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"Tobu-Tojo Line, Ginza, Nihonbashi Side Streets, Kanda, Etc."

This batch of video clips begins with views on the Tobu-Tojo Line, followed by views on the Seibu, Tozai, and Ginza lines. Then there are street views of Ginza, a walk in an underground shopping mall in Nihonbashi, and views of side streets in Nihonbashi. After that I walk around in Yurakucho and Ginza, and ride the Chuo Line. There are also a couple of art exhibition views, and a 1990 look at the morning rush in Ikebukuro. Wrapping up this batch are a couple of views of the Kanda Station area (under construction) and a few other odds and ends.

Dry Winter Window View - Tobu Tojo Line (B)

Dry Winter Window View - Tobu Tojo Line (A)

Looking out on a dry winter view from a Tobu Tojo Line train. - (A and B)

Inside Nearly Empty Tobu-Tojo Line Train - (120103)

A look down a mostly empty car of a Tobu-Tojo Line train.

Ogawa-machi Station Platform - (120103)

Looking around on a platform at Ogawa-machi Station.

Ogawa to Hagiyama - (Construction Zone) - (120106)

Riding a Seibu Line train from Ogawa to Hagiyama (past a rail construction site).

Boarding Tozai Line Train at Takadanobaba - (120106)

Waiting for and then boarding a Tozai Line train at Takadanobaba Station.

Tozai Line - Takadanobaba to Waseda - (120106)

Riding a Tozai Line train from Takadanobaba to Waseda.

Ginza Line - Departing Nihonbashi - (Rear Cab View) - (120106)

Looking out the rear cab of a Ginza Line train as it departs Nihonbashi Station.

Inside Ginza Line - Arriving at Ginza - (120106)

Inside a Ginza Line train - and then getting off at Ginza Station and heading for street level.

Ginza Chuo-Dori Afternoon Stroll - (120106)

Walking down Chuo-Dori in Ginza one afternoon.

Nihonbashi 2F Post Office - (120106)

A quick look at a second floor post office in Nihonbashi.

Nihonbashi Underground Shopping Mall - (120106)

Taking a look at the underground shopping mall in Nihonbashi near Tokyo Station.

Nihonbashi - Underground to Street Level - (120106)

Going from the large underground shopping area in Nihonbashi up to street level.

Nihonbashi Twilight - (120106)

Twilight in Nihonbashi in January 2012.

Nihonbashi Side Street Stroll - (A) - (120106)

Nihonbashi Side Street Stroll - (B) - (120106)

Nihonbashi Side Street Stroll - (C) - (120106)

Nihonbashi Side Street Stroll - (D) - (120106)

Nihonbashi Side Street Stroll - (E) - (120106)

Walking around on side streets in Nihonbashi. - (A-E)

Yurakucho Wrong Turn - (A) - (120106)

Yurakucho Wrong Turn - (B) - (120106)

Returning from a wrong turn stroll in Yurakucho. - (A and B)

Tokyo to Kanda (12:01 A.M.) - (120107)

Taking a Chuo Line train from Tokyo to Kanda at 12:01 A.M.

Yurakucho Station Platform - Midnight Ride to Tokyo - (120106)

Looking around on a platform at Yurakucho Station and then taking a midnight train to Tokyo.

Tokyo Station Highway Bus Area - (Under Construction) - (120106)

Walking through the Highway Bus Area at Tokyo Station (which is still under construction).

Light-show Sidewalk (Near Tokyo Station) - (120106)

Walking over a light-show sidewalk not far from Tokyo Station.

Rail-bridge Underpass (Near Yurakucho) - (120106)

Watching a shinkansen train pass by from under a rail-bridge near Yurakucho Station.

Entering Kokusai Forum in Yurakucho - (120106)

Walking into Kokusai Forum in Yurakucho.

Kokusai Forum Walk-though - Yurakucho - (120106)

Walking through the Kokusai Forum in Yurakucho.

Ginza 4-chome Evening - (120106)

Walking across the Ginza 4-chome intersection in the evening.

Yurakucho Track-side Walk - (120106)

Walking along (on the street, below the rails) the elevated railway near Yurakucho Station.

Ginza Evening Stroll - (120106)

Walking through Ginza in the evening.

