Friday, March 18, 2011

"Magic Light"

In the middle of my joint-exhibition this month (March 2011) in Room-306 in the Okuno Building, an acquaintance came by to look it over at the end of the day, and so we ended up sitting on a couple of chairs by an open window - discussing the exhibition (and other things) while having a couple of glasses of wine.

Room-306 in the Okuno Building was used for over 70 years by Ms. Suda, who crossed over to the other side at 100 years of age a couple of years ago.  Since she used the room for the entire time (in contrast with the other rooms in the building, which have had a variety of tenants) her presence is still very much felt there.

Once past the normal exhibition hours, I turned off the overhead light so the ambiance of the room could better be felt, and my friend and I continued talking about one thing and another.

We looked around at the room and looked out at the night street below, and after talking for 45 minutes or so, suddenly one of the two ceiling lights came on - the one that stopped working several days before.  Just a coincidence I guess, but it seemed as though Suda-san had decided we shouldn't be sitting in the dark like that and had decided to turn on the light - the magic light....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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