Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"The Secret to Studying Long Hours in Japan?"

I've often wondered how some people stay up studying as late as they do here.... I think I've discovered the method - or more precisely, it has gradually dawned on me. Simply put, the method is simple - blast yourself with enough strong light that it's difficult to fall asleep in the middle of the light blast!

As evidence, note the design of typical students study desks here. The key Stay-Awake! feature is a bright florescent tube that not only illuminates the study material open on the desk, but also shines some of its bright light directly into the eyes of the person studying! No wonder they're able to stay awake!

The down side to this method though, is that (many) people get so used to having very bright light blazing away when they are studying/working, that they perceive normal lighting as "dark"....

Lyle H Saxon

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