko (鳴海美年子展) exhibition at Nabis Gallery (なびす画廊) in Ginza. The artist's website is here: http://mineko-narumi.jp/

Ebato Kiyoshi 江波戸洌展 Exhibition at Gallery Kobo 巷房 - (111122)

Part of the Ebato Kiyoshi (江波戸洌展) Exhibition/Installation at Gallery Kobo (巷房) in Ginza.

Boarding 11:40 p.m. Chuo Line From Shinjuku - (111122)

Boarding the 11:40 p.m. Chuo Line train from Shinjuku Station.

12:00 Midnight - Departing Kichijoji Station - (111123-0000)

Departing Kichijoji Station at 12:00 Midnight.

Shinjuku Street Musicians - (111122)

A quick listen to a couple of street musicians in Shinjuku.

Large Construction Site - Shinjuku South Exit - (111122)

A large construction site near the south exit of Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku Station - South Exit Area (11:24 p.m.) - (111122)

Looking around in Shinjuku Station in the south exit area around 11:24 p.m.

Shinjuku Street Ramen - (111122)

Waling by a Shinjuku street ramen vendor.

Shinjuku Crosswalk - (111122)

Walking across a sidewalk at night in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku Station - 11:30 p.m. - (111122)

Looking around in part of Shinjuku Station at 11:30 p.m.

Late Night Shinjuku Platform - (111122)

Waiting for a train on a late night Shinjuku platform.

Evening Rush at Shinjuku Station - South Exit - (111122)

Walking through the evening rush at the south exit of Shinjuku Station.

Entering Ginza Station - (111125)

Going from Chuo-Dori to Ginza Station.

Why I Hate Auto-Focus (100% Blurry Video) - (111125)

This is why I hate auto-focus - it is great for ruining videos.  Question to the engineers - why is it that when the camera has trouble figuring out how to focus, it assumes that the picture is macro extreme close-focus?  It would be much better if it defaulted to infinity.

Waiting for the Saikyo Line at Ebisu - (111125)

Waiting for a late-night Saikyo Line train at Ebisu Station.

Ochanomizu to Kanda (Chuo Line) - (111129)

Riding a Chuo Line train from Ochanomizu to Kanda.

Exiting Yurakucho Station - (111129)

Exiting Yurakucho Station in Tokyo.

Ginza Side Streets - (111129)

Walking around on side streets in Ginza.

Ginza Evening Side Streets - (111129-1834)

Walking down Ginza side streets in the evening.

2011-Tokyo Motor Show - Walk-Through - (111203)

Walking through part of the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.

2011-Tokyo Motor Show - Crowds - (111203)

A look at the crowds attending the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

Ginza-OBP Room-306 Exhibition - (December 2011) - (111129)

Discovering the latest exhibition at Ginza-OBP Room-306. - (December 2011)

Ginza Chuo-Dori at Night - (111129-1836)

A night view of Ginza's Chuo-Dori.

Walking Through Tokyo Station - (111129)

Walking through Tokyo Station in the evening.

Tokyo to Ochanomizu on the Chuo Line - (111129)

Riding the Chuo Line from Tokyo to Ochanomizu in the (dark) evening.

Chuo Line Platform at Shinjuku - (111129)

One of the Chuo Line platforms at Shinjuku Station.

2011-Tokyo Motor Show - Honda Area - (111203)

A look at part of the Honda area at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.

Trains at Shinbashi Station - (111203)

Looking around on a platform at Shinbashi Station.

2011-Tokyo Motor Show - Renault - (B) - (111203)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show - Renault - (A) - (111203)

Looking at the Renault exhibition at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show. - (A and B)

People Leaving Big Site Convention Center - (111203)

People leaving the Big Site convention center in Tokyo.

Tokyo Big Site Convention Center Concourse - (111203)

A look at a concourse at the Tokyo Big Site convention center.

2011-Tokyo Motor Show - (Suzuki) - (111203)

A look at the Suzuki exhibition at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.

2011 Tokyo Motor Show - Bus Window View - (A) - (111203)

Looking out a bus window (also part of the show) at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. - (A)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show - Passing Out Pamphlets - (111203)

Watching pamphlets being passed out at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.

Rain Puddle (A) - (111203)

Rain Puddle (B) - (111203)

Looking at details in a rain puddle.  (A and B)

Marunouchi Tree Light-Up - (111203)

A quick look at the light-up in Marunouchi.

Tachikawa Station Platform-360 - (111130)

Taking a 360-degree look at a platform at Tachikawa Station.

Shinjuku Crosswalk - (111129)

A look at a crosswalk in Shinjuku.

People Walking into Shinjuku Station - (111129)

A view of people walking into Shinjuku Station.

People Walking by in Shinjuku Station - (111129)

Many people walking by in Shinjuku Station.

JR to Yurikamome Transfer - (111203)

Transferring from JR-Shinbashi Station to Yurikamome Station.

