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National Geographic Articles on Japan

Articles related to Japan in National Geographic Magazine:

July 1997
Pages 42-57

Okinawa: Claiming Its Birthright
June 1997
Pages 86-105
Summary: Japan's southern outpost has hosted the U.S. military for five decades. Some argue that's long enough.

Storm Watch Over the Kurils
Oct. 1996
Pages 48-67

The Great Tokyo Fish Market: Tsukiji
Nov. 1995
Pages 38-55

Oct. 1995
Pages 99-113

Up From Ground Zero: Hiroshima
Aug. 1995
Pages 78-101

Kobe Wakes to a Nightmare
July 1995
Pages 112-136

Inner Japan
Sept. 1994
Pages 65-95

Kyushu: Japan's Southern Gateway
Jan 1994
Pages 88-117

Japan's Sun Rises Over the Pacific
Nov. 1991
Pages 36-67

Suruga Bay, In the Shadow of Mount Fuji
Oct. 1990
Pages 2-39

Japanese Women
Apr. 1990
Pages 52-83

In a Japanese Garden
Nov. 1989
Pages 638-663

The Prodigious Soybean
July 1987
Pages 67-91

Tokyo, A Profile of Success
Nov. 1986
Pages 606-645

The Pearl
Aug. 1985
Pages 193-223

The Preposterous Puffer
Aug. 1984
Pages 260-270

The Japan Alps
Aug. 1984
Pages 238-259

Hagi: Where Japan's Revolution Began
June 1984
Pages 751-773

Japan's Izu Oceanic Park
Apr. 1984
Pages 465-491

Silk - The Queen of Textiles
Jan. 1984
Pages 2-49

The Japanese Crane, Bird of Happiness
Oct. 1983
Pages 542-556

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot!
July 1983
Pages 2-35

The Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan
Nov. 1982
Pages 634-649

The Chip: Electronic Mini-marvel
Oct. 1982
Pages 421-457

Plight of the Bluefin Tuna
Aug. 1982
Pages 220-239

The Bonanza Bean - Coffee
Mar. 1981
Pages 388-405

Bamboo, the Giant Grass
Oct. 1980
Pages 502-529

Jari: A Billion-dollar Gamble
May 1980
Pages 686-711 Japanese paper mill taken to Brazil.

Hokkaido, Japan's Last Frontier
Jan. 1980
Pages 62-93

Day of the Rice God
July 1978
Pages 78-85

Japan's Amazing Inland Sea
Dec. 1977
Pages 830-863

Japan's Warriors of the Wind
Apr. 1977
Pages 551-561

Kyoto and Nara: Keepers of Japan's Past
June 1976
Pages 836-859

Oil, the Dwindling Treasure
June 1974
Pages 792-825

Those Successful Japanese
Mar. 1974
Pages 323-359

Quicksilver and Slow Death
Oct. 1972
Pages 507-527

Human Treasures of Japan
Sept. 1972
Pages 370-379

Living in a Japanese Village
May 1972
Pages 668-693

Nature's Night Lights: Probing the Secrets of Bioluminescence
July 1971
Pages 45-69

Ama, Sea Nymphs of Japan
July 1971
Pages 122-135

Scientist Studies Japan's Fantastic Long-tailed Fowl
Dec. 1970
Pages 845-855

Kansai, Japan's Historic Heartland
March 1970
Pages 295-339

Okinawa, the Island Without a Country
Sept. 1969
Pages 422-448

Snow Festival in Japan's Far North
Dec. 1968
Pages 824-833

The Bonins and Iwo Jima Go Back to Japan
July 1968
Pages 128-144

Kayak Odyssey: From the Inland Sea to Tokyo
Sept. 1967
Pages 295-337

Japan's Sky People, the Vanishing Ainu
Feb. 1967
Pages 268-296

Shrimp Nursery: Science Explores New Ways to Farm the Sea
May 1965
Pages 636-659

Tokyo, the Peaceful Explosion
Oct. 1964
Pages 445-487 (Regarding 1964 Tokyo Olympics)

YWCA: International Success Story
Dec. 1963
Pages 904-933

Round the World School
July 1962
Pages 96-127

Oregon's Sidewalk on the Sea
Nov. 1961
Pages 708-734

Japan, the Exquisite Enigma
Dec 1960
Pages 733-777 Tradition continues as innovation drives Japan's booming economy

