Monday, November 23, 2009

"Former Black Market, Jungle Walking, etc."

1990 Ueno, the Chuo Line, Shinjuku jungle walking, Hatanodai Station, etc, are themes of recently posted videos:

"1990 Ueno Street Market (Former Black Market)"

The semi-outdoor market near Ueno Station, running along the elevated railway was a black market right after WW-II. The market is still there, and is (naturally) not a black market now, but still sells things somewhat in the spirit of what the area was before. The area has gone through stages - from black market to legitimate market of things sold more cheaply than at major stores, to... I'm not sure what to call it now. There are now discount stores all over the city, so there's less incentive to go there than there used to be, but it's still crowded at weekends and just before the New Year's holiday. In 1990, when this video was taken, it was a little more popular than it is now I think, and it had a bit different of an atmosphere than it does now.

"Shinjuku Kabukicho to East Side - Jungle Walk - November 2009"

Walking from the edge of Kabukicho, to near the east side entrance to Shinjuku Station. Typical walking scenes for Tokyo.

"Boarding Chuo Line in Shinjuku - November 2009"

Watching a Chuo Line train as it pulls in to Shinjuku Station; watching people get off, and then finally boarding the train myself. After decades of riding the trains here, these sights are as familiar as the sun in the sky.

"Shinjuku Higashi-guchi Jungle Walk - November 2009"

Starting from the ground level door that leads out of Shinjuku Station from the East Exit, and walking to the main street on the edge of Kabukicho - at night of course. (I should record some images in the daytime sometime, but I'm working in a large box then, so I usually have to wait until evening, when the sun has gone down.)

"Shinjuku Higashi-guchi Rain Jungle Walk - November 2009"

Walking in Shinjuku on the Higashi-guchi (east) side. Recorded November 17th, 2009. Christmas decorations are already appearing in department stores....

"Nighttime Yamanote Line - Ebisu to Shibuya (November 2009)"

Looking out the front of the Yamanote Line as it goes from Ebisu Station to Shibuya Station. The man you can see in the cab of the train is not the driver - the driver is to the left of that person. The reason there were two people in the cab appeared to be due to the driver being new and undergoing training. On that train, both the conductor at the back and the driver were women.

"Umbrella River - Shinjuku (November 2009)"

Walking through a river of umbrellas on the way to the east entrance to Shinjuku Station on November 17th, 2009.

"Express & Local Trains at Hatanodai Station"

Watching an express train arrive and leave at Hatanodai Station, and then getting on a local train going in the same direction. Hatanodai Station was fairly recently rebuilt and is of a modern style.

"Harajuku Fashion Hunt (A) - November 2009"

Walking around in Harajuku in the evening, looking at the many small shops selling fashion-related stuff. Recorded in November 2009.

"Nighttime Yamanote Line - Yoyogi to Shinjuku - November 18th, 2009"

Looking out the front of the Yamanote Line as it goes from Yoyogi to Shinjuku at about 6:18 p.m., on November 18th, 2009.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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