Yurikamome Line - Front Window View - (A) - (111203)

Yurikamome Line - Front Window View - (B) - (111203)

Yurikamome Line - Front Window View - (C) - (111203)

Yurikamome Line - Front Window View - (D) - (111203)

Yurikamome Line - Front Window View - (E) - (111203)

Yurikamome Line - Front Window View - (F) - (111203)

Looking out the front window of a (driver-less) Yurikamome Line train. - (A-F)

Yurikamome Line - Front Window View - (G) - (111203)

Looking out the front window of a (driver-less) Yurikamome Line train. - (G)

Walking Towards Big Site Convention Center - (111203)

Walking towards Big Site convention center in Tokyo.

Kanda Station - Passing Trains - (111203)

Watching trains at Kanda Station.

Tokyo to Shinbashi Station - (111203)

Looking out a window of a train while going from Tokyo to Shinbashi.

Shinbashi Station Platform - (111203)

Looking around on a platform at Shinbashi Station.

Entering Tokyo Big Site for Tokyo Motor Show 2011 - (111203)

Walking into Tokyo Big Site for the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show on opening day.

Tokyo Motor Show-2011 - Walking Through Corridors - (111203)

Walking through connecting corridors on the way to the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Volkswagen, Etc. - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Volkswagen, Etc.)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Suzuki, Etc. - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Suzuki, Etc.)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Hitachi, Yazaki, and Mitsubishi, Etc. - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Hitachi, Yazaki, and Mitsubishi, Etc)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Trucks and Cars, Etc. - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Trucks and cars, etc)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Audi, Etc. - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Audi, etc.)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Audi - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Audi)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Porsche, Etc. (A) - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Porsche, etc. - A)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Volkswagen and Lotus - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Volkswagen and Lotus)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Honda, Etc. (A) - (111203)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Honda, Etc. (B) - (111203)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Honda, Etc. (C) - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Honda, Etc. - A-C)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Mercedes-Benz, Etc. (A) - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Mercedes-Benz, Etc. - A)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Subaru, Etc. (A) - (111203)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Subaru, Etc. (B) - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Subaru - A and B)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Nissan, Etc. (A) - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Nissan - A)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Mazda, Etc. (A) - (111203)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Mazda, Etc. (B) - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Mazda, Etc. - A and B)

1932 First Japanese Domestically Produced Bus - (A) - (111203)

1932 First Japanese Domestically Produced Bus - (B) - (111203)

A look at a very historically interesting vehicle - the sole remaining example of a 1932 bus - the first model domestically produced in Japan. - (A and B)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Hybrid Bus - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Hybrid Bus)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Hino, Isuzu, Trucks, Etc. (A) - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Hino, Isuzu, Trucks, Etc. - A)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Mercedes-Benz, Etc. (B) - (111203)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Mercedes-Benz, Etc. (C) - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Mercedes-Benz, Etc. - C)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Renault (C) - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Renault - C)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Fuso Bus (A) - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Fuso Bus - A)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Porsche, Etc. (B) - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Porsche, etc. - B)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Honda, Mitsubishi, Etc. - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Honda, Mitsubishi, Etc.)

2011-Tokyo Motor Show ITTOI - Honda-ACX - (111203)

In the thick of it at the 2011-Tokyo Motor Show.  (Honda-ACX)

Inside of Bus Leaving 2011 Tokyo Motor Show - (A) - (111203)

Inside of Bus Leaving 2011 Tokyo Motor Show - (B) - (111203)

Looking forward inside of a bus leaving the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. - (B)

Fire Truck in Takadanobaba - (111203)

Watching a fire truck arriving near Takadanobaba Station.

Walking by Shin-Marunouchi Building - (111203)

Walking by the Shin-Marunouchi Building in the evening.

Walking Through Marunouchi Building - (111203)

Walking through the Marunouchi Building (near Tokyo Station).

Walking Towards Ginza in Early December - (111203)

Walking towards Ginza in early December, 2011.

Marunouchi Light-Up (Short Clip) - (111203)

A quick look at part of the end-of-year light-up in Marunouchi.

Wet Yurakucho Plaza Stroll - (B) - (111203)

Wet Yurakucho Plaza Stroll - (A) - (111203)

Walking around  in a light-reflecting wet Yurakucho Plaza.  (A and B)

Ginza Pedestrian Paradise - Saturday Afternoon - (111210)

Walking down Chuo-Dori - Ginza's main street - on a Saturday afternoon when it's been converted into a "Pedestrian Paradise".  They should ban vehicle traffic on this street all the time....

Shinjuku to Yotsuya - Evening Window View (Chuo Line) - (111206)

Riding a Chuo Line train from Shinjuku to Yotsuya in the evening, while looking out a side window.

Yotsuya to Kanda - Evening Window View (Chuo Line) - (111206)

Riding a Chuo Line train from Yotsuya to Kanda in the evening, while looking out a side window.

Kanda to Yurakucho - Evening Window View (Chuo Line) - (111206)

Riding a Chuo Line train from Kanda to Yurakucho in the evening, while looking out a side window.

Tunnel Walk to Iidabashi Subway Station - (111207)

Walking through several underground passageways to the Tozai Line at Iidabashi Station.

