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"2013 JP Tower, Asakusa, Etc; 1991 Tsukiji, Naka-Meguro, Gakugei-Daigaku Station Area, Etc."

Very pressed for time this week, so I'm afraid I"ll have to be sparing with text - hopefully the videos will speak for themselves.  Notable in this batch are 2013 views of the recently opened (reopened?) remains of the former Central Post Office next to Tokyo Station (元東京中央郵便局).
People have mixed feelings about this, as many wanted to see the building preserved and while it's great that at least the facade and the front part of the building (by that I mean that a usable section going back a little - more than just the external face of the building) have been preserved, most of the rear of the building was removed to make way for an office tower (the JP Tower).  Personally, I think the result is pretty cool, and the front of the building goes well aesthetically and historically with the newly renovated/rebuilt Tokyo Station, with the Tokyo Station building representing 1914 Tokyo and the former post office building (now part of "JP Tower", the high-rise the facade is connected to) dating back to 1933.  Included in the video clips below are several views from the roof of the 1933 building showing Tokyo Station and the surrounding buildings of Marunouchi.
Also notable in this batch of videos are 1991 views of (yes, again, and I'll explain why in a second) Tsukiji.  I have recently posted videos of 1991 Tsukiji, but rather than just a repeat (on another day) this is a continuation of a pretty detailed look at the huge wholesale market, with (this time) views of the surrounding shops, restaurants, and offices, and also a view of the Saturday afternoon cleanup inside the market.
Kyobashi Late Spring Day 京橋ある春の日 (130521)

Tokyo Station Yaesu Bus Area Etc 東京駅八重洲バスゾーンなど (130521)

Tokyo to Kanda (Chuo Line) 東京駅-神田駅 中央線 (130521)

Shinjuku - Platform to Upper Concourse 新宿駅ホームから上の通路へ (130521)

新宿駅南口から夜へ向かう Entering the Night from Shinjuku Station (130521)

Entering Nishi-Shinjuku (Former Yodobashi) 西新宿 (元淀橋) へ入る (130521)

Shinjuku - Escalator to Plaza 新宿東南口プラザへのエスカレーター (130521)

Shinjuku Brief Street View 新宿の数秒間 (130521)

Twilight in Kyobashi 京橋の夕暮れの時 (130521g)
Springtime Tamagawa-Josui Quick Look 春の玉川上水 (130518)

I was asked about how to find the the APA Hotel near Ningyocho Station, so I went out there and took a few clips to show the person who asked me how to find the hotel and what the station looks like, etc. (next five videos).

Nigyocho Station to APA Hotel 人形町駅からAPAホテルまで人形町駅北 (130524)

Entering APA-Ningyocho-kita Hotel アパホテル人形町北を入る (130524)

Both Entrances of APA-Ningyocho-kita Hotel アパホテル人形町北の入り口 (130524)

Entering Ningyocho Station 人形町駅を入る (130524)

Ningyocho Station - Toei-Asakusa Line 都営浅草線の人形町駅 (130524)

Chuo Line Side View to Mitaka 中央線三鷹駅までの右側 (130524)
三鷹駅-中野駅 中央線の左側 Mitaka to Nakano Chuo Line Left Side (130524)

中野駅-新宿駅 中央線の左側 Nakano to Shinjuku Chuo Line Left Side (130524)

These next two were mainly taken as updates to the video I took a few years back showing how to get to the Sunroute Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku.  As I mentioned above, I'm pressed for time right now (I have a ton of things to do), so I'll have to try to edit this later with a link to that along with a better explanation.

Shinjuku - Narita Express to Southern Terrace Exit and South Exit 新宿駅 (130524)

Shinjuku Station - South Exit and Southern Terrace Exit Areas 新宿駅南口など (130524)

Departing Shinjuku Station on Inbound Chuo Line 中央線で新宿駅から出発 (130524)

Chuo Line Central Area Side View 中央東京中央線昼の左側眺め (130524)

Yotsuya to Kanda (Chuo Line) 四ッ谷駅-神田駅 昼の中央線 (130524)

Kanda to Ueno (Yamanote Line) 神田駅-上野駅 山手線 (130524)

Ueno Station - Missing Path to Basement 上野駅無くなった地下までの階段口 (130524)
Ueno Station - From Yamanote Line to Main Terminal and Mall Stroll 上野駅 (130524)

Ueno Station Walkabout - Main Terminal to Subway Entrance Etc 上野駅色々 (130524)

Ueno Station - Yamanote to Hibiya Transfer 上野駅の山手線-日比谷線乗り換え (130524)

Ueno to Ningyocho (Hibiya Line) 上野駅-人形町駅 日比谷線 (地下鉄) 130524

Nighttime Tokyo Station from Above Etc 上からの夜東京駅の様子など (130524)

Ningyocho Station - Exiting via A3 Exit 人形町駅をA3口から出る (130524)

Ningyocho Station - Waiting for Toei-Asakusa Line Train 都営人形町駅の様子 (130524)

Complicated Map on Tokyo Subway 複雑な電車内の地図 (130524)

Rooftop-360A Asakusa Matsuya 浅草松屋360A (130524)

Rooftop-360B Asakusa Matsuya 浅草松屋360B (130524)

Suehirocho to Awajicho (Ginza Line) 末広町駅-淡路町駅 銀座線 (130524)

Akihabara Street Scene Near Southwest Side of Station 夕方の秋葉原駅辺り (130524)

Akihabara - From Southeast Streets to Station 秋葉原東南道から駅まで (130524)

