Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Ginza Barrier Road" - (110306-1241)

"Ginza Barrier Road" - (110306-1241)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Izakaya Pizza, Etc." - (110306-1956)

"Izakaya Pizza, Etc."

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Tokyo Station Buses, Ginza, Kyobashi, Chuo Line, Kokubunji Bus, Shinjuku, Etc."

Post March 11th, 2011 earthquake, Tokyo is suddenly less crowded, less busy, and darker than usual, due to people fleeing the city due to radiation fears (or staying inside as much as possible) and scheduled blackouts to deal with a lack of electrical power.  Still - most residents cannot just drop everything and go... where?  For people who have relatives in Osaka, or other parts of Japan further away from the broken set of six nuclear reactors in Fukushima, it's relatively easy to just go there, but if you don't know anyone in a new area, it's very expensive to suddenly arrive and decide that you'll stay there.  Meanwhile - an altered form of daily life goes on in Tokyo, as you can see somewhat from the following clips.

Bus Area in Front of Tokyo Station - (110316-2314)

Walking by the bus area in front of Tokyo Station late at night.

Kyobashi Sidewalk Shadows - (110316-1556)

Glancing at sidewalk shadows in Kyobashi while walking along.

Marie Photo Exhibition Party at Ginza Modern Art - (110316-2122)

Looking around the table at the opening party for the Marie Photo Exhibition at Ginza Modern Art in the Okuno Building.

Kanda to Tokyo and Tokyo Station - (110316-1540)

Riding an inbound Chuo Line train (from a little before Kanda) through Kanda and on to Tokyo Station where I get off and walk through the station.

Empty Shelves at Grocery Store in Kyobashi - (110316-1600)

Walking through a Grocery Store in Kyobashi and  looking at the many empty shelves in the store.

Tokyo to Shinjuku - Chuo Line (Semi-dark Tokyo) - (110322-1908)

Riding an outbound Chuo Line train from Tokyo to Shinjuku - looking out a left-side window at a darker-than-usual Tokyo.

Winter Tree Reflections - (110323-1624)

Looking down/up at winter tree reflections.

Looking Around on One End of Takao Station - (110323-1457)

Looking around on a platform on one end of Takao Station.

Seibu Bus Ride to Kokubunji Station - (110322-1408)

Riding a Seibu bus to Kokubunji Station.

Entering Kokubunji Station - (110322-1416)

Walking into Kokubunji Station in western Tokyo.

Kokubunji Station - Waiting for a Train - (110322-1422)

Walking around in Kokubunji Station while waiting for a train.

Ochanomizu to Kanda - Tugboat and Barge - (110322-1504)

Watching a tugboat and barge out the window of an inbound Chuo Line train while riding from Ochanomizu to Kanda.

Kanda to Tokyo - Tokyo Station - (110322-1507)

Riding the Chuo Line from Kanda to Tokyo and looking around a little at Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station - Lines for Long Distance Buses - (110322-1514)

Walking by long lines for long-distance buses in front of Tokyo Station - at least some of the people fleeing Tokyo out of radiation fears.

Shinjuku Station - Semi-Dark South Exit - (110322-1926)

At Shinjuku Station - having a look at the semi-dark South Exit.

Darker than Usual Yodobashi Camera - (110322-2131)

Checking out a darker than usual Yodobashi Camera store in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku - South Entrance to Chuo Line - (110322-2150)

Walking from the south entrance of Shinjuku Station to the Chuo Line platform.

Semi-Dark Shinjuku Sidewalk Stroll - (110322-1929)

Walking along a semi-dark Shinjuku sidewalk during Tokyo's electricity-shortage era....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Ful Bari (ニューフルバリ) in Shiinamachi (椎名町店) Indian Nepal Restaurant

On a zero food-budget walk a few weeks back, a friendly man tried to entice me into his restaurant, so I had to honestly tell him that I was on a zero food-budget walk and wan't having any lunch at all that day. So... I thought I'd toss the flyer he gave me on line instead:
New Ful Bari / Shiinamachi

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Friday, March 18, 2011


A blackout is a weird thing when you've grown up with electricity on 24/7/356, year after year, decade after decade, and have experienced temporary blackouts a grand total of two or three times in half a century.  I'm typing this on my laptop (rushing along trying to get as much done as I can before the battery discharges beyond the usable range), and the vision of my Internet connection device sitting by with not so much as a single lit LED, looks really strange.

