Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Me, a Young Japanese Woman?! What-What-What?!?"

The company I'm doing some contractual work for decided to issue new security cards to everyone, including the contractual workers and they had us print out A4 cards with our name and employee number, and then we had our pictures taken one at a time while we held the cards in front of us, like so many criminals - so when it was my turn in front of the camera with my card and number , I couldn't resist saying "I didn't do it!  I'm innocent!".  Ho-ho, funny me, but I guess they got their revenge.  Today I trooped over to the building where the photos had been taken to pick up my new security card and when they handed it to me, I looked down to see my name and employee number married to a photo of a young Japanese woman!  I pointed out the error and they told me they would "Look into it"....

In hindsight, I realize that I should have just kept the card!  It would have been a great joke, and I doubt the guards would even have noticed, unless they stopped me for some reason, and anyway, it had my correct name and employee number on it.  Oh well - I missed my chance to have a daily ongoing joke running and now I'm (it seems) the only person of several hundred who doesn't have a spiffy new security card.

If they don't get it reissued by Friday (it took two months to make them in the first place) and they don't give me some way of getting into the company, I will be locked out of the building and unable to get to work come next Monday.  Well... something will be worked out I'm sure (signing in daily as a guest?), but I sure wish I'd kept that card now!  But since I didn't, I now have to suffer through the humiliation and embarrassment of being the odd one out of the club.  An expensive joke it was!  Oh well, land of subtlety,hey!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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