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"Tokyo-1990 Exhibition, 1991, Takadanobaba, Art - Work in Progress, Shinjuku Music, Etc."

This batch of clips starts off with the main one-hour video (of many scenes from 1990 Tokyo) I used for my 2010 exhibition/installation, and then goes to 1991 (showing Shinjuku, Hibarigaoka, Ikebukuro, etc.), and then jumps to October of 2010, showing two trains simultaneously arriving at Kodaira Station; transferring at Takadanobaba; and the Yamanote Line at night.  Finally, I come back to this year and watch while an artist paints three walls of a room (on a huge canvas attached to the walls); and look around a little in the Okuno Building in Ginza.  Following all of that, there are a couple of strolls through Shinjuku's Omoide-Yokocho and a view of a street musician performing in Shinjuku.  And the last clip is of the inside of a mostly empty late-night train.

Tokyo-1990 / 20年前の東京 (2010 Exhibition Video)

The main video I used for my June 2010 Ginza exhibition / installation entitled "Tokyo-1990 / 20年前の東京".

1991 Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Hibarigaoka, Etc. - (910326-28)

Scenes from 1991 Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Hibarigaoka, etc.  There are no specific exciting events in this long clip, but many details.  If you'd like to have an idea of how it was to be in Tokyo in 1991, you might enjoy this.  Tokyo is a huge city of course, so this is only a tiny part of that era, but still - definitely a part of that time.

Trains Arriving at Kodaira Station (101027-1127)

Two trains arriving simultaneously at Kodaira Station.

Takadanobaba Station - Seibu to Yamanote Transfer (101027-1150)

Transferring from the Seibu Line to the Yamanote Line at Takadanobaba Station via the under-tracks route.

Yamanote Line at Night - Ebisu to Shibuya (101027-2255)

Riding the Yamanote Line at night - rolling from Ebisu to Shibuya.

Art - Work in Progress (110131-2025)

Watching a work in progress.

Okuno Building-6F (110131-1449)

Looking around on the right side of the 6th floor in the Okuno Building.

Okuno Building - 5F (110131-1517)

Looking around on the 5th floor of the Okuno Building in Ginza.

Art - Work in Progress - Sketches (110131-1522)

Watching an artist review his sketches prior to resuming work on his full-wall painting in the Okuno Building in Ginza.

Okuno Building Stairs - Left Side (110131-1902)

Walking down the left side stairs in the Okuno Building.

Art - Work in Progress - (110131-1959)

Art - Work in Progress - (110131-2003)

Watching a work in progress (new section) - entitled:
"Drawing - Process-1 (For Catwalk) by Yokko"

Art - Work in Progress - Left Wall (110131-2042)

Art - Work in Progress - Left Wall - (110131-2047)

Watching a work in progress (left wall) - entitled:
"Drawing - Process-1 (For Catwalk) by Yokko"

Art - Work in Progress - Hallway to Painting (110131-2057)

Watching a work in progress (hallway to painting) - entitled:
"Drawing - Process-1 (For Catwalk) by Yokko"

Okuno Building - 5th Floor Hallway - (110131-2059)

Exploring the 5th floor hallway of the Okuno Building.

Kana - Live in Shinjuku on February 1st, 2011 - (110201-1943)

Listening to street musician Kana performing near the west exit of Shinjuku Station on February 1st, 2011.   新宿の路上ライブ

Kana website:

Kana blog:

Shinjuku - Omoide Yokocho - (110201-1939)

Walking through Omoide-Yokocho in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku Station West Side Sidewalk (110201-1941)

Walking along a sidewalk on the west side of Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho (110201-2216)

Walking through Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho.

Seibu Line Train - Inside View - (110201-2305)

Looking down a mostly empty late-night train car in Tokyo.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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