So here I am typing text, because there isn't much else I can be doing, and I suppose the blackout is helpful for me today in that it has kicked me off-line and provided time for me to write some text - a task I've been ignoring for far too long.

.........  I just went out and checked for physical mail - noting the sun getting low on the horizon - mindful that unless I wanted to check it with a flashlight, I needed to make use of the sun's light.

With the power out, the water also disappears, as it's a pump-fed tank system that needs the electric pump to push water into the tank.  So, once the electric power is cut, there's a brief period where the apartment complex has gravity-fed water from the tank, but once that's gone, there's no more water from the tap until the pump goes into action again with power restored.

Come to think of it - it's vital pumps and lack of electrical power for them that caused the nuclear disaster unfolding at the Fukushima plant....

Well - as the darkness descends upon the land, I shall venture forth to experience this rare thing - a city without electric lights.  Back later!

[Hours later] - It started off very nicely - as it began getting dark, there were no irritatingly over-bright streetlights to ruin the magic of the sunset, and the houses and apartments were strangely devoid of electric lights.  There was even a near-full moon in the sky!

As I walked along, I noticed that some people appeared to be hurrying home with more urgency than usual (to get there before darkness fell - like in the old-old-old days), and when I passed other males out walking, we eyed each other suspiciously "What is this suspicious looking male doing out walking around as darkness falls...?" we each seemed to think (I was half thinking that, and half amused at the sudden reversion to a deep-dark-woods way of thinking.

I headed over to a shotengai street and noted that the convenience store was still doing business - without the cash registers and by the light of the dim emergency lighting in the ceiling, and the bank's ATM section was operating with full blindingly bright banks of florescent lights blasting away, the heating blasting hot air, the machines operational, and the recorded voice at the door welcoming you as you come in.  "Hmm... either they're wired into something different than the other buildings in the neighborhood, or they've got a liquid-energy fueled generator up on the roof generating their own power..."

Then I walked over to a railway and noted that their signal lights were all on, which stood to reason - being an electric railway, they're not only wired differently than the areas they pass through, but are an exception to the blackout I think.  What I hadn't expected, was there were several blindingly bright street lights along the railway, particularly at crossings - which makes sense enough, but it took away from the novelty of being outside in a world suddenly without electricity - when it was only 95% without electricity.

And then there were the headlights of the cars, the flashing LED lights of cyclists, etc.  So, I began by feeling excited at the idea of seeing part of Tokyo - for the first time in my life - purely by moonlight, but ended up observing that you can't get away from very bright lights in Tokyo - even in a blackout!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Where are the Robots When You Need Them?"

Like many people in the world, I've been following the story of the Fukushima nuclear power plant that is in varying degrees of meltdown. And living in Tokyo, this is of more than passing interesting to me!

Watching footage of military helicopters flying high and fast while attempting to drop water onto the radiation-emitting sections of the ruined power plant, it looked as though the radiation of the damaged plant is so intense that they can't use the helicopters' ability to hover and drop the water exactly where its needed, but have to resort to flying over the plant high and fast, which then makes it impossible to get the water exactly where it needs to be.

And so, I find myself thinking - if they have drones to fly around and destroy things, can't they use the same technology to fly pilotless helicopters that can hover over the radioactive danger zone and drop water exactly where it's needed? Or is there some legal clause in the use of the devices that stipulates "This technology must only be used for death and destruction - it must not be used to save 30,000,000 residents of a modern mega-city from becoming poisoned members of a radioactive ghetto"?

Yeah - I'm being sarcastic all right - but seriously - can't they fly pilotless helicopters? It may be new technology, but a lot is at stake here.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Magic Light"

In the middle of my joint-exhibition this month (March 2011) in Room-306 in the Okuno Building, an acquaintance came by to look it over at the end of the day, and so we ended up sitting on a couple of chairs by an open window - discussing the exhibition (and other things) while having a couple of glasses of wine.