Akihabara to Yurakucho (Yamanote Line) 秋葉原駅-有楽町駅 山手線 (130524)

Evening Yurakucho (Musical Clock Etc) 夕方の有楽町 音楽時計 (130524)

Down Escalators in JP Tower JPタワーの下りエスカレーター (130524)
Yurakucho Night - Under-Tracks Izakaya 賑やかな居酒屋 有楽町金曜日の夜 (130524)
Late Night Friday Yurakucho Station 有楽町駅 金曜日の夜遅く (130524)

Late Night Friday - Yurakucho to Tokyo 金曜日の夜遅く 有楽町駅-東京駅 (130524)

Tokyo Station - Yaesu to Marunouchi 夕方東京駅 八重洲川-丸の内側 (130524)

Tokyo to Yurakucho - Keihin-Tohoku Line 東京駅-有楽町駅 京浜東北線 (130524)

Yurakucho-SB Evening Stroll 夕方の有楽町SB (130524)

Yurakucho to Tokyo (Yamanote Line) 有楽町駅-東京駅 山手線 (130524)
JP Tower - Upper Two Floors of Former Central PO Building JPタワー 元中央郵便局 130524
Tokyo Station - Marunouchi Dome to Yamanote Platform 東京駅改札-山手線 (130524)

Tokyo to Shinbashi - Keihin-Tohoku Line 東京駅-新橋駅 京浜東北線 (130524)

Shinbashi Station Keihin-Tohoku Line Train 新橋駅の京浜東北線の様子 (130524)

Shinbashi Late Night Walkabout 新橋夜遅く散策散歩 (130524)

Shinbashi Plaza to Keihin-Tohoku Line Train 新橋広場からホームまで (130524)

都営浅草駅 From Toei-Asakusa Platform to Asakusa Streets (130524)

Walking to Asakusa Sensoji Kaminarimon 浅草観光 浅草寺の雷門 (130524)

Walking to Temple 浅草寺の仲見世通り Nakamise-Dori at Sensoji (130524)

Asakusa Hanayashiki Entrance Area 浅草花屋敷の入り口辺り (130524)

Asakusa 2-Chome Shotengai 浅草二丁目商店街 (130524)
Asakusa 3-Chome Shotengai 浅草三丁目商店街 (130524)

Asakusa Green Leaf Roof Izakaya and Shotengai 浅草植物屋根の居酒屋道 (130524)

Asakusa Sensoji - Return Walk to Kaminarimon 浅草寺の仲見世通り 雷門 (130524)

Asakusa Shotengai Shopping Streets 浅草商店街散策散歩 (130524)

浅草観音近道 浅草地下商店街を見回る Asakusa-Kannon-Chikamichi (130524)

浅草観音近道 浅草地下商店街を通る Asakusa-Kannon-Chikamichi (130524)

Asakusa Street Island and Look at old Underground Shopping Area (130524)

Asakusa Entrance to Tobu-Isezaki Line 浅草駅 東武伊勢崎線の入り口 (130524)

Stairwell Stone in Old Department Store in Asakusa (130524)

Department Store to Tobu-Isezaki Line to Underground Shotengai to Ginza Line 130524

Asakusa Station - Ginza Line Platform and Train Interior 銀座線 (130524)
Evening Nihonbashi Walkabout 夕方日本橋散策散歩 (130524)

神田駅 Waiting for a Train at Kanda Station 電車来るまでの見回り (130524g)
JP Tower - Former Central Post Office Section 元中央郵便局の残りに散策散歩 (130524g)
Roof Walk - Former Central Post Office 屋上散策散歩 元中央郵便局 (130524g)
Marunouchi Friday Night Lights 丸の内金曜日の光 五月の月光 (130524g)
Friday Night Yurakucho-SB 金曜日有楽町の夜 賑やかなYSB (130524g)

Kiki - Hamamatsucho Live (Set-1, Song-1) 130516

Kiki - Hamamatsucho Live (Set-1, Song-3) 130516

Kiki - Hamamatsucho Live (Set-1, Song-4) 130516

Kiki - Hamamatsucho Live (Set-2, Song-1) 130516

Kiki - Hamamatsucho Live (Set-2, Song-2) 130516
1991 Tsukiji Fish Market 1020-AM 築地市場 (910518)

1991 Tsukiji Styrofoam Recycle Machine (910518)

1991 Tsukiji Shops 築地市場の店 (910518)

1991 Tsukiji Offices and Old Houses Etc 築地市場 (910518)

1991 Tsukiji After Hours 築地市場 (910518)

Tsukiji Shops - Saturday Afternoon 築地市場土曜日の午後 (910518)

1991 Setagaya Walkabout 世田谷区散策散歩 (910518)

1991 Tsukiji to Naka-Meguro 築地駅-中目黒駅 (910518)

1991 Setagaya Walkabout 世田谷区散策散歩 (910518)

1991 Hiyoshi Station at Night 夜の日吉駅 (910518)

1991 Waiting for Friends near Hiyoshi Station 日吉駅で待ってる (910518)

1991 Hiyoshi to Ikebukuro 日吉駅-池袋駅 (910518)

1991 Exiting Seibu Train at Hibarigaoka ひばりヶ丘駅で降りる (910518)

1991 Naka-Meguro Station Area 中目黒駅の駅辺り (910518)

1991 Afternoon Gakugei-Daigaku Station Area 学芸大学駅 (910518)

1991年夕暮れの学芸大学駅辺り 西口商店街 Gakugeidaigaku Station 910518
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