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“1991 Tateishi, Tokyo Station, Etc.; 2013 Train Views, Etc.”

The first several videos in this batch are from 1991 - starting with views of Tateishi, and also a fairly good look at Nippori Station.  One video that I spent a bit of time editing, is a nearly one-hour video focusing on the many platform and train views at Tokyo Station - taken on March 30th, 1991.  Actually, the platform and train views are mostly in-camera editing, but what I ended up spending time on was including a number of short views of other things I saw *around* Tokyo Station that day, including the Central Post Office and the Marunouchi Building (the previous version of the current building with the same name).
For current views from 2013, there are a series of wide format videos taken out a left-side window of an inbound Chuo Line train, and other views mostly taken either in trains or around train stations.  I'm commenting on some of the videos, but many have pretty self-explanatory titles, so I won't comment on those.
1991 - Tateishi Night Stroll 立石駅夜散策散歩 (910324g)
Starting with when I get off a train at Tateishi Station, I walk through the manually run (by humans, not machines) ticket gates, and then walk around the area.  There's a major (roofed) shopping arcade, and interesting side streets.... I went there not knowing what to expect, and it turned out to be a pretty interesting area.  It was kind of late, so things were just winding down with the stores closing up.  The atmospheric narrow side streets appeared to have a bit of history behind them, but of course the action was (presumably) inside and I stayed out on the street, walking around, so the streets also have a bit of that late-night lonely feel to them.  Also, it was late March, with still cold weather affecting the feel of the streets as well.  The approximately fifteen minute video ends after I return to Tateishi Station and board the first of several trains for home.
1991年の立石駅 Tateishi Station in 1991 (910324)
1991 - Tateishi to Nippori 立石駅-日暮里駅 (910324)
The multi-train night trip from Tateishi Station to Nippori Station, including station and platform views, transfers, etc.

1991年の日暮里駅 Nippori Station in 1991 (910324)
Arriving at Nippori Station on a Keisei Line train, looking around the station for a while, and then leaving on a Yamanote Line train.
1991 - Hibarigaoka to Tokyo - ひばりヶ丘駅-東京駅 (910330)

There are a fair amount of scenes of a busy Saturday at Tokyo station at the end of this one.

1991年東京駅新幹線探検 Tokyo Station Shinkansen Views (910330)
About eight minutes of checking out Shinkansen trains at Tokyo Station.  As a terminal station, the trains were all stopped for several minutes after arriving, allowing for cleaning and whatnot, so I had time to walk through some of them and have a look inside.
1991 - Keiyo Line Passageway Etc at Tokyo Station (910330)
The extension of the Keiyo Line to Tokyo Station was still new (beginning in 1990), so it was a new area to explore rather than an established one with a long history. In this video, I mention that I'm really tired - I had been walking around Tokyo Station all day recording video, and it was getting pretty late... I think I had been taking video almost non-stop for about twelve hours at this point.
1991 - Tokyo to Hibarigaoka 東京駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 (910330)
1991年東京駅の裏ミステリーゾーン 91-Tokyo Station Mystery Zone (910330)
As this area is now completely gone, I edited this part to show as much of it as I could.  I explain some about the history of the mysterious brick tunnel/passageway, and have several pictures (taken from the video) in this blog post:
1991年東京駅の裏 - Mysterious Area Behind Tokyo Station (in 1991)

1991 Tokyo Station - Yaesu Side - 東京駅八重洲口 (910330)

This is a short video, at less than two minutes, but I wanted to show the footage I took on this side of 1991 Tokyo Station, because there have been a lot of changes on this side since this was taken.
1991年の丸ノ内散策散歩 - Marunouchi 1-Chome Stroll (910330)
A lot of attention has been focused on the many changes on the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station, but there have been a lot of changes on the Yaesu side as well.  In this video, I start on the Yaesu side and walk over to the Marunouchi side.
1991年の東京駅電車など - Tokyo Station Trains (910330)
At a little over 56 minutes, this is a long one.  The focus of this particular edit are platform and train scenes, but I also put in a little from the surrounding area, including quick looks at the Central Post Office and the Marunouchi Building, as well as views of the Tokyo Station Art Gallery and the Tokyo Station Hotel.

Ginza-Kyobashi Art Cards 2012-001 (April) 銀座京橋展示会DM絵葉書 (130404)

Ginza-Kyobashi Art Cards 2012-002 (April) 銀座京橋展示会DM絵葉書 (130404)
Ginza-Kyobashi Art Cards 2012-003 (April) 銀座京橋展示会DM絵葉書 (130404)

Shinjuku - Evening Inbound Chuo Line Platform 夕方新宿駅上り中央線ホーム (130402)

A quick look around on the inbound Chuo Line platform - which seems surprisingly empty, but since it was the evening, the flow of people was in the outbound direction, which is a completely different platform (not just the other side of the same one, as is typically the case for one train line).