Deep Diving off Japan
Jan. 1960
Pages 138-150

Around the World and the Calendar with the Geographic: The President's Annual Message
Dec. 1959
Pages 832-866 Melville Bell Grosvenor ...... summarizes his own fact-collecting tour of Asia

Okinawa, the Island Rebuilt
Feb. 1955
Pages 265-288

Cruising Japan's Inland Sea
Nov. 1953
Pages 619-650

The Yankee Sailor Who Opened Japan
July 1953
Pages 85-102 On July 14, 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry sailed his black fleet into a harbor south of Tokyo and opened Japan to the rest of the world. (100th anniversary)

The Fur Seal Herd Comes of Age
April 1952
Pages 491-512

Japan Tries Freedom's Road
May 1950
Pages 593-632

Okinawa, Pacific Outpost
April 1950
Pages 538-552

Adventures with the Survey Navy
July 1947
Pages 131-148

Backwoods Japan During American Occupation
April 1947
Pages 491-518

Sunset in the East
June 1946
Pages 797-812

American Pathfinders in the Pacific
May 1946
Pages 617-640

Face of Japan
Dec. 1945
Pages 753-768

Behind the Mask of Modern Japan
Nov. 1945
Pages 513-535

Okinawa, Threshold to Japan
Oct. 1945
Pages 411-428

The Society's New Map of China
Jun. 1945
Pages 745-746

Peacetime Rambles in the Ryukyus
May 1945
Pages 543-561

South from Saipan
April 1945
Pages 441-474

Springboards to Tokyo
Oct. 1944
Pages 385-407

Manipur - Where Japan Struck at India
June 1944
Pages 743-750

Japan and the Pacific
April 1944
Pages 385-414

Timor, a Key to the Indies
Sept. 1943
Pages 355-384

War Finds Its Way to Gilbert Islands
Jan. 1943
Pages 71-92

Japan Faces Russia in Manchuria
Nov. 1942
Pages 603-634

China Opens Her Wild West
Sept. 1942
Pages 337-367

Unknown Japan
Aug. 1942
Pages 225-252

Hidden Key to the Pacific: Piercing the Web of Secrecy Which Long Has Veiled Japanese Bases in the Mandated Islands
June 1942
Pages 759-785

Facts about the Philippines
Feb. 1942
Pages 185-202

Around the World for Animals
June 1938
Pages 665-714

Women's Work in Japan
Jan. 1938
Pages 99-132

Friendly Journeys in Japan: A Young American Finds a Ready Welcome in the Homes of the Japanese During Leisurely Travels Through the Islands
April 1936
Pages 441-480

Motor Trails in Japan
March 1933
Pages 303-318

Japan, Child of the World's Old Age: An Empire of Mountainous Islands, Whose Alert People Constantly Conquer Harsh Forces of Land, Sea, and Sky
March 1933
Pages 257-301

Tokyo To-day
Feb. 1932
Pages 131-162 (Reconstruction after 1923 earthquake)

Some Impressions of 150,000 Miles of Travel
May 1930
Pages 523-598 (William Howard Taft, former President's travel tales)

The Columbus of the Pacific: Captain James Cook, Foremost British Navigator, Expanded the Great Sea to Correct Proportions and Won for Albion an Insular Empire by Peaceful Exploration and Scientific Study
Jan. 1927
Pages 85-132

Goldfish and Their Cultivation in America
Oct. 1924
Pages 375-400

Sakurajima, Japan's Greatest Volcanic Eruption: A Convulsion of Nature Whose Ravages Were Minimized by Scientific Knowledge, Compared with the Terrors and Destruction of the Recent Tokyo Earthquake
April 1924
Pages 441-470

How the Earth Telegraphed Its Tokyo Quake to Washington
Oct. 1923
Pages 453-454

The Empire of the Risen Sun
Oct. 1923
Pages 415-443 Country will rebuild after disasters