Yurakucho Side Street - (120106)

A look at a side street in Yurakucho.

Ginza Side Street Stroll - (120106)

Walking along a side street in Ginza.

Yurakucho Evening Stroll - (120106)

Walking through Yurakucho in the evening.

Ochanomizu to Yurakucho - (120110)

Riding Chuo Line and Yamanote Line trains from Ochanomizu to Yurakucho.

Free Bananas at Izakaya - (120106)

People leaving an izakaya receiving free bananas... as part of some kind of promotional offer at the place?

Exiting Yurakucho Station - (120110)

Walking from the platform of Yurakucho Station and then out across the plaza and towards Ginza.

ふらんそわーず こげちゃとら Exhibition at Ginza Ono Gallery-2 小野画廊-2 - (120110)

Artist ふらんそわーず こげちゃとら explains her exhibition at Ginza Ono Gallery-2 (小野画廊-2).

Musashino Line to Chuo Line Transfer - (120111)

Transferring from the Musashino Line to the Chuo Line.

Crossing River - Outbound Chuo Line - (120111)

Looking out a side window of a Chuo Line train as it crosses a river.

Walking Through Tokyo Station - (Temporary Bus Area, Etc.) - (120110)

Walking past the temporary bus area in front of Tokyo Station, and then walking through the inside of the station.

Chuo Line Departing Shinjuku Station - (120110)

Watching a Chuo Line train departing Shinjuku Station.

Ride in Train Tunnel - Light, Dark, Exit - (120111)

Looking out the front cab of a train running through a tunnel. (For some reason, the driver turned the train's headlights off rather early, while the train was still running in the blackness of the tunnel.)

Exiting Shinjuku Station via South Exit - (120110)

Exiting Shinjuku Station via the south exit.

1990 Ikebukuro Morning Rush - (900419-0817)

A look at the river-like flow of people from various lines, mostly headed for the Yamanote Line. I took this beginning at 8:17 a.m. on April 19th, 1990 in Ikebukuro Station. (Copyright 1990 by Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon. All rights reserved.)

‎1990年4月19日, 午前8時17分 - 池袋ラッシュー

Dual-Perspective Painting by Yokko (Yoshihiko Tsutsumi - つつみよしひこ) - (120117)

A look at some dual-perspective paintings by Yokko (Yoshihiko Tsutsumi - つつみよしひこ) - shown in the Okuno Building in Ginza, Tokyo.

Ginza Okuno Building
Y's Arts-101/508:

Chuo Line Inside View - Arriving at Shinjuku - (120117)

In a Chuo Line train as it arrives at Shinjuku Station.

Departing Shinjuku on the Chuo Line - (120117)

Waiting while people board the train, and then departing Shinjuku Station on the Chuo Line.

Kanda Station Construction Zone Walk-through - (120117)

Walking through under-(re)construction Kanda Station. (I'm not sure exactly what the construction is, but it's probably related to the construction of new Shinkansen tracks above.)

Yurakucho to Kanda via Nighttime Yamanote Line - (120117)

Riding the Yamanote Line from Yurakucho to Kanda at night.

Kanda - West Exit Street View - (120117)

Walking out the west exit of Kanda Station and looking around on nearby streets.

Moving Melody Clock in Yurakucho (Last Part) - (120117)

A look at the very last part of the musical moving clock in Yurakucho.

Evening Musashi-Kogane Platform (夕方武蔵小金井駅ホーム) - (120116)

A brief look at one of the platforms at Musashi-Kogane Station (夕方武蔵小金井駅ホーム).

Yurakucho Under-Bridge Izakaya - (120117)

Walking under the tracks in Yurakucho - past an under-bridge izakaya.

Ginza Chuo-Dori - (120117)

Walking down Ginza Chuo-Dori in Tokyo.

Reserved Seat Express Passing Kanda Station - (120117)

Watching a reserved seat express train passing by Kanda Station.

Inbound Chuo Line at Musashi-Kogane (武蔵小金井駅での中央線) - (120116)

Watching an inbound Chuo Line train at Musashi-Kogane Station (武蔵小金井駅での中央線).

Entering Kanda Station at Night - (120117)

Walking into Kanda Station at night.

Kanda Station - Waiting for the Chuo Line - (120117)

Waiting for the Chuo Line at Kanda Station.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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