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"Ginza, Yurakucho, Shinjuku, Various Train Lines, Art Exhibitions, Etc."

Opening with a street view of Kokubunji, and then moving on to typical train scenes - on the Seibu Line, Chuo Line, Tozai Line, Ginza Line, etc.  There are few Ginza exhibition views, a look at the very last sliding (steel frame) window in a 1932/34 building, and then walking views of Yurakucho.  After taking a Chuo Line train to Shinjuku, a walk down a platform at Shinjuku Station, and then a look at a Tobu-Tojo Line train arriving at a station, following by Yurakucho and Ueno Park views.  Then more trains views, including from the Ginza Line and the Chiyoda Line, and more art exhibition views.  And... that's about it for this batch.

Kokubunji Street Scene - (111003-1918)

Walking down a street in Kokubunji.

Train Arriving at Ogawa Station - (111004-1238)

Watching a Seibu Line train arrive at Ogawa Station.

Arriving at Kodaira Station - (111004-1243)

Arriving at Kodaira Station on a new type Seibu Line train.

Waiting for Tozai Line Train at Takadanobaba - (111004-1311)

Waiting for a Tozai Line train at Takadanobaba Station.

Boarding Ginza Line Train at Nihonbashi - (111004-1331)

Boarding a Ginza Line train at Nihonbashi Station.

Kyobashi to Ginza - Ginza Line - (111004-1334)

Riding the Ginza Line from Kyobashi to Ginza.

Ginza Chuo-Dori Stroll - (111004-1336)

Walking down Ginza Chuo-Dori in the afternoon in October, 2011.

Hazama Naoko (羽間直子) Exhibition at Nabisu Gallery なびす画廊 (B) - (111004-1419)

Looking around at the Hazama Naoko (羽間直子) exhibition at Nabisu Gallery なびす画廊 (B).

Hazama Naoko (羽間直子) Exhibition at Nabisu Gallery なびす画廊 (A) - (111004-1413)

Looking around at the Hazama Naoko (羽間直子) exhibition at Nabisu Gallery なびす画廊 (A).

Tanba (丹波岳仁) "Gattai 合体" Exhibition at Y's Arts-508 - (111004-1645)

A look around the Tanba (丹波岳仁) "Gattai 合体" exhibition/installation (インストレーション) at Y's Arts-508 in the Ginza Okuno Building.

Last Sliding Window - Okuno Building - (111004-1733)

Having a look at the last sliding window in the Okuno Building.

Crossing Yurakucho Plaza - (111004-1852)

Walking across Yurakucho Plaza.

Yurakucho to Tokyo - Keihin-Tohoku Line - (111004-1855)

Riding from Yurakucho to Tokyo at night on the Keihin-Tohoku Line.

Tokyo Station Stroll and Ride to Kanda - (111004-1858)

Walking around in Tokyo Station and riding a Chuo Line train to Kanda Station.

Shinjuku Late Night Platform Stroll - Chuo Line - (111004-2306)

Walking down a late night Chuo Line platform at Shinjuku Station.

Round-Earth Train Arriving - (111004-2359)

Gravity-bound round-earth train approaching.

Tobu-Tojo Line Train Arriving at Station - (111005-0716)

Watching a Tobu-Tojo Line train arriving at a station.

Yurakucho to Tokyo - Friday, 11:00 p.m. - (111007-2302)

Riding a Keihin-Tohoku Line train from Yurakucho to Tokyo on a Friday, at 11:00 p.m.

Yurakucho-SB (and Walk to Yurakucho Station) - (111007-2300)

Walking by the Yurakucho-SB, and then on to Yurakucho Station.

Walking Towards Yurakucho Station - (111007-2256)

Walking towards Yurakucho Station on a Friday night in early October.

Bus Ride in the Rain - Kawagoe Kanko - (111005-1317)

Riding on a Kawagoe-Kanko bus in the rain.

Ginza Okuno Building - 2nd to 3rd Floor - (111007-1931)

Going from the 2nd to the 3rd floor in the Ginza Okuno Building.

Ginza Okuno Building - 3rd to 2nd Floor - (111007-2005)

Going from the 3rd to the 2nd floor in the Ginza Okuno Building.

Horikoshi Chiaki (堀越千秋) Exhibition at Gallery Kazuki (画廊香月) - (111007-1617)

Taking a look at the Horikoshi Chiaki (堀越千秋) exhibition at Gallery Kazuki (画廊香月) in the Ginza Okuno Building.  See also:

Okuno Building Sounds (銀座奥野ビル音) - (111007-1936)

Listening to the sounds of the Ginza Okuno Building (銀座奥野ビル音).

Hildegard Spielhofer and 東亭順 Exhibition at GC, PS & APS - (111007-1809)

Hildegard Spielhofer and 東亭順 joint exhibition at GC, PS & APS.

Hildegard Spielhofer Participatory Art at Gallery Camellia - (111007-1731)

Watching participatory art by Hildegard Spielhofer at Gallery Camellia (ギャラリーカメリア).

Fish and Plants in Ueno Park Pond - (111007-1252)

Looking at a couple of large carp and the many large-leaved plants in the Ueno Park pond.

Walking Around Near Nezu - (111007-0947)

Walking around on side streets near Nezu Station.

Tobu to JR - Transfer at Asaka - (111005-1359)

Transferring from a Tobu line to a a JR line at Asaka.

Boarding Chuo Line at Nishi-Kokubunji - (111005-1421)

Boarding a Chuo Line train at Nishi-Kokubunji Station.

Riding Bike Towards Nishi-Kokubunji Station - (111006-1112)

Riding a bike towards Nishi-Kokubunji Station.

Ginza Chuo-Dori Stroll - (111007-1318)

Walking down Chuo-Dori in Ginza.

Ginza Station Platform Walk - (111007-1313)

Walking down the platform of Ginza Station.

Inside Mostly Empty Odakyu Train on Chiyoda Line - (111007-0936)

Riding an almost empty Odakyu Line train on the Chiyoda Line.

Ueno-Hirokoji to Ginza - Ginza Line - (111007-1301)

Riding a Ginza Line train from Ueno-Hirokoji Station to Ginza Station.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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