Some Aspects of Rural Japan
Sept. 1922
Pages 275-301

The Arctic as an Air Route of the Future
Aug. 1922
Pages 205-218

Adventures with a Camera in Many Lands
July 1921
Pages 87-112

The Geography of Japan: With Special Reference to Its Influence on the Character of the Japanese People
July 1921
Pages 45-84

Western Siberia and the Altai Mountains: With Some Speculations on the Future of Siberia
May 1921
Pages 469-507

Shifting Scenes on the Stage of New China
Nov. 1920
Pages 423-428

The Making of a Japanese Newspaper
Oct. 1920
Pages 327-334

Around the World with the Salvation Army
April 1920
Pages 347-368

Oct. 1914
Pages 415-420 Series of photographs from Japan, Korea, and Burma

Young Japan
July 1914
Pages 54-64 Every year, a half-million children are born.

The Probable Effect of the Panama Canal on the Commercial Geography of the World
Feb. 1914
Pages 245-248

Do Volcanic Explosions Affect Our Climate?
Feb. 1913
Pages 181-198

Glimpses of Japan
Nov. 1911
Pages 965-1002

Recent Population Figures
Aug. 1911
Pages 785-786

Race Prejudice in the Far East
Dec. 1910
Pages 973-985
Summary: If the United States is to retain influence in Asia, argues the general manager of the Associated Press, Americans and Europeans must recognize that racism toward the people who live there can give rise to potentially dangerous levels of resentment.

Glimpses of Korea and China
Nov. 1910
Pages 895-934

Notes and Scenes from Korea
July 1908
Pages 498-508 (J-rel)

Why Nik-ko Is Beautiful
April 1908
Pages 300-308

Koyasan, the Japanese Valhalla
Oct. 1907
Pages 650-670

The Giant Spider Crab from Japan
April 1907
Pages 280

Women and Children of the East
April 1907
Pages 248-271

Cultivation of Marine and Fresh-Water Animals in Japan
Sept. 1906
Pages 524-531

Japan, America, and the Orient
Sept. 1906
Pages 498-504
Summary: Once perceived by the U.S. as a Yellow peril, Japan now appears to be a beneficial and friendly influence in Asia.

The Population of Japan
Oct. 1905
Pages 482
Summary: Thought Japan's population growth from 1893 to 1903 was not excessive, the recently industrialized island nation faces the issue of urban overcrowding, a problem already well known to Western countries.

Japan and the United States
Sept. 1905
Pages 432-434

The Purpose of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance
July 1905
Pages 333-337

A Chapter from Japanese History
May 1905
Pages 220-228

The Fisheries of Japan
May 1905
Pages 201-220

The Characteristics of the Japanese People
March 1905
Pages 93-100

Observations on the Russo-Japanese War, in Japan and Manchuria
Feb. 1905
Pages 80-82

Some Facts About Japan
Nov. 1904
Pages 446-448
Summary: Japan has abundant coal and raw materials to become a great industrial country.

Geographic Notes
Oct. 1904
Pages 427

Some Early Geographers of the United States
Oct. 1904
Pages 392-404

The Fisheries of Japan
Sept. 1904
Pages 362-364
Summary: Japan's shore fisheries export herring, sardines, and bonito. One out of 20 Japanese is a fisherman.

Agriculture in Japan
Aug. 1904
Pages 323-326

Lessons from Japan
May 1904
Pages 221-225
Summary: Japan produces strong, durable paper and also profits from its bamboo groves.

Japan and China - Some Comparisons
Feb. 1901
Pages 69-77
Summary: The progressive Japanese are compared to and contrasted with the more traditional Chinese. The author concludes that the origins of these two peoples must be quite separate.

The Manila Observatory
Nov. 1900
Pages 427-438 ... storm forecasting....

The Commercial Development of Japan
Sept. 1899
Pages 329-337

Deep-Sea Exploring Expedition of the Steamer Albatross
Aug. 1899
Pages 291-296 Planned voyage from San Francisco to Japan

President Alexander Graham Bell on Japan
Dec. 1898
Pages 509-512
Summary: The President of the National Geographic Society predicts a brilliant future for Japan, and commends the Japanese for their emphasis on education.

The Recent Earthquake Wave on the Coast of Japan
Sept. 1896
Pages 285-289 ["earthquake wave" = tsunami]

Dec. 29, 1894
Pages 193-199


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