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"Tokyo Station (HD), Uenohara Station, and Old-Type JR Train"

The first few videos are of Tokyo Station (in HD), basically covering the inside from the Chuo Line platform to the Yaesu Exit area, with a quick look at the front of the Yaesu side from the street, showing the construction cranes, etc.  (That particular construction project has been going on for a loooong time!)  There are early morning views of Uenohara Station, and views from one of the old-type JR trains that runs between Otsuki and Takao.

Chuo Line Train Departing Tokyo Station 中央線東京駅から出発 (121222hd)

Tokyo Station - Chuo Line to Yaesu Exit 東京駅中央線から八重洲出口まで (121222hd)

Tokyo Station as shopping mall.  I'm still not quite used to the combination of station and sparkling department store food section, but it does give the station a more interesting atmosphere.

Temporary Pedestrian Tunnel (Tokyo Station Yaesu-Guchi) 東京駅八重洲口 (121222hd)

The white tunnel goes through the construction zone.  Periodically, the location of these temporary tunnels changes as they proceed with the large construction project on that side of the station.

Waiting for Chuo Line Train to Depart Tokyo Station (121222hd)

Glimpse of Ginza-One Exhibition Closing Party - December 2012 (121222)

1115 PM Tokyo Station Concourse 東京駅夜遅く (121222)

A late-night view of the inside of Tokyo Station.  With all the stores closed, this is similar in a way to how most train stations were before.

Uenohara Station Walkabout (515AM) 山梨県の上野原駅 (朝早く) 121223

Uenohara Station is in Yamanashi Prefecture - just over the border with a narrow arm of Kanagawa Prefecture which the Chuo Line cuts through.  Coming from Tokyo, you pass through Kanagawa Prefecture (Sagamiko and Fujino Stations) and cross into Yamanashi Prefecture just before Uenohara Station.

Uenohara Station Platform View (Early Morning) 山梨県の上野原駅 (始発電車) 121223

This is a good example of how most stations used to be - with the central area of the platform roofed and well-lit, while the extreme ends of the platform are out in the open air and sparsely illuminated.  I generally like this layout better than the new ones.  With this arrangement, you can wander around and go into different atmospheres while waiting for the train to arrive.  The more modern arrangement with 100% over-lighting of every centimeter of the platform and with all areas roofed (and even walled) cuts people off from the world.  It's good to be able to walk out under the stars and away from unpleasant over-lighting....

Uenohara First [of the day] Chuo Main Line Train 中央本線始発電車が遣って来る (121223)

Watching the first train of the day arrive.

Old Type JR Train Departing Uenohara (Inside View) 懐かしいJR電車 (上野原駅) 121223

Speaking of liking an old design better than newer ones - the design, layout, sounds, and general feel of these old JR (put into service when it was JNR) trains I much prefer to the newer, poorly ventilated, over-illuminated trains.  The seating arrangement I can't complain about too much, as it's obviously more practical to have the long bench seats along the windows than to have them in cubicles (to better handle large numbers of people riding the trains), but the direct, harsh, overly powerful lighting and poor ventilation (no ceiling vents, fewer openable windows, etc.) doesn't seem to me to be really necessary.  Regarding lighting, I can tell you - as a photographer - that blasting bright light directly into a camera lens doesn't make for good pictures, and the same principal applies for eyes.

Fujino to Sagamiko and Takao 藤野から相模湖と高尾まで (中央本線で) 121223g

The variety afforded by different types of seats, openable vents in the ceiling, openable windows, and more interesting noises makes riding in these old type trains a more enjoyable experience than riding in the new ones.

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