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"Snow!, Shinagawa, Hamamatsucho, Ginza, Kokusai Forum, S47 Site, Chuo Line, Etc."

The two things that stand out (to me) in this batch of videos are the fairly heavy snowfall that Tokyo experienced and a visit to the 47-Ronin graves at Sengakuji Temple 泉岳寺.  I'm a bit shy on time right now, so there may not be much in the way of comments by the videos this time - hopefully the titles are self-explanatory.

Ebisu-Shinagawa Side Window and Cab Views 恵比寿-品川 電車からの景色 (130117g)

For several stations, I looked out a side window (on the right), but I moved to the front of the train and looked out the front cab for the last hop of the trip, going from Osaki to Shinagawa.  It's an interesting part of the Yamanote Line, as it makes a fairly sharp turn to the left that starts the train heading north towards Shinagawa, Yurakucho, Tokyo, Akihabara, Ueno, etc.  At the top of the loop, the line runs west for a little before heading south (basically making two 90-degree turns), so the bottom part of the loop is the only place where it takes that sharp of a turn (more than 90-degrees) between stations.

Shinagawa to Hamamatsucho (Yamanote Line) 品川-浜松町 (山手線) 130117g

Hamamatsucho to Yurakucho (Yamanote Line) 浜松町-有楽町 (山手線) 130117g

Looking Around Inside of Kokusai Forum 国際フォーラム内を見回る (130117g)

The Kokusai Forum is quite visually interesting... of the two videos, I like the way the first part of the video taken while exiting the space (below) turned out.

Exiting Kokusai Forum 国際フォーラムを見ながら出る (130117g)

Departing Shinjuku Station (Late Night) 夜遅く新宿駅から出発 (130117g)

I keep saying this, but take a good look at how the Yamanote Line platform looks, because it won't look this way for very much longer.  The next step is it will be under construction for some time and then they'll put in the platform walls...

Chuo Line Snow - Kokubunji to Kichijoji 中央線雪, 国分寺-吉祥寺 (130115)

These side window pictures from the Chuo Line (three - together covering one trip from Kokubunji to Kanda [and then a fourth video covers Kanda to Tokyo and Yurakucho]) were taken the day after the big January 14th snow, so a lot of the snow had already melted, but since so much had fallen the day before, a fair amount remained and the whiteness of the landscape is unusual for Tokyo.  Since the train wasn't crowded at all, I went back and forth between the left and right sides of the train - with most of the first part of the trip being recorded on the left, but then the Nakano to Shinjuku part on the right and the rest of the trip more evenly on both sides.

Chuo Line Snow - Kichijoji to Koenji 中央線雪 - 吉祥寺-高円寺 (130115)

Chuo Line Snow - Koenji to Kanda 中央線雪 - 高円寺-神田 (130115)

This a long one, with the Nakano to Shinjuku part of the trip (as I mentioned above) being recorded on the right side of the train, so you can see the high-rise buildings of Shinjuku gradually get bigger on the horizon as the train speeds towards Shinjuku.  After Shinjuku, I went back and forth more evenly, recording from both sides of the train.

Kanda to Yurakucho via Chuo and Yamanote Lines 神田-有楽町 - 東京駅で乗換え (130115)

I had been planning to transfer to the Yamanote Line at Kanda, but ended up staying on the Chuo Line and riding it to its terminal stop Tokyo Station, where I transferred to the Yamanote Line and rode the one stop down the line to Yurakucho Station.

Ebisu Station Platform - Sights and Sounds 恵比寿駅 (130117hd)

A major (*the* major?) part of this video is its audio.  While I waited for a train to arrive, there was nearly a symphony of competing noises - from the slightly obnoxious repeating message about the escalator being under construction (being repaired actually, but they use the term 工事中 [koji-chu - under construction] in Japanese), to the various typical platform announcements.  It's in stereo, so if you want to know how the station sounds, hook this one up to a stereo (or better yet, play it through headphones) and play it loud - it'll give you a very good idea of how it sounds to be waiting for a train at Ebisu!

Snowing in the Woods - January 14th, 2013 林の雪 (130114)

Tokyo Big Snowstorm - January 14th, 2013 - (130114)

Very Snowy Tokyo Park (130114)

Heavy Snow - White Tree Branches 雪雪雪 (130114hd)

Snow Along Tamagawa-Josui 雪雪雪 (130114hd)

Heavy Snow in Tokyo - January 14th, 2013 雪雪雪 (130114hd)

Looking Around on the West Side of Shinagawa Station 品川駅西側 (130117hd)

Light Clouds Drifting by Tokyo Tower (130117hd)

サロンど東京春秋展 Ginza-One (銀座ワン) January 2013 Group Exhibition - (130115hd)

Tobu-Tojo Line Side View to Kita-Sakado (Snow) 東武東上線北坂戸まで (雪) 130116

Seibu-Shinjuku Line Front Snow View to Hon-Kawagoe 西武新宿線 - 本川越駅まで (130116)

Personally, I think this video is a bit boring.  It does show the snow on the railway through the front cab - but it would have been better to have taken pictures out a side window.  Actually, I wanted to do both, but the train was so crowded, that I couldn't get to either side of the train, so I was stuck in that one position - looking through the front cab.

Ginza Side Street 銀座の横道 (130115)

Yurakucho Platform Walk and Ride to Tokyo 有楽町駅など (130115)

Alley Stroll in Ginza 銀座の裏道 (130115)

Waiting for the Next Train at Tokyo Station 東京駅で待っている (130115)

Looking into the Night - Chuo Line Side Window View 夜の中央線 (130116)

A night view of snow on the ground as seen out a side window of a speeding train.

Saitama Countryside in Snow 埼玉の雪景色 (130116)

Tobu-Tojo Line to Asakadai (Snow) 東武東上線朝霞台駅まで (130116)

Departing Shinjuku via Shonan-Shinjuku Line (Snow) 湘南新宿線 130117

Shinjuku to Ebisu - Shonan-Shinjuku Line 新宿-恵比寿 - 湘南新宿線 (130117)

Exiting Shinagawa Station via Takanawa Side 品川駅高輪口から出る (130117)

Walking Towards Takanawa Area from Shinagawa Station (130117)

Area Under Construction in Takanawa 高輪工事 (130117)

Spot Midway to S47 - Takanawa, Minato-ku (130117)

Visiting S47 Site at Sengakuji Temple 泉岳寺 - 雪あり (130117)

Not the first time to visit the graves of the 47 samurai/ronin, but the first time to go there when there was snow on the ground.  The story is that the event took place on a day with a big snowfall, so it seemed appropriate to see Sengakuji Temple with snow on the ground.

Looking Around at S47 Site at Sengakuji Temple 泉岳寺 (雪あり) 130117

Leaving S47 Site at Sengakuji Temple 泉岳寺 (雪あり) 130117

Approaching Takanawa Entrance to Shinagawa Station 品川駅高輪口 (130117)

Entering Shinagawa Station from Takanawa Side 品川駅高輪口から入る (130117)

Shinagawa Yamanote Platform Walk 品川駅ホーム散歩 (130117)

Hamamatsucho Station (Platform to Exit) 浜松町駅ホームから出口まで (130117)

Hamamatsucho - Building Being Demolished 浜松町工事 (130117)

Shibadaimon Walkthrough 芝大門散歩 (130117)

Looking Up at Tokyo Tower 東京タワーを上に見る (130117)

Under the Bridge in Yurakucho 夕方有楽町橋の下 (130117)

Walking into Ginza in the Twilight 夕方銀座に入る (130117)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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