Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ricoh GR-I, Lumix LX2, & Olympus C-5050

In response to:

"Hello - I prefer the little Ricoh GR!!!"

I say:

I think I agree actually!  I like my GR quite a lot.  I rotate cameras and try out different ones at different times.  One advantage to the Lumix LX2 is that its auto-white balance works a little better in some situations than the GR.  Overall though - I think I miss my (now in need of repair) Olympus C-5050 - which took quite sharp pictures and has an f1.8 lens - the Ricoh and the Lumix are only f2.8....

[2013/01/10 Update] - Um... things became more complicated in the years following when I wrote this (in 2006).  No time to go into that right now, but please keep in mind that the above paragraph is a post from 2006.


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