Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Tokyo Station Buses, Ginza, Kyobashi, Chuo Line, Kokubunji Bus, Shinjuku, Etc."

Post March 11th, 2011 earthquake, Tokyo is suddenly less crowded, less busy, and darker than usual, due to people fleeing the city due to radiation fears (or staying inside as much as possible) and scheduled blackouts to deal with a lack of electrical power.  Still - most residents cannot just drop everything and go... where?  For people who have relatives in Osaka, or other parts of Japan further away from the broken set of six nuclear reactors in Fukushima, it's relatively easy to just go there, but if you don't know anyone in a new area, it's very expensive to suddenly arrive and decide that you'll stay there.  Meanwhile - an altered form of daily life goes on in Tokyo, as you can see somewhat from the following clips.

Bus Area in Front of Tokyo Station - (110316-2314)

Walking by the bus area in front of Tokyo Station late at night.

Kyobashi Sidewalk Shadows - (110316-1556)

Glancing at sidewalk shadows in Kyobashi while walking along.

Marie Photo Exhibition Party at Ginza Modern Art - (110316-2122)

Looking around the table at the opening party for the Marie Photo Exhibition at Ginza Modern Art in the Okuno Building.

Kanda to Tokyo and Tokyo Station - (110316-1540)

Riding an inbound Chuo Line train (from a little before Kanda) through Kanda and on to Tokyo Station where I get off and walk through the station.

Empty Shelves at Grocery Store in Kyobashi - (110316-1600)

Walking through a Grocery Store in Kyobashi and  looking at the many empty shelves in the store.

Tokyo to Shinjuku - Chuo Line (Semi-dark Tokyo) - (110322-1908)

Riding an outbound Chuo Line train from Tokyo to Shinjuku - looking out a left-side window at a darker-than-usual Tokyo.

Winter Tree Reflections - (110323-1624)

Looking down/up at winter tree reflections.

Looking Around on One End of Takao Station - (110323-1457)

Looking around on a platform on one end of Takao Station.

Seibu Bus Ride to Kokubunji Station - (110322-1408)

Riding a Seibu bus to Kokubunji Station.

Entering Kokubunji Station - (110322-1416)

Walking into Kokubunji Station in western Tokyo.

Kokubunji Station - Waiting for a Train - (110322-1422)

Walking around in Kokubunji Station while waiting for a train.

Ochanomizu to Kanda - Tugboat and Barge - (110322-1504)

Watching a tugboat and barge out the window of an inbound Chuo Line train while riding from Ochanomizu to Kanda.

Kanda to Tokyo - Tokyo Station - (110322-1507)

Riding the Chuo Line from Kanda to Tokyo and looking around a little at Tokyo Station.

Tokyo Station - Lines for Long Distance Buses - (110322-1514)

Walking by long lines for long-distance buses in front of Tokyo Station - at least some of the people fleeing Tokyo out of radiation fears.

Shinjuku Station - Semi-Dark South Exit - (110322-1926)

At Shinjuku Station - having a look at the semi-dark South Exit.

Darker than Usual Yodobashi Camera - (110322-2131)

Checking out a darker than usual Yodobashi Camera store in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku - South Entrance to Chuo Line - (110322-2150)

Walking from the south entrance of Shinjuku Station to the Chuo Line platform.

Semi-Dark Shinjuku Sidewalk Stroll - (110322-1929)

Walking along a semi-dark Shinjuku sidewalk during Tokyo's electricity-shortage era....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon


Mark Monlux said...

I've been reading that there is also a social embarrassment to moving out of fear of radiation. And while this would be considered normal to the hyper-fearful American, I know from my personal experience in Japan that it must be ruffling many social feathers.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon said...

MM: I'm not sure. I don't personally know anyone who's left, although I did talk to a woman who was irritated that a French man who is/was(?) working for her who jetted back to Paris at the first sign of trouble. Everyone else I know is nervously watching the news basically. So - I don't know exactly who is leaving, but watching the lines for Shinkansen tickets and highway buses, a number of people are. If a real exodus ever gets started though - then look out! I'll say one thing for sure - I'm certainly glad that broken nuclear plant isn't any closer to Tokyo! One of the big worries now is about food. There's a lot of farmland up that way, so it's worrying to contemplate eating radioactive food... - Lyle