Room-306 in the Okuno Building was used for over 70 years by Ms. Suda, who crossed over to the other side at 100 years of age a couple of years ago.  Since she used the room for the entire time (in contrast with the other rooms in the building, which have had a variety of tenants) her presence is still very much felt there.

Once past the normal exhibition hours, I turned off the overhead light so the ambiance of the room could better be felt, and my friend and I continued talking about one thing and another.

We looked around at the room and looked out at the night street below, and after talking for 45 minutes or so, suddenly one of the two ceiling lights came on - the one that stopped working several days before.  Just a coincidence I guess, but it seemed as though Suda-san had decided we shouldn't be sitting in the dark like that and had decided to turn on the light - the magic light....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Brief Account of March 11th, 2011"

I've been asked by many friends and family how I am, and I've been replying individually, but I just wrote a very brief summary to an old friend and it occurred to me to go ahead and post it here:

I had a cup of coffee that I'd just topped up when it started shaking, so I took a quick sip to lower the level to stop it from spilling, and put it on the corner of my desk. The shaking intensified and a little spilled onto my scanner - "S***!" said I and moved the cup to the floor.

Then it shook harder still and I stood up, as I do when I'm worried an earthquake will knock over bookcases in the room, so I can hold them up. For a few microseconds I thought it was going to pass by, as they typically do (we get a lot of earthquakes here, after all), but then it got really serious, and boxes started crashing down around me from the bookshelves and I could hear things smashing in the kitchen. I held up things near me; stopped a stack of heavy audio equipment from crashing down onto my head; and cursed as the rest of the room's contents crashed down around me (along with a symphony of noise from things smashing in the kitchen). Somewhere in the middle of this I glanced down and noticed that most of the coffee had sloshed out onto the floor and my foot.

And then the shaking stopped.... I cursed some more and climbed over the mountain of stuff and went through the door into the rest of the apartment to assess the damage. Messy! Very messy! Some things appeared to be completely untouched while other things were halfway across the room. Lots of broken dishes and a broken bottle of whiskey, etc.

The worst part was a pile of wired AV equipment that had fallen off of shelving and into a heap on the floor - I had to painstakingly disassemble it wire by wire, piece by piece. I finally broke it down into its component parts, but haven't gotten around reassembling it.

And just when I thought I was getting past that, I notice at night that - when I hold out a hand - it glows in the dark......

Anyway, still alive at the moment at least!

[And this is an earlier thing I posted about the day (including a comment from an acquaintance)]:

D***... I dropped the ball with video. While things were crashing down around me, I didn't think to grab the camera - I was too busy holding up the computer rack...

[Comment]: "I think you'll be forgiven for that."

Yeah... I guess - but it would have been interesting for the audio track especially - the simultaneous crashing and smashing of dishes and bottles in the kitchen, along with machinery, books, boxes, etc. crashing down around me - with me swearing up a storm while I kept the computer in place and just stopped some old stereo equipment from crashing onto my head.

Come to think of it - without a third hand, I couldn't have held the camera, but too bad I didn't turn it on and put it... where? Wait - better I didn't turn it on! I would have missed the sliding heavy amplifier, etc., and possibly ended up dead while I focused on the viewfinder.

Those... what? 30 seconds? 60 seconds? So much stuff happening so quickly. The audio part of it was definitely the most impressive aspect of the experience. I don't think I've heard a more impressive soundtrack in a movie. They could make one like it I'm sure, but if the action began and was over within 60 seconds - with the sounds all mixed together, movie-goers wouldn't be pleased, so they drag it out and separate the different noises - one crash for one thing falling down, etc. The real version has a whole symphony of disaster going full-out at the same time, and in the heightened state of danger/disaster/oh-s***!/etc., you actually sense the different components to a remarkable degree. Very intense. I'm sort of in a mild state of shock thinking back on it....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Yokko Exhibition, Ginza, Yurakucho, Shinjuku, Okuno Building, and Various Trains"

This batch of videos straddles the period before and after the March 11th, 2011 earthquake - with typical train scenes (Chuo, Tozai, Seibu lines, etc.) and street scenes of Ginza, Yurakucho, and Shinjuku, etc.  There are also videos showing the large-scale painting by Yokko and views of the Okuno Building.

