Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Yurakucho Time Slip"

I got it into my mind to visit Yurakucho on the way home last night. I could find no logical reason to go there, but when you get the feeling you should do something, you should, so....

There isn't much of anything old left in Tokyo, but you can get at least a taste of industrial decades past by visiting a handful of places in Yarakucho that have somehow survived many decades in old-is-not-tolerated Tokyo. The most picturesque of these is probably the drinking place under the tracks - so over-photographed that you've probably already seen pictures of it a few dozen times... but... here it is again:

After taking that, I wandered over to nearby Hibiya Park and stumbled into a German Beer Festival, where I talked myself into having sausage and beer. The weather was actually perfect for it - not to be taken for granted here, what the rainy season, cold windy winter, hot & humid summer, etc.

"Hibiya Park German Beer Garden"

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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