Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Tokyo Station & the Chuo Line - March 1991" (Video)

Another look back at 1991 - the year I walked around Tokyo with a video camera (nearly) always in hand. Most striking in this video is that the current highly elevated Chuo Line platform had not been built yet, so the Chuo Line platform on the same level as the other lines. (When they needed to add a new Shinkansen platform, they had to shift the regular lines over, so the current Chuo Line platform is to the side - and up - of the Chuo Line platform in this video:

The other thing that I noticed in revisiting 1991 Tokyo Station, and the older type Chuo Line trains (a few of which are still on the rails, but not for long, they've been almost completely phased out with a newer type), is that the paint color of the back of Tokyo Station is about the same color as the old solid-color Chuo Line trains. Seeing that in the video, I wondered - for the first time - if that was the reason for the color of the Chuo Line, since it begins at Tokyo Station. I'm sure there's an answer to that lurking on the Internet somewhere, but I need to get some sleep now, so I'll stop here.


Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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