Very much in mind are the many problems generated by the earthquake - the earthquake itself is one thing, but the radiation fears from the damaged nuclear power plants are even more scary - one problem begins to gradually recede, the other to grow....

Yokko 1st Floor Exhibition/Performance at Ginza Okuno Building - (110306-1438)

The final 1st floor performance - displaying the huge painting by Yokko in the first-floor lobby area of the Okuno Building.

Elevator Version of Yokko 1st Floor Exhibition - (110306-1424)

Elevator version of "The final 1st floor performance" - displaying the huge painting by Yokko in the first-floor lobby area of the Okuno Building.

Kimono Version of Yokko 1st Floor Exhibition - (1103061414)

Kimono version of "The final 1st floor performance" - displaying the huge painting by Yokko in the first-floor lobby area of the Okuno Building.

The website for Y's Arts:

Seibu Line - Ogawa to Hagiyama - (110307-1510)

Riding the Seibu Line from Ogawa to Hagiyama.

Ginza Chuo-Dori Stroll - (110307-1604)

Walking along the street on Ginza's Chuo-Dori.

Ginza 5-Chome Side Street Stroll - (110307-1629)

Walking along a side street in Ginza 5-Chome.

Takadanobaba Seibu Platform - (110307-2102)

Walking on a crowded Takadanobaba Seibu Platform.

Ogawa to Hagiyama - (110308-1608)

Looking out the window of a Seibu Line train from Ogawa to Hagiyama.

Tozai Line Arriving at Takadanobaba - (110308-1640)

Watching a Tozai Line train arriving at Takadanobaba.

Ginza - Chuo-Dori to Side Streets - (110308-1701)

Walking in Ginza - from Chuo-Dori to a couple of side streets.

Okuno Building Room-306 March 2011 Exhibition (A) - (110308-1759)

Looking around at the Okuno Building Room-306 March 2011 Exhibition.

Okuno Building Walkabout - 306 Exhibition - (110308-1812)

Going on a walkabout in the Okuno Building - including a look at the Room-306 Exhibition.

Yurakucho Walkabout - (110308-1907)

Walking around in Yurakucho one evening.

Yurakucho to Tokyo on the Yamanote Line - (110308-1920)

Riding a Yamanote Line train from Yurakucho to Tokyo.

Chuo Line - Tokyo to Ochanomizu - (110308-1925)

Taking the Chuo Line from Tokyo to Ochanomizu.

Shinjuku Station, Outbound Chuo Line Platform - (110308-1939)

Looking around while walking down the outbound Chuo Line platform.

Walking into Nishi-Shinjuku - (110308-1944)

Walking into Nishi-Shinjuku after coming out of the south exit of Shinjuku Station.

Street Musicians in Shinjuku - (110308-2212)

Briefly listening to a couple of street musicians in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku - West to East, Band to Band - (110308-2214)

Walking in Shinjuku from the west side to the east side, with the starting point being one band, and the ending point, another band.

Shinjuku Street Jazz Band - (110308-2223)

Looking around in Shinjuku while listening to a street jazz band.

Looking Around in Shinjuku - (110308-2233)

Looking around in Shinjuku - and then continuing on down the street.

Exploring an Old Building - (110309-1732)

Exploring an old building in Ginza 1-chome.

Seibu Line - Ogawa to Kodaira (Left Side View) - (110309-1448)

Riding the Seibu Line - looking out the left side of a train while going from Ogawa to Kodaira.

Trains Arriving at Kodaira Station - (110309-1456)

Watching trains arriving at Kodaira Station.

Takadanobaba Transfer - Seibu to Tozai - (110309-1519)

Transferring from the Seibu Line to the Tozai Line at Takadanobaba.