Shinjuku - Night Outbound Chuo Line Platform 夜新宿駅下り中央線ホーム (130402)

A bit late in the evening, middle of the week, and ahead of the last trains, the platform scene is pretty relaxed.
Nishi-Shinjuku Evening Rain Walk 夕方西新宿 (元淀橋) 雨散策散歩 (130402)

The next several videos are a wide-format look out a left-side window of an inbound Chuo Line train.

Kokubunji to Musashi-Koganei (Chuo Line) 国分寺駅-武蔵小金井駅 - 中央線 130409hdc

Musashi-Koganei to Higashi-Koganei (Chuo Line) 武蔵小金井駅-東小金井駅 - 中央線 (130409hdc)

Higashi-Koganei to Musashi-Sakai (Chuo Line) 東小金井駅-武蔵境駅 - 中央線 (130409hdc)

Musashi-Sakai to Mitaka (Chuo Line) 武蔵境駅-三鷹駅 - 中央線 (130409hdc)

Mitaka to Kichijoji (Chuo Line) 三鷹駅-吉祥寺駅 - 中央線 (130409hdc)

Kichijoji to Nishi-Ogikubo (Chuo Line) 吉祥寺駅-西荻窪駅 - 中央線 (130409hdc)
Nishi-Ogikubo Station Platform Lookaround - Announcements Etc - 西荻窪駅 (130409hdc)
The faster versions of the Chuo Line don't stop at Nishi-Ogikubo, which is why they go zooming past in this view.  Then the automatic recorded platform announcements (male voice for one direction, and female voice for the other) unusually match up almost perfectly and for a few seconds they are speaking in unison.

Nishi-Ogikubo to Ogikubo (Chuo Line) 西荻窪駅-荻窪駅 - 中央線 (130409hdc)

Ginza-Kyobashi Art Cards - April 9th 2013 銀座京橋展示会絵葉書 (130410)
Kitagawa Kenji (北川健展) Exhibition: 「廻廊にてー午前四時のシメールの肖像」 (130409)
A quick look at the latest exhibition at Gallery Kazuki (画廊香月) in the Ginza Okuno Building (奥野ビル).

東京駅-神田駅 - 中央線 Tokyo to Kanda - Chuo Line (130409)

Tanker Train at Tachikawa Station (130410)
Every once-in-a-while, a freight train will stop at a platform like this.  Standing right next to one, it's always sort of tempting to climb on, but I don't think I ever will!
Tachikawa Station Late Night Platform Walk - Tanker Cars (130410)

Tachikawa to Kunitachi - Chuo Line 立川駅-国立駅 - 中央線 (130410)

Mitaka to Nishi-Ogikubo - Chuo Line 三鷹駅-西荻窪駅 - 中央線 (130405)

Nakano to Shinjuku - Chuo Line 中野駅-新宿駅 - 中央線 (130405)

中央線の右側窓眺め - 中央東京 Chuo Line - Right Side Window View (130405)
Alone on the Rampart (130405)

Yotsuya Platform Walk 四ッ谷駅ホームの様子 (130405)

Ochanomizu to Kanda - Chuo Line 御茶ノ水駅-神田駅 - 中央線 (130405)

Kanda Station Under Construction - New Escalator 工事中神田駅 (130405)

Kanda to Yurakucho - Yamanote Line 神田駅-有楽町駅 - 山手線 (130405)

Ginza Harumi-Dori Afternoon Stroll 銀座晴海どおり散策散歩 (130405)

Art Exhibition at Art Space Rondo (130405)
Busy Evening at Yurakucho-YSB (130405)

Waiting for Late Night Chuo Line - Tokyo Station (130405)

Afternoon Sakura Trees in Ginza 夕方銀座桜木の様子 (130405g)
Tokyo to Kanda - Chuo Line 東京駅-神田駅 - 中央線 (130405g)
Late Night Nishi-Kokubunji Station 夜遅く西国分寺駅 (130406)

Afternoon Kokubunji Station Platform 午後国分寺駅ホーム見回り (130409)

Ochanomizu to Kanda - Front Cab View 御茶ノ水駅-神田駅 - 中央線 (130409g)

工事中神田駅 Kanda Station Under Construction (130409)

神田駅-有楽町駅 - 山手線 Kanda to Yurakucho - Yamanote Line (130409)

Yurakucho Light and Shadow 有楽町光と影 (130409)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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