Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Only so much Time"

The limitations of what one person can do are very much in mind these days. I have several - no... make that mountains of projects in mind for my photos and videos, both material already recorded ("taken" & "shot" are the standard terms), and material that I should/hopefully-will record in the future - hopefully near future. The tendency has always been to record first and foremost, and then do editing and publishing as time is found, but a person's lifetime is not infinite, and I'm beginning to contemplate the futile scenario of a person who has spent their whole life working on the beginning stages of projects, and then runs out of time (the final deadline) with many (or most) projects awaiting more time invested.

If those projects can be handed off to someone to continue, then it's not wasted, but if the projects end up going into the trash at the demise of the individual who spent their life working on them, then... that's depressing, and... wasteful? Tragic?... or... who cares?

For some (many?, most?) projects, it's only a matter of finding help, or getting a paid team together to speed things up, and then things can happen very quickly. And then the issue of financing the projects becomes paramount. I've always wanted to do everything myself, but now time is forcing me to realize that there will have to be help, or the projects will not be completed.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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