Walking Around on the Third Floor - (110309-1705)

Walking around on the third floor of an old building in Ginza.

Third Floor and Room-306 - (110309-1707)

Looking around on the third floor and in Room-306.

Okuno Building - 4th and 3rd Floors + Room-306 - (110309-1714)

A look at 4th and 3rd Floors + Room-306 of the Okuno Building.

Ginza Line - Ginza Station - (110309-2105)

Taking a Ginza Line train from Ginza Station.

Tozai Line Arriving at Takadanobaba - (110312-1445)

Watching a Tozai Line train arriving at Takadanobaba.

Walking Around on Third and Fourth Floors in Okuno Building - (110312-1545)

Walking around on the third and fourth floors of the Okuno Building the day after the big earthquake.

Visiting Room-306 Exhibition in Okuno Building - (110312-1550)

Visiting Room-306 Exhibition in the Okuno Building the day after the big earthquake.

Looking Around in Room-306 - (110312-1551)

Looking around in Room-306 of the Okuno Building on the day after the big earthquake.

Walking Towards Yurakucho Station - (110312-1913)

Walking towards Yurakucho Station on the day after the big earthquake.

Empty Ginza Station the Day After the Big Earthquake - (110312-1931)

The appearance of a mostly empty Ginza Station the day after the Big Earthquake.

Ginza to Nihonbashi on the Ginza Line - (110312-1934)

Riding the Ginza line from Ginza Station to Nihonbashi Station.

Nihonbashi Tozai Line Platform - (110312-1939)

Looking around on the Nihonbashi Tozai Line platform the day after the big earthquake.

Waiting for Tozai Line at Nihonbashi - Ride to Otemachi - (110312-1942)

Waiting for the Tozai Line at Nihonbashi Station and looking through front cab on the ride to Otemachi.

Otemachi to Takebashi on the Tozai Line - (110312-1947)

Riding from Otemachi to Takebashi on the Tozai Line - looking through the front cab window.

Vertical Reflections Leaving Station - (110312-1359)

Looking at vertical reflections while departing station.

Waiting - Kanda to Tokyo - (110314-1843)

Waiting around at Kanda Station for an inbound Chuo Line train to get underway and go to Tokyo Station.

Shut Down Seibu Line at Kokubunji Station - (110314-1742)

Conditions due to the Seibu Line being shut down at Kokubunji Station.

Waiting for and Boarding a Chuo Line Train at Kokubunji - (110314-1749)

Waiting for and Boarding a Chuo Line Train at Kokubunji Station in aftermath of big earthquake with reduced train service.

Walking Through Tokyo Station - March 14th, 2011 - (110314-1852)

Walking through Tokyo Station on March 14th, 2011 - with reduced train service and many people at home due to transportation difficulties and blackouts.

Watching a Local Chuo Line Train Depart Tokyo Station - (110314-2315)

Watching a local Chuo Line train depart Tokyo Station during reduced service following large earthquake.

Window View - Outbound Chuo Line - (110314-2337)

Looking outside/inside via an inside window on an outbound Chuo Line train.

Empty Midnight Toyoda Station Platform - (110315-0038)

Looking around at an empty midnight Toyoda Station platform.

Old Type Train Arrives at Toyoda Station - (110315-0040)

Watching an old type train arrive at Toyoda Station.

Boarding Inbound Train from Toyoda Station - (110315-0043)

Boarding an inbound midnight train from Toyoda Station.

Midnight Inbound Chuo Line - Hino to Kunitachi - (110315-0047)

Riding an inbound midnight Chuo Line train from Hino to Kunitachi.

Midnight Inbound Chuo Line Train - Diagonal Window View - (110315-0053)

Riding an inbound midnight Chuo Line train - looking out diagonally as the train arrives at a station.

Midnight Inbound Chuo Line Train - Inside and Out - (110315-0054)

Riding a midnight inbound Chuo Line train - looking around inside and out the window as it progresses towards central Tokyo.