Kagurazaka Sanpo - (A) - (111207)

Walking around, having a look at evening Kagurazaka. - (A)

Kawagoe Sanpo - (A) - (111207)

Walking around in Kawagoe in the afternoon. - (A)

Departing Higashi-Koganei - Chuo Line - (111204)

Looking out the window of a Chuo Line train just before departing Higashi-Koganei Station.

Chuo Line Night Reflections - (111204)

Looking at reflections on a nighttime Chuo Line train.

Midnight Kokubunji Station - (111204)

A view of midnight Kokubunji Station.

Down Escalator - Tokyo Station Chuo Line - (111205)

Heading into Tokyo Station via the down escalator from the Chuo Line.

Tokyo Station Evening Stroll - (111205)

Walking through Tokyo Station one evening.

Last Chuo Line Train at Takao Station - 1:53 a.m. - (111206)

Walking out of and then beside the last Chuo Line train (for the night) at Takao Station at 1:53 a.m. which is about to be shut down for the night.

Chuo Line Window View of Suburbia - (111206)

Looking out at suburbia from a side window on a Chuo Line train.

Chuo Line Window View - Nearing Central Tokyo - (111206)

Looking out a side window of a Chuo Line train while nearing central Tokyo.

Nakano Station Area Construction - (111206)

Looking over the construction area beside Nakano Station.

Yurakucho Plaza in the Rain - (111206)

A look at Yurakucho Plaza in the rain.

Ginza in the Rain - Nearing 4-Chome - (111206)

Nearing the 4-Chome intersection in Ginza in the Rain.

Kobo Under-Stairs Installation - (111206)

A look at an installation in the Kobo under-stairs space in Ginza.

Evening Chuo Line - Tokyo to Ochanomizu - (111206)

Riding an evening Chuo Line train from Tokyo to Ochanomizu.

Mr. Colorful Backpack in Shinjuku - (111206)

Mr. Colorful Backpack in Shinjuku crossing a busy sidewalk.

Entering Shinjuku Station via South Entrance - (111206)

Walking into Shinjuku Station via the south entrance.

Trains Going and Coming at Shinjuku Station - (111206)

Watching trains going and coming at Shinjuku Station.

Walking Around in Kawagoe Station - (111207)

Walking around in Kawagoe Station (JR and Tobu).

Kawagoe Sanpo - (D) - (111207)

Kawagoe Sanpo - (C) - (111207)

Walking around in Kawagoe. - (C and D)

Combination Store by Kawagoe Station - (111207)

Walking around in part of a combination store next to Kawagoe Station.

Kawagoe Sanpo - (B) - (111207)

Walking around in Kawagoe. - (B)

Maruhiro Department Store Rooftop Amusement Park - (A) - (111207)

A look at the rooftop amusement park at the Maruhiro Department Store in Kawagoe. - (A)

Maruhiro Monorail Ride - (111207)

Riding the rooftop Maruhiro Monorail ride in Kawagoe.

Maruhiro Department Store Rooftop Amusement Park - (B) - (111207)

A look at the rooftop amusement park at the Maruhiro Department Store in Kawagoe. - (B)

Skipping the Elevator - (111207)

Skipping the elevator and taking the stairs at a department store.

Department Store Stroll - (111207)

Walking through part of a department store in Kawagoe.

Kawagoe Sanpo - (E) - (111207)

Kawagoe Sanpo - (F) - (111207)

Kawagoe Sanpo - (G) - (111207)

Walking around in Kawagoe. - (E, F, and G)

Autumn Colors at Temple in Kawagoe - (111207)

A view of autumn colors at a temple in Kawagoe.

Takadanobaba Station One Evening - (111207)

Walking through part of Takadanobaba Station one evening.

Boarding Tozai Line at Takadanobaba - (111207)

Boarding a Tozai Line train at Takadanobaba Station.

Arriving at Kagurazaka Station - (111207)

Arriving at Kagurazaka Station on the Tozai Line.

Rebuilt Rooftop Shrine in Kagurazaka - (111207)

Visiting a rebuilt shrine in Kagurazaka - now located on a parking garage roof.

Kagurazaka Sanpo - (B) - (111207)

Kagurazaka Sanpo - (C) - (111207)

Kagurazaka Sanpo - (D) - (111207)

Walking around, having a look at evening Kagurazaka. - (B, C, and D)

Kagurazaka Side Street Diving - (111207)

Walking on narrow footpaths in Kagurazaka.

Middle of the Night in Tachikawa - (111208)

A quick look at the middle of the night in Tachikawa.

1:40 a.m. - Empty Tachikawa Station - (111208)

Empty Tachikawa Station at 1:40 a.m.

Waiting for Midnight Train at Tokyo Station - (111208)

Waiting for a midnight train at Tokyo Station.

Kagurazaka Sanpo - (E) - (111207)

Kagurazaka Sanpo - (F) - (111207)

Kagurazaka Sanpo - (G) - (111207)

Walking around, having a look at evening Kagurazaka. - (E, F, and G)

Platform Walk at Nihonbashi Station - (111207)

Walking along a platform at Nihonbashi Station.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon