Monday, October 09, 2006

"Mt. Takao Moonrise Over Tokyo"

Mt. Takao is the most convenient mountain to go to for a large percentage of the people living in Tokyo, being within an hour of Shinjuku and with a cable car that is just a five minute walk from Takaozan-guchi Station (on the Keio Line).  It's not of astoundingly high elevation, but when you walk up the valley towards the cable car station, the cool mountain breeze that greets you is - I hesitate to use the word, but - fantastic!  Or at least it feels that way to me when coming from the center of the city after breathing the city air for many months straight without a break.

Yesterday (October 8th), I visited Mt. Takao and was rewarded with the best nighttime view of Tokyo I've seen from a distance.  One picture is here:

The view from Mt. Takao isn't always as clear as it is in the photo - there were strong winds both on Saturday and Sunday (October 7th & 8th), which blew away the noxious breath of the fire-breathing machinery (the internal combustion engine - the curse of humankind!), producing a rare view... but it shouldn't be rare!  Cars are something I love when I'm behind the wheel (and hate when I'm not!), but they need new propulsion systems.  Here's to returning to living in transparent air!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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