Walking Beneath Winter Trees - Looking Up - (110314-1655)

Looking up through winter tree branches while walking along.  Spring is near, but not here quite yet....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Monday, March 07, 2011

"Group Exhibition at Project Room-306"

I'm part of another exhibition - this time a group exhibition in the Okuno Building.  I have a set of montage photos like this one on display:
Photo Montage by Lyle H Saxon
All rights reserved, copyright 2011 by LHS

There are more details posted here.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Ginza, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shiinamachi; Tozai, Ginza, Chuo, Seibu Lines, Etc."

This opens with a few HD clips of the Tozai and Ginza lines, and one clip of Chuo-Dori in central Ginza.  After that, there are a lot of clips - Ginza in the rain, Yurakucho, a Keihin-Tohoku Line run from Yurakucho to Tokyo, various views of Shinjuku Station and areas around Shinjuku Station.

From there, I go out to Tokorozawa and ride the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line to Shiinamachi, recording most of the route between Tokorozawa and Shiinamachi - where I exit the train system and record some scenes in the Shiinamachi Station area.  After that are some views of Ikebukuro (not all in chronological order), followed by views of Shinjuku, and several train views.

After all of that, there's a view of an artist rolling out his huge painting on a rooftop, and views of the Tokyo Station area under construction and Ginza.

(HD) Tozai Line  Takebashi to Otemachi - (110301-1249)

Riding the Tozai Line from Takebashi Station to Otemachi Station.

(HD) Tozai Line - Otemachi to Nihonbashi - (110301-1251)

Riding the Tozai Line from Otemachi to Nihonbashi.

(HD) Ginza Line - Kyobashi to Ginza - (110301-1255)

Riding the Ginza Line from Kyobashi to Ginza.

(HD) Ginza - Chuo Dori (110301-1257)

Looking both ways on Chuo-Dori in Ginza.

Ginza Intersection in the Rain - (110301-1736)

Watching a Ginza intersection in the rain.

Beside Yurakucho Plaza - 360-View (110301-1739)

Looking around beside Yurakucho Plaza - 360-degree view.

Yurakucho to Tokyo - Keihin-Tohoku Line - (110301-1820)

Riding a Keihin-Tohoku Line train from Yurakucho to Tokyo Station.

Chuo Line Outbound Platform at Shinjuku Station - (110301-1839)

View of the outbound Chuo Line Platform at Shinjuku Station.

Walking Through Shinjuku Station - Upper Level - (110301-1841)

Walking through the upper level of Shinjuku Station.

Exiting South Exit of Shinjuku Station - (110301-1842)

A view of the scene at the south exit of Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho - (110301-2145)

Walking through Shinjuku's Omoide-Yokocho Izakaya street.

Tokorozawa Platform and Run Towards Next Station - (110304-0935)

Looking around on the platform of Tokorozawa Station and then out the left-side window on the ride towards the next station.

Between Tokorozawa and Hibarigaoka - Seibu-Ikebukuro Line (110304-0939)

Looking out the window between Tokorozawa and Hibarigaoka on the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line.

Hibarigaoka to Shakujikoen - Seibu Ikebukuro Line (110304-0946)

Riding the Seibu Ikebukuro Line from Hibarigaoka to Shakujikoen.

Shakujikoen Platform - Seibu Ikebukuro Line (110304-0951)

Looking around on the platform of Shakujikoen Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line.

Shakujikoen to Nerima-Takanodai - Seibu-Ikebukuro Line (110304-0954)

Riding the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line from Shakujikoen to Nerima-Takanodai.

Nerima-Takanodai to Nerima - Seibu-Ikebukuro Line (110304-0957)

Riding the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line from Nerima-Takanodai to Nerima.

Nerima to Shiinamachi - Seibu-Ikebukuro Line (110304-1004)

Riding the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line from Nerima to Shiinamachi.

Express Train Zooms Past Shiinamachi Station - (110304-1016)

Express train zooms past Shiinamachi Station at Seibu-Ikebukuro Station.

Construction at Shiinamachi Station - Seibu-Ikebukuro Line (110304-1016)

Construction and construction noises at Shiinamachi Station on the Seibu-Ikebukuro Line.

