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"1990 Yokosuka, Zushi, Ichikawa, etc; 2013 Hibarigaoka, Rikugien Gardens, etc."

Starting off with several views from 1990 - including a trip to Yokosuka and Zushi on December 15th, 1990 and views of Ichikawa on December 22nd, 1990.  After that, many 2013 views, including of Monomiyama Park, Hibarigaoka, Rikugien Gardens, Komagome, Shinjuku, Manseibashi Bridge, Kanda, the Tobu-Tojo Line, the Chuo Line, etc. etc.

1990 手動改札出口 JR池袋駅 Manual Ticket Gates JR Ikebukuro 901213

Since this was set up specifically as an exit, the people manning the ticket gates were there primarily to take tickets and monitor dates on passes.  Since most people are just streaming through, it almost looks like it's automated in some way, but there was no automation at all (although nearly all the stations became fully automated soon after this).

The system was that most commuters had monthly (or three-month or six-month) passes, which they held up while walking through, and the station people in the ticket gates watched for the correct zone and that the train pass date was still valid.  You might think it would be easy to cheat, and I witnessed some people doing so at the time, but if you were caught, the penalty was fairly severe, so most people were honest about it.

1990 Nishi-Shinjuku Walkabout 西新宿散策散歩 901213

1990 Shinjuku to Hibarigaoka 新宿駅からひばりヶ丘駅まで 901213

1990年 横須賀と逗子の日帰り旅 1990 Trip to Yokosuka and Zushi 901215

This one is pretty long - pretty close to two hours long in fact - so there's a lot of information contained in this one.  If you're interested in how Yokosuka and Zushi looked in 1990, then this might be worth watching.  I think this was the only time I took video out that way back in 1990.

1990 Ichikawa Walkabout - Walk to Ichikawamama Station 市川と市川真間駅 901222
1990 Ichikawamama to Ueno 市川真間駅から上野駅まで 901222
1990 Ueno Ameyokocho Walkabout 上野アメヤ横丁辺り散策散歩 901222
In some ways, Ameyokocho hasn't changed.  If you go there today, the same type of shops are still noisily conducting business.  What I think has changed however, is that back when I took this, it seemed like most of the people walking around were there for shopping, whereas the last few times I went to this area towards the end of the year, it seemed very much like the majority of people filling the streets were there just to witness the event of a lot of people being there.  Not only were not many people even attempting to shop, but the crowd density was so high that it was nearly impossible to even get close to the shops.  About all you could do was flow along (uncomfortably) in the river of tightly packed people.

Gallery Ginza One December 2013 Exhibition Party ギャラリー銀座ワンの2013年12月展示会 131209
Ginza One Gallery

LHS 2013/12 Exhibition 1990 Combination Photos

Chuo Line Twilight View 中央線夕暮れ武蔵境駅から三鷹駅まで 131129

Chuo Line View of Ochanomizu to Tokyo 中央線で御茶ノ水駅から東京駅まで 131209g

Outbound Tobu Tojo Line View 下り東武東上線窓の風景 131204

Hibarigaoka Kitaguchi Shotengai View ひばりが丘北口商店街散策散歩 131204

The introduction of large-box discount shops and Internet shopping has taken a lot of business away from the old shotengai shopping streets.  So much so, that they are now rapidly disappearing.  I know the trend, but I was still surprised to see a whole section of the east exit Hibarigaoka shotengai simply gone - with a large area of vacant dirt in its place.
Hibarigaoka Station Night Walkabout ひばりヶ丘駅夜散策散歩 131204
Keio Line Shinjuku Station Evening View 京王線新宿駅内の夕方様子 131209

Shinjuku to Osaki Twilight View 夕暮れ新宿から大崎まで 湘南新宿線 131206

Shinjuku Construction Site seen from Platform 新宿ホームからの工事現場の様子 131129

For the last few weeks, this has looked more or less the same, but once they start building upwards, things will progress rapidly and this view will be gone for... not forever, but for the next few generations presumably.
Keio Line Night Window View 京王線夜窓の風景 上り電車 131209

Keio Line Window View Arrival at Shinjuku 京王線新宿駅に到着と駅内 131209

Bus 360 Look in Parking Lot at End of Line 131204
I was in the area, so I decided to ride a bus to the end of the line just to see what was there.  What was there was a residential-only suburbia that felt very uncomfortable to be in as an outsider.
Bus Stop in Suburbia 131204

It was a relief to escape suburbia (see video below).  My visit there was a weird experience.  In most areas of Tokyo, you can ride a train somewhere, and when you get off and walk around, there's generally something of interest to see, and it's fun to explore.  This suburbia with only residential houses was a spooky/scary experience.  Used to more friendly streets in Tokyo, I felt very uncomfortable in this area.  Only one person very openly and very rudely stared at me, but I could feel that it was basically a closed area that didn't like strangers visiting, so I got out of there in a hurry and plan on never ever ever returning.

