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"Evening Mt. Takao, Art Exhibitions, Chuo Line, Yurakucho, Hibiya Beer Garden, Etc."

Another batch of video clips - including typical train scenes (Chuo Line, Etc.), street scenes in Shinjuku, Yurakucho, and Ginza, a few clips covering art exhibitions, and an evening hike on a Mt. Takao trail, as well as a view of the (temporary) German beer garden in Hibiya Park.  The weather during this batch of clips has been perfect - just outside of the spring heavy-pollen season, not too cold, not too hot, and before the rainy season.  Just after the day the Hibiya Park beer garden clip was recorded, it began raining and it's been raining nearly every day since, so the rainy season may have started.

Trains at Takaosanguchi Station - (110516-1943)

Looking at a couple of trains at Takaosanguchi Station, and riding one to Takao Station.

Takao to Takaosanguchi - (110516-1720)

Riding the Keio Line from Takao to Takaosanguchi.

Evening Mt. Takao Trail (A 1/3) - (110516-1826)

Walking along a mountain trail on Mt. Takao in the evening. (A 1/3)

Evening Mt. Takao Trail (B 2/3) - (110516-1833)

Walking along a mountain trail on Mt. Takao in the evening. (B 2/3)

Evening Mt. Takao Trail (C 3/3) - (110516-1838)

Walking along a mountain trail on Mt. Takao in the evening. (C 3/3)

Looking Around in a Mt. Takao Valley - (110516-1817)

Looking around halfway up a trail in a Mt. Takao Valley (which is actually still within Tokyo).

Nu-Lu Exhibition at Y's Arts 508 and 101 - (110517-1549)

Nu-Lu Exhibition at Y's Arts - From 101 to 508 via Elevator - (110517-1753)

Nu-Lu Exhibition at Y's Arts - From 101 to 508 via Stairs - (110517-1850)

A look at the Nu-Lu exhibition / installation by Kicuchi Megumi and Tsutsumi Yoshihiko at Y's Arts 508 and 101, as well as a talk with one of the artists (Tsutsumi Yoshihiko) about the art (in Japanese and in English).  (Three versions, including a couple going from the first floor of the building up to the fifth - one via the old style elevator and one via the cool old staircase.)

Y's Arts website is:

Sidewalk by West Side of Shinjuku Station - (110517-2203)

Walking along a sidewalk on the west side of Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku Street-Band - (110517-2200)

Shinjuku street-band on the west side of Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho - (110517-2205)

Walking through Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho.

Entering Tokyo Station via Yaesu-guchi Side - (110517-1916)

Walking into Tokyo Station via the (seemingly) always-under-construction Yaesu-guchi side.

Evening Chuo Line - Tokyo to Kanda - (110517-1921)

Taking an evening Chuo Line train from Tokyo Station to Kanda Station.

Chuo Line - Arriving at Shinjuku Station - (110517-1934)

Riding into Shinjuku Station on the Chuo Line and then getting off and heading for an escalator.

Exiting Shinjuku Station South Exit - Walking Downhill - (110517-1936)

Exiting Shinjuku Station via the south exit and then walking down the hill towards Nishi-Shinjuku (formerly "Yodobashi" - 現在の西新宿は、昔は、淀橋でした - それで、ヨドバシカメラとか).

Walking into Nishi-Shinjuku and Over to Yodobashi Camera - (110517-1939)

Walking into Nishi-Shinjuku and then over to Yodobashi Camera.  Apparently NIshi-Shinjuku used to be called Yodobashi (淀橋).

Kanda to Yurakucho - Left Side View - (110520-1554)

Riding a Yamanote Line train from Kanda to Yurakucho - looking out the left side and the front cab.

Yurakucho Shoe Shine People - (110520-1601)

Walking under the Shinkansen tracks in Yurakucho - and then past a group of shoe shine people.  This may be another sign of a bad economy.  I saw some very old people working as shoe shiners when I came in Japan in the early eighties, and then when the economy got better, you saw less and less of them, and since the economy has gotten really bad, you're beginning to see more and more of them....

Yurakucho - Headed Towards Ginza - (110520-1603)

Walking away from Yurakucho Station, headed towards Ginza.

Kurashima Masahiko (倉嶋正彦) Exhibition/Installation (A) - (110520-1829)

Kurashima Masahiko (倉嶋正彦) Exhibition/Installation (B) - (110520-1831)

Having a look at Kurashima Masahiko's (倉嶋正彦) exhibition/installation at Gallery銀座一丁目.

Approaching Yurakucho Station - Yurakucho Plaza - (110520-1909)

Walking towards Yurakucho Station and Yurakucho Plaza.

Friday Night in Yurakucho - (110520-1913)

A lively Friday night in Yurakucho.

Hibiya Park Beer Garden-2011 - (110520-2033)

A look at Hibiya Park Beer Garden - 2011 during the busiest time.
日比谷公園 噴水広場

Oktoberfest 2011:

Chiyoda-ku Tourism:

Closing Time - Hibiya Park Beer Garden-2011 - (110520-2135)

Closing time on Friday night at the annual Hibiya Park Beer Garden-2011.

Yurakucho Street Jazz - (110520-2144)

Checking out a jazz street band in Yurakucho on Friday night.

Yurakucho-SB on Friday Night - (110520-2219)

Looking around at Yurakucho-SB on a Friday Night.

Late Night Chuo Line - Approaching Ochanomizu Station - (110520-2341)

Looking out a left side window of a late night Chuo Line train as it approaches Ochanomizu Station.

Last Inbound Chuo Line Train from Tachikawa - (110521-0040)

Platform scene at Tachikawa Station while waiting for the last inbound train of the evening.

Inbound Chuo Line - Approaching Kunitachi Station (Cab View) - (110521-0050)

Looking out the front cab of an inbound Chuo Line train as it approaches Kunitachi Station.

Night Bus in the Rain - (110523-2046)

Riding a bus at night in the rain.

Ginza Chuo-Dori Afternoon Stroll - (110524-1558)

Walking down Ginza Chuo-Dori one afternoon.

Chuo Line - Tokyo to Kanda at Night - (110524-1936)

Riding the Chuo Line at night from Tokyo Station to Kanda Station.

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