Exiting Shiinamachi Station - Seibu-Ikebukuro Line (110304-1019)

Exiting Shiinamachi Station on the  Seibu-Ikebukuro Line in the late morning.

Road Bridge 360-View - Toshima-ku (110304-1148)

Looking around from a road bridge in Toshima-ku.

Wind at Shrine in Toshima-ku (VV) -  (110304-1213)

A vertical view of wind at a Shrine in Toshima-ku.

Wind at Temple in Toshima-ku (110304-1214)

A look (at effects of) and listen to wind at a temple in Toshima-ku.

Noontime Shotengai View in Shiinamachi - (110304-1223)

A noontime look at part of the many shotengai streets in Shiinamachi.

Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo Escalator_東京芸術劇場 (110304-1351)

Riding the long escalator up at Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo (東京芸術劇場).

Seibu-Haijima Line Arriving at Kodaira Station - (110304-1808)

A nighttime Seibu-Haijima Line train arrives at Kodaira Station.

Walking into Nishi-Shinjuku - (110304-1659)

Walking into Nishi-Shinjuku - crossing the intersection by First Kitchen.

Walking Towards Shinjuku Station - (110304-1726)

Walking through the crowds towards Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku West Exit, Omoide-Yokocho, Etc. - (110304-1731)

Walking around near the west exit/entrance of Shinjuku Station, then walking over to and through Omoide-Yokocho, Etc.

Kogei High School (東京都立工芸等校学校) Exhibition (A) - (110304-1406)

Kogei High School Exhibition (東京都立工芸等校学校展示会) at Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo (東京芸術劇場) (A)

Kogei High School (東京都立工芸等校学校) Exhibition (B) - (110304-1449)

Kogei High School Exhibition (東京都立工芸等校学校展示会) at Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo (東京芸術劇場) (B)

Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo Escalator (東京芸術劇場エスカレータ) (B) - (110304-1508)

Riding the long escalator at Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo.
東京芸術劇場エスカレータ - (B)

Riding Elevator Down From 5th Floor - (110304-1511)

Riding an elevator down from the 5th floor of Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo (東京芸術劇場).

Ikebukuro Windy Sidewalks - (110304-1558)

Walking along on Windy Ikebukuro Sidewalks.

Ikebukuro West Side Stroll - (110304-1601)

Walking around on the west side of Ikebukuro Station.

Ikebukuro - From West Side to East - (110304-1603)

Walking in Ikebukuro - from the west side to the east side.

Ikebukuro East Side Crosswalk - (110304-1606)

Crossing a crosswalk on the east side of Ikebukuro Station.

Ikebukuro Labi Down Escalator (Former Mitsukoshi Department Store) - (110304-1621)

Riding down escalators at Ikebukuro Labi (in the building that was formerly a Mitsukoshi Department Store).

Ikebukuro - East Side to Station Stroll - (110304-1628)

Walking through the crowds from the east side of Ikebukuro Station, leading into the inside of the station.

Ikebukuro Station Platform Stroll (Six-Door Car View) (110304-1640)

Walking down the Ikebukuro Station platform  - walking by one of the six-door train cars.

Ikebukuro to Meguro - Yamanote Line - (110304-1643)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Ikebukuro to Meguro.

Meguro to Takadanobaba - Yamanote Line - (110304-1647)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Meguro to Takadanobaba.

Takadanobaba to Shin-Okubo - Yamanote Line - (110304-1648)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Takadanobaba to Shin-Okubo.

Shin-Okubo to Shinjuku - Shinjuku Platform View - (110304-1650)

Going from Shin-Okubo to Shinjuku, with a platform view in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku - South Exit Area - (110304-1655)

A look at the south exit area of Shinjuku.

Walking Downhill from Shinjuku South Exit - (110304-1657)

Walking down the hill from the south exit of Shinjuku Station.

Advertising Truck at Stoplight in Shinjuku - (110304-1658)

Watching a large advertising truck creep through an intersection in Shinjuku.