Exiting Suburbia via Bus バスでニュータウンを出る 131204g

川越市駅で東武東上線 Boarding Tobu Tojo Line at Kawagoeshi Station 131204

物見山公園の秋木 Autumn Trees in Monomiyama Park 131204

六義園 秋の夜A Rikugien Gardens Autumn Night Stroll 131203
This old, traditional garden in Tokyo is only open at night twice a year - for about a week in the springtime and about a week in the autumn.
六義園 秋の夜B Rikugien Gardens Autumn Night Stroll 131203
1130PM Shinjuku Station Platform 夜の新宿駅ホームの様子 Waiting 131203

Evening Ikebukuro Station and Street on East Side 池袋 駅から東口まで 131204

FC View Arriving at Seibu Takadanobaba Station 西武高田馬場駅に到着 131203

FCV Takadanobaba to Shinjuku on the Seibu Shinjuku Line 高田馬場駅から西部新宿駅 131203g

Ikebukuro East Sidewalk Stroll 池袋夜東口散策散歩 131204

Komagome Station Platform Stroll at Night 駒込駅夜ホームの様子 131203

Near Komagome Station Looking Around at Night 夜の駒込大通 131203

Riding Empty Bus in Saitama 埼玉の空バスを乗る 131204
Away from central Tokyo, the car culture introduced from the US rules and although there are buses, they are often nearly empty.  For this ride, I was the only passenger.

Shinjuku Chuo Line Platform 360 at Night 新宿駅中央線夜ホーム360 131129

7th to 5th Floor Stroll 七階から五階の散策 131207

Walking through part of an atmospheric old 1930's building in Ginza.

Ceiling Details in 1930s Basement Room 131207
Old Ceiling
Old Ceiling
夕暮れ埼京線ホーム隣工事現場 Saikyo Line Platformside Construction 131206

立川駅での最終上り中央線 1248AM Last Inbound Train at Tachikawa 131210

Late Night Chuo Line Train Arriving at NishiKokubunji 中央線 131210

Tokyo Yaesu Side Construction Zone 東京駅八重洲口工事現場 131207

Train Passing in the Night 夜の電車が通る 131204

Walking Towards JR Section of Shinjuku Station from Keio Line 131209
Making the transfer from the Keio Line to one of the JR lines.

Yurakucho Izakaya Tunnel 有楽町居酒屋アーチ 131207

Yurakucho to Tokyo via Yamanote Line 山手線で有楽町から東京まで 131207

北野駅で京王線を乗る Boarding Keio Line Train at Kitano 131209

Late Night Platform View While Waiting for Last Train of the Night 131208

1246AM Mostly Empty Chuo Line Train 夜中のがらがら中央線 131210
I read somewhere (and I've heard, and I believe) that the Chuo Line is - on average over the whole day - the most crowded train line in all of Japan, so it's not often that you see a nearly empty Chuo Line train, but getting on one at 12:46 a.m. is one way of seeing the train lightly loaded.

Osaki Escalator to Yamanote Platform 大崎駅山手線ホームまでのエスカレーター 131206

Departing Shinjuku Station via Chuo Line at Night 中央線 131209

Ikebukuro Street to Platform 池袋東口から西武池袋線ホームまで 131204

Side Streets in Hibarigaoka ひばりが丘の夜横道 131204n

Hibarigaoka Railroad Crossing Trains ひばりヶ丘駅隣の踏切電車 131204

Escalator to Outbound Platform at Hibarigaoka Station 131204

Hibarigaoka Nighttime Outbound Platform 夜のひばりヶ丘駅下りホーム 131204
Seibu Ikebukuro Line to Seibu Shinjuku Line Transfer at Tokorozawa 131204

Late Night City Flowing By 夜の窓ビュー 131210

Takasaka Station Bus Stop 360 高坂駅バス停360 131211
Edge of Monomiyama Park 物見山公園の秋ビュー 131211
End of Platform View at Tobu Tojo Line Ikebukuro Station 池袋東武東上線 131211

Manseibashi Bridge Twilight 360 夕暮れ万世橋の橋360 131211
Chuo Line Train Passing Former Manseibashi Station Platform 131211
Manseibashi Station Model
Remnant of Original Manseibashi Station
御茶ノ水駅工事現場と中央線を乗る Ochanomizu Station Construction Etc 131211

Ochanomizu is one of the few steel and wood stations left in Tokyo, but it looks like that steel and wood is about to vaporize via the ever hungry Godzilla Construction Industry Monster (GCIM).  Presumably, JR (Japan Railways... or is it Japan Retail?) will be building yet another shopping mall with train access (SMWTA) here.

