Thursday, January 23, 2014


2014/01/16 - Under-road drinking place.  Okay folks - this is being written by hand (ink on real paper in a small notebook) in and old izakaya.  Voices... (make that *animated* voices) all around, and Lyle is sitting in the middle of the verbal storm attempting to capture some of the atmosphere in words.  It's a fundamentally impossible task, but some of the atmosphere - mot much, but some - might get through somehow.  In any case, if any of the real atmosphere is to be conveyed, it must be written - by hand - at genba (現場), in genji (現時) [I'm told that "genji" isn't actually it word, but it so much seems like it should be, that I I think it *must* be... so I'll use it for now and look into this...]  Oh - in English, yeah - it means something like "at the source" and "at the time".

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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