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"1990 Trip to Boso Peninsula; 2012 Kokubunji, Shinbashi Book Festival, Etc."

The first batch of video clips are from November 17th, 1990 - twenty-two years ago.  All of the clips are from a single trip I took out to the tip of the Boso Peninsula.  The batch starts with an early morning view of central Tokyo and continues through several train rides out to the end of the peninsula, and then ends after taking more trains to Kanaya, where I board a ferry to ride across Tokyo Bay to Kurihama in Kanagawa.

In 2012 I stumble upon the annual used book fair held in SL Plaza in front of Shinbashi Station.  In years past I've bought some great reference books at good prices at this festival, but I have so little space in my apartment now that I'm reluctant to buy books these days, unless I think I really need to read them or have them as reference material.  Of course, the Internet is what enables avoiding buying books, since there is so much material available to read on-line.

Incidentally - recently Shinbashi is often being spelled "Shimbashi", but I strongly feel that's a mistake, since "ん" in Japanese most closely corresponds with "n" in English.  The theory is that the pronunciation changes to "m" when "ん" precedes certain sounds, but it sure doesn't sound that way to me, so I'm sticking with what I feel is the correct way to write (and pronounce) the name: "Shinbashi" - [新橋 しんばし shi-n-ba-shi].

1990 Sobu Line - Ochanomizu to Kinshicho 御茶ノ水から錦糸町まで (901117)

1990 Kinshicho to Tsudanuma 錦糸町から津田沼まで (901117)

1990 Tsudanuma Morning Rush 津田沼朝のラッシュ (901117)

This was taken around 7:30 a.m. - and so the people running to catch the train are likely aiming for getting to Tokyo offices before 9:00 a.m.  This video reminds me of the phrase the railways used a lot at the time urging people not to run for the trains: 駆け込み乗車を止めましょう (Kakekomi-josha-o-yamemasho) which is composed of 1) run to board a train, 2) stop/cease/not, and 3) let's.  This could be translated in various ways, but I think a fairly close English equivalent-meaning sentence would basically be: "Don't run for the trains!", although that's a bit more direct than "Let's not run for the trains" which is closer (as a "direct" translation) to the Japanese original, although unnatural in English.

Always remember - when you read the popular lie "a direct translation" - that there is very nearly no such thing as a direct translation, just varying degrees between slavishly following word order and word-by-word (attempted) equivalences on the one hand, and aiming for the same end result/impression/image with free use of whatever words on the other.  Both have their advantages and problems.  (Once in a while there is something that can be directly translated, but that's usually just nouns.)

1990 Tsudanuma to Chiba 津田沼から千葉まで (901117)

1990 Chiba Station (Morning) 朝の千葉駅 (901117)

This is both further away from Tokyo and later in the morning - beyond the point where people would be able to get to Tokyo offices by 9:00 a.m., so it's a bit more relaxed than the 7:30 a.m. scene at Tsudanuma was.

1990 Chiba to Awakamogawa 千葉から安房鴨川まで (901117)

This reminds me of the pleasures of travel by rail in Japan before - on trains with windows that properly opened, rails in short sections that made the traditional clack-clack - clack-clack-clack sounds, passenger-controlled ceiling air vents, and booth seats.  When you went out into the countryside on a train that wasn't crowded, it was a really pleasant ride.

1990 Awakamogawa in Chiba 千葉の安房鴨川 (房総半島) 901117

I exited the station at this stop and walked around the town a bit, taking videos.  Watching it now, it looks like a different era - which it was, but it looks like it was from some distant time in the past - long-long-ago, etc.  Change comes to large cities first, and so I guess this really is from the past in more ways than simply being from twenty-two years ago....

1990 Awakamogawa to Hamakanaya 安房鴨川から浜金谷まで (房総半島) 901117

1990 Kanaya Walkabout 金谷散歩 (901117)

1990 Nokogiriyama Cable-car (Up) 鋸山ロープウェイ (上) 901117

1990 Nokogiriyama Walkabout 鋸山散歩 (901117)

1990 Kanaya at Night 夜の金谷 (901117)

1990 Boarding Tokyo Bay Ferry 夜で東京湾フェリーを乗る (901117)

Kokubunji Night Streets (A) 121112

Kokubunji Night Streets (B) 121112

Kokubunji Night Streets (C) 121112

Kokubunji Night Streets (D) 121112

Yamanote Line Train Leaving Shinbashi (Book Festival) 121115

Shinbashi Used Book Festival (A) 新橋古本まつり (新橋SL広場) 121115

Shinbashi Used Book Festival (B) 新橋古本まつり (新橋SL広場) 121115

Shinbashi Used Book Festival (C) 新橋古本まつり (新橋SL広場) 121115

Shinbashi to Yurakucho (Twilight) 夕方新橋から有楽町まで (121115)

Between Ginza and Yurakucho (Twilight) 121115

Gallery Ginza-One November Exhibition (121115)

Evening Ginza Side Street Stroll (121115)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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