Arriving at Shinjuku via Chuo Line 中央線で新宿駅へ 131213

Tokyo Station Yaesu Side Newly Opened Bus Loading Zone 131214

あっ! 危ない!! ポスター Nihonbashi Station 日本橋駅 131214
A view of a platform poster warning drinkers to be careful  not to fall off the platform and reminding people that the trains can be stopped by pressing one of the many emergency stop buttons on the platform.

Boarding Tozai Line Train at Nihonbashi 日本橋駅で東西線を乗る 131214

Shinjuku South Exit 新宿駅南口 西新宿向き Nishi-Shinjuku Bound 131210

Kanda Under Bridge Construction View 神田駅橋下の工事様子 131210
神田駅工事現場西口 Kanda Station Construction West Side 131210
Kanda Station Construction Southeast Side 神田駅工事現場南口 131210
Kanda Station Quick 360 Platform View 夜の神田駅ホームの様子 131210

Tobu Tojo Line Train Arriving at Takasaka Station 高坂駅の東武東上線 131211

Tobu Tojo Line Empty Train Carriage Stroll 東武東上線の空車両散策散歩 131211
Tobu Tojo Line Ikebukuro Station Platform Stroll 東武東上線池袋駅ホーム 131211
Tobu-Tojo Ikebukuro Station
Akihabara Station Platforms 秋葉原駅ホームの様子 131211

Tozai Line Train Arriving at Nihonbashi Station 日本橋駅の東西線 131211

Nihonbashi to Otemachi via Tozai Line 東西線で日本橋から大手町まで 131211

Nihonbashi Station 日本橋駅 Street to Platform 道からホームまで 131214

Kanda Station-side 360 神田駅360ビュー 131210

Observation Deck Lookaround 展望台の見回る 埼玉ピースミュージアム 131211
Night Trains at Shoheibashi 昌平橋辺りの夜電車 光と水反射 131211
Ochanomizu Station Hijiribashi Entrance to Platform 御茶ノ水駅の聖橋口 131211

Kanda to Tokyo via Chuo Line 中央線で神田駅から東京駅まで 131211

600pm Tokyo Station Concourse 東京駅通路の夕方様子 131211

万世橋グラスビュー Manseibashi Glass View 131210
Boarding Tobu-Tojo Line Train at Kawagoeshi 東武東上線の川越駅ホーム 131218

Kawagoeshi to Takasaka via Tobu-Tojo Line 川越駅から高坂駅まで 東武東上線で 131218

NRA Red Arrow Departing Hon-Kawagoe 本川越駅からNRAレッドアローが出発 131218
所沢駅で止まってるレトロ色のNRA Old Paint Scheme Red Arrow NRA at Tokorozawa 131218

Ordering Curry and Rice from Talking Vending Machine 喋る機械から注文をする 131219

There have been machines to buy tickets from for restaurants like this for at least two decades, but this is the first one I've seen that talks back and uses a computer touch screen instead of standard (or should I say "old type"?) buttons.

New Old Style Izakaya 新古形居酒屋 131219
Now that genuinely old structures in Tokyo have been nearly completely eradicated, the very few (and very rare) ones left are suddenly popular - to the point that they've started decorating sections of new buildings to look like the old type that are nearly extinct.  This izakaya in a modern concrete building is one such example.  As long as you don't look up at the modern concrete ceiling, you could almost think you were in a traditional old wooden izakaya.

Yamanote to Chuo Line Transfer at Shinjuku 新宿駅の山手線から中央線まで 131219

Inside Packed Late Night Chuo Line Train 忘年会シーズンの満人夜中央線内部 131219
For the most part, you can't really politely take pictures inside a really crowded train, but when I looked around on this particular occasion, I noticed that no one was facing me, so I was able to take this quick view inside a packed train without showing anyone's face.

湘南新宿ライン東海道線直通特別快速 新宿駅から大崎駅まで SSLTCTK 131220

Shinjuku Construction by Saikyo Line 新宿夜工事現場 131220

Hon-Kawagoe to Minami-Otsuka via Seibu Line 西武線で本川越駅から南大塚駅まで 131218g

End of Platform at Honkawagoe 本川越駅で急行が到着します 131218
Komagome in a Cold December Rain 駒込での冷たい十二月の夜雨 131219g

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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