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"Ginza Exhibitions, 1920's Hand-Crank Projector, HD-Enoshima, Etc."

This batch of clips includes some from the same time frame as the last batch of clips (featuring Kamakura and Enoshima) - but from a different camera, recorded in a wider aspect ratio and larger size. The newer clips include typical train scenes (Chuo Line, etc.) and several clips related to exhibitions at art galleries in Kyobashi and Ginza.

Ah! There is an unusual and interesting subject this time - a 1920's hand-crank movie projector that I was able to try out (along with several others in a group that watched some old movie clips from the 1930's). There are also a couple of short clips of the old movie (and animation) clips that were shown, which give some idea of the experience of seeing them in Room-508. The only thing electricity was needed for, was for the illumination behind the film. The man showing the film clips has been collecting old clips for some four decades, and is quite an expert on movie film, camera, and projector history. One very interesting thing I learned at the exhibition is that the early Chaplin and Keystone Cops material was filmed at 16fps, and (at the time) shown at 16fps, but sped up later to 24fps for no better reason than that movie film technology had moved from 16fps to 24fps and showing the old films on new projectors resulted in their being 1.5x their intended speed. I had grown up seeing only the sped-up versions of those very old films, so I thought that was how they had been intended to be seen.

Ginza Demolition Site - (120508) - Another section of Ginza loses several older buildings to make way for (highly probably) yet another over-size sealed-box with a recirculating air system. Someday humans will realize that it's vastly more humane to make buildings with proper ventilation, rather than making people feel like captive gold fish in a tank that needs to have its water changed. Meanwhile, most of us suffer in badly designed (air quality wise) sealed boxes while working....

Gawa Kumiko (ガワクミコ) Gallery Ginza 1-Chome (ギャラリー銀座一丁目) - (C) - (120427) - Exhibition of glass art in an installation environment utilizing sculpted cardboard.

Two Exhibitions - Hitotsuyama Chie (一ツ山チエ) and Murakami Ai (村上愛) - (120518)

Hitotsuyama Chie (一ツ山チエ) Lixil Gallery (Lixil ギャラリー) - (120518) - What?! A herd of buffalo in Kyobashi?! A surprising installation.

Kanda to Yurakucho - (120518)

Chuo Line Interior - (120518)

Yurakucho Plaza - One Evening - (120518)

Shinagawa Early Morning Yokosuka Line Platform - (120511)

Yokosuka Line Arriving at Shinagawa - Early Morning Platform View - (120511)

Early Morning Train Sleepers - (120511) - Very early in the morning, quite possibly these two men worked all night and were headed home for some much needed sleep?

Outward Bound Yokosuka Line - Early Morning - (120511)

Tsurugaoka-Hachimangu - Short Clip - (120511)

Tsurugaoka-Hachimangu - Traditional Wedding, Traditional Music - (120511)

Evening Enoshima Shotengai - (120511)

Yurakucho Camera Dance - (120518)

Ginza Evening Reflections - (120518)

Enoshima Sunset 江ノ島夕日 - (120511)

Tokyo to Shinjuku - Night Rain View - (120522)

Exploring Park While Waiting for Eclipse - (120521)

Experiencing the Solar Eclipse Without Realizing it Exactly - (120521) - A very boring clip. If you are feeling like you missed something by not seeing the eclipse, then have a look at this and you may feel better. While it was interesting to see the effect through dark glasses, the view on the sun-illuminated ground was nothing more than it seeming like it was early evening for a few minutes (which was somewhat interesting, but didn't record into video very well).

Looking at Last Part of Solar Eclipse - (120521)

Ishida Mari 石田眞利 Exhibition at Kobo Gallery - (120522) - An interesting exhibition/installation of hand-carved wooden art objects.

The following four clips are of an interesting installation done with stained glass and mirrors, creatively lit, creating shadows and reflected light on the ceiling, walls, and floor.

Kanbayashi Keiko 上林恵子 Exhibition at Kobo Gallery - Walk Through - (120522)

Kanbayashi Keiko 上林恵子 Exhibition at Kobo Gallery - (A) - (120522)

Kanbayashi Keiko 上林恵子 Exhibition at Kobo Gallery - (B) - (120522)

Kanbayashi Keiko 上林恵子 Stained Glass Installation - (120522)

Boarding 3-Door Seibu Line Train - (120522)

Departing Tokyo Station in the Rain - (120522)

Kawai Etsuko (河合悦子展) Exhibition at Gallery.B Tokyo - (120522) - A side-to-side view of one of this artist's paintings, showing how it looks rather different depending on what angle the picture is viewed at.

Different Angles One Evening - (120521) - Experimenting with camera angles in a nearly empty train.

Glimpse of Art Space Rondo - (120522) - This is a new gallery that - so far - I've only been able to look at through the front door glass. By-and-by they'll probably have an exhibition and I'll get a chance to have a better look then. I do wonder a little about the division of the room into what appear to be two nearly equal halves. The original room size is perfectly good for exhibitions, but only a little over half of the room might be a bit small? It's a nice room though - too bad the last tenant ripped out the original 1932 wooden flooring. This is how it looked as the flooring was so tragically being ripped out two years ago: [Destruction of original 1932 flooring in Room-501 (2010)]. Well - the destruction of that wonderful flooring can't be undone now, but I certainly hope that the few rooms in the building which still have the original flooring are protected against this sort of destructive redecorating in the future.

Old Crossover Bridge at Takao Station - (120521)

Mostly Empty Chuo Line Train - (120521)

The following four clips are of an exhibition in which old 1930's film clips were shown in a 1920's hand-cranked projector. It was an interesting, educational, and fun exhibition to experience!

1920's Hand-Cranked Projector Test - (120522)

Mechanical Projector Mechanism - (120522)

1930's Film Clip in Hand-Cranked Projector - (B) - (120522)

1930's Film Clip in Hand-Cranked Projector - (A) - (120522)

Takadanobaba Arrival Etc. - Seibu Line - (120522)

Temporary Bus Area at Tokyo Station - (120522)

Nihonbashi to Ginza - Left Side View - (120522)

Walking Through Tokyo Station - (120522)

Rain Walk - Nearing Tokyo Station - (120522) - Walking through the rain on the way to Tokyo Station.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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