Ikebukuro East Side Stroll (A) - (110304-1623)

Walking around on the east side of Ikebukuro Station. (A)

Ikebukuro East Side Stroll (B) - (110304-1626)

Walking around on the east side of Ikebukuro Station. (B)

Ikebukuro Station Stroll - (110304-1638)

Walking through Ikebukuro Station.

Ginza Station to Nihonbashi Station - (110306-2126)

Taking the Ginza line from Ginza Station to Nihonbashi Station.

Tozai Line - Otemachi to Takadanobaba - (110306-2133)

Riding the Tozai Line from Otemachi to Takadanobaba.

Takadanobaba Station - Entering Seibu Line Section - (110306-2149)

Walking through Takadanobaba Station - and into the Seibu Line area of the station.

Yokko Rooftop Exhibition/Performance at Ginza Okuno Building - (110306-1532)

The final performance - displaying the huge painting by Yokko up on the roof of the Okuno Building.

The website for Y's Arts is here:

Walking Through Crowded Tokyo Station - (110306-1140)

Walking through a crowded Tokyo Station on a Sunday.

Walk Past Construction Zone at Tokyo Station - (110306-1143)

Walking past the large construction zone at Tokyo Station on the Yaesu-guchi side.

Ginza - From Street to Ginza Line Platform - (110306-2123)

In Ginza - walking from street level on Chuo-Dori, down to the subway platform at Ginza Station.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

Thursday, March 03, 2011

"Ginza Gallery Window" - (110224)

"Ginza Gallery Window"

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

"Takadanobaba Shamisen, Tozai Line, Ginza, Nihonbashi and Yurakucho"

This set of clips begins with a view of a man playing the shamisen under a rail bridge in Takadanobaba.  Next is a clip of walking down the 1932 Okuno Building staircase (the other staircase in the building is from 1934), going from the seventh floor to the first floor.  Following those, there are views from the Tozai, Ginza, and Marunouchi Lines, as well as views of Ginza, Nihonbashi, and Yurakucho.

Takadanobaba Shamisen Player (110223-2030)

Listening to a man playing the shamisen in Takadanobaba.  It starts off slow, but picks up speed and energy towards the end (notice the freight train that passes in the background).

Okuno Building Stairwell - 7th to 1st - (110223-1514)

Walking down the Okuno Building Stairwell from the seventh floor to the first floor in the 1932 building.

Boarding Tozai Line at Takadanobaba Station - (110223-1442)

Boarding an inbound Tozai Line at Takadanobaba Station.

Riding Tozai Line out of Takadanobaba - (110223-1443)

Riding an inbound Tozai Line train out of Takadanobaba Station.

Ginza Chuo-Dori Stroll (110223-1503)

Walking down Chuo-Dori in Ginza.

Nihonbashi to Kyobashi on the Ginza Line - (110223-1458)

Riding a Ginza Line train from Nihonbashi to Kyobashi.

Chuo Line to Marunouchi Line Transfer at Yotsuya - (110224-0925)

Transferring at Yotsuya Station from the Chuo Line to the Marunouchi Line.

Kokkaigijido-mae - Exiting Marunouchi Line (110224-0932)

Walking through Kokkaigijido-mae Station while exiting the Marunouchi Line.

Boarding Ginza Line at Toranomon Station (110224-1048)

Boarding the Ginza Line at Toranomon Station.

Vertical Finish Line Train Doors - Ginza Line - (110224-1053)

A vertical look at the inside of the train doors on a Ginza Line train - with Finish Line stickers advertising the upcoming Tokyo marathon.

Ginza Line - Nihonbashi Platform Scene - (110224-1056)

A look at the platform scene at Nihonbashi Station.

Nihonbashi Station - Heading for an Exit -  (110224-1058)

Heading for an exit at Nihonbashi Station.

Nihonbashi Main Road Scene - (110224-1101)

Looking both ways on a busy main road scene in Nihonbashi.

Yurakucho Plaza View - (110224-1447)

A nearly 360-degree look at Yurakucho Plaza.

Yurakucho Bic Camera Escalators - (110224-1505)

Riding the down escalators at Yurakucho Bic Camera.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon