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1991 Hamamatsucho, Riverboat, Tobu-Tojo Line; 1992 Nanbu Line, Torigoe Matsuri; 2014 Shibuya, Ome, Tamagawa River, Etc.

There's material from three years this time - 1991, 1992, and 2014.  To mention a couple of unusual things in this batch that didn't fit into the title, there are 1992 views of the Mukogaoka-Yuen Monorail (which no longer exists), and nighttime views of 1991 Naka-meguro, etc.
There's lots to see....  For the most part the video titles are self-explanatory, but I've added some extra text regarding a few of them (see below).
Shibuya Station Platform Walk 渋谷駅ホームの様子 140311

Ogawa to Hagiyama 小川駅-萩山駅 西武拝島線 140307

Hachiko Statue to Shibuya River 渋谷ハチ公から渋谷川まで 140311

Area Under Former Tokyu-Shibuya Station - Demolition Etc 元東急渋谷駅 140311

Shibuya River Construction 渋谷川の工事 140311

高田馬場駅-駒込駅 山手線 Takadanobaba to Komagome Yamanote Line 140307

Inbound Chuo Line - Right Window View 上り中央線右側窓風景 140311

Takadanobaba Yamanote Platform 高田馬場駅山手線ホーム 140307

Looking Down on Passing Train 電車を通る 140307

恵比寿駅までの電車レース Train Race to Ebisu 140307

恵比寿駅-五反田駅 山手線 Ebisu to Gotanda - Yamanote Line 140307

五反田駅-大崎駅 山手線 Gotanda to Osaki - Yamanote Line 140307

新宿駅-渋谷駅 山手線左側 Shinjuku to Shibuya - Yamanote Line 140311

夕暮れの銀座中央通り Twilight Ginza Chuo-Dori 140311
東京駅中央線を待っている Tokyo Station - Waiting for Chuo Line 140311

新宿思い出横丁 Shinjuku Omoide-Yokocho 140311

工事中の渋谷駅 東口から銀座線まで Shibuya Station Under Construction 140311g

There's a lot of construction going on at Shibuya Station now, with the current phase being to tear down the overhead station and rails of the section of the Tokyu-Toyoko Line that has been moved underground, and also the demolition of one of the Tokyu Stores.  Since the Ginza Line Shibuya Station is actually within that building (the trains come into/through the building at the second floor level), it'll be interesting to see how they handle that.

1992 登戸駅から長い散策散歩 Long Walkabout from Noborito Station 920531n

1992 向ヶ丘遊園モノレール線 Mukogaoka-Yuen Monorail 920531

I hadn't realized it at the time, but this train was actually quite interesting technically.  While most monorails use rubber tires that run on a concrete strip, this monorail actually ran - true to the name - on a single standard steel rail (with side rails to hold it in place of course) and was designed by Lockheed.  If you're interested in trains and their technology at all, the following website explains the history of this interesting train.

Lockheed Monorail:

1992 武蔵溝ノ口駅-府中本町駅 南武線 Nanbu Line Twilight Window View 920531

This is one of those videos that I took without any grand plans - I was on the Nanbu Line, a line I don't normally use, so I recorded its progress down the line, looking out in both directions (up and down the platform), at each station.  I had been taking video all day, and at this point, I was taking things casually, which is often the best way, since too much effort has a strange way of ruining art....

In any case, watching this now, after so many changes, I really like the atmosphere of the time, enhanced by the video having been taken in the twilight of the day.  If you used the JR trains of the time, this could be a real nostalgia trip - it was/is for me in any case.

1992 ひばりヶ丘駅-東京駅など 東京彼方此方 Hibarigaoka to Tokyo Etc 920604

1992 秋津など武蔵野線など 東京彼方此方 Tokyo Here and There 920607

1992 台東区の鳥越まつり Torigoe Matsuri in Taito-ku 920607

1991年5月2日の銀座三原橋 Miharabashi 910502

This is nostalgic - they're about demolish this, apparently in order to make the road straighter (vertically) in order to please joggers in marathons?  At least that what I've heard from a few people in discussing why they're removing another interesting part of Ginza.  In any case, this is how it looked before they kicked the tenants out.  (There's one last tenant there now, but they will soon be gone and the structure will then be razed.)

1991 Hamamatsucho Walkabout 浜松町 浜離宮庭園 Hamarikyu Gardens 910501

1991 Riverboat Cruise 隅田川ライン アワータウン 水上バス 910501

1991 昔の団地 ひばりが丘 Old Residence Houses in Hibarigaoka 910501

1991 浅草-上野-池袋など Asakusa Ueno Ikebukuro 910501

1991 Hibarigaoka Evening ひばりが丘夕方 910501

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-新富町駅 Hibarigaoka to Shintomicho 910502

1991 銀座駅-新宿駅 丸の内線 Ginza to Shinjuku via Marunouchi Line 910502

1991 Night Commuter Train to the Suburbs 910221

1991 Inbound Seibu-Ikebukuro Line 910222

1991 ひばりが丘-新橋 Hibarigaoka to Shinbashi 910309

1991 Shibuya to Hibarigaoka - Saturday Night 土曜日の夜 910309

1991 ひばりヶ丘-新宿 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 910312

1991 新宿の夜道 Shinjuku Night Streets 910312

1991 新宿駅-中目黒駅 Shinjuku to Nakameguro 910312

1991 夜の中目黒 Nighttime Nakameguro 910312

1991 中目黒駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Nakameguro to Hibarigaoka 910312

1991 埼京線など 彼方此方 Saikyo Line and Here and There 910313

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-新宿駅 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 910314

1991 Buying an Analog Video Camera in Shinjuku 910314

Mainly this just shows some street scenes in Shinjuku, but this was the day I bought a new camera (CCD-V800) to replace the ragged one I took this with (CCD-V700).  In the video I hold up the box, showing it just after I had bought it.

1991 The Basement 地下 910314

1991 Shinjuku Station Etc 新宿駅など 910314

1991 新宿駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Shinjuku to Hibarigaoka 910314n

1991 Shinjuku Afternoon Walkabout Etc 新宿散策散歩 910319n

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅 左側 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro LSV 910319

国分寺駅-吉祥寺駅 中央線 Kokubunji to Kichijoji - Chuo Line 140314

新宿駅-大崎駅 埼京線 Shinjuku to Osaki - Saikyo Line 140314

国分寺駅-立川駅 中央線 Kokubunji to Tachikawa - Chuo Line 140321

立川駅南口から入る Tachikawa Station South Entrance 140321

Tachikawa Station - Waiting for a Train 立川駅下りホームの様子 140321

立川駅-拝島駅 中央青梅線 Tachikawa to Haijima - Ome Line 140321

拝島駅-青梅駅 中央青梅線 Haijima to Ome - Ome Line 140321

Boarding Tokaido Line at Shinagawa 品川駅で東海道線を乗る 140314

夜品川駅-新橋駅 東海道線 Shinagawa to Shinbashi - Tokaido Line 140314

Ginza Flashing Light 140314

Quiet Afternoon - Waiting for a Train in Suburbia 140318

高田馬場駅での東西線 Tozai Line Arriving at Takadanobaba 140318

Road Construction Equipment on Ginza Side Street 銀座の工事 140318

Twilight-360 on Ginza 1-Chome Side Street 銀座の工事 140318
Sakuma Kyoko 佐久間香子展 Art Space Rashinban アートスペース羅針盤 140318

This was a very nice exhibition, with very nice nihonga paintings.  I've also made a blog post for it at "Tokyo Art & Music", here:
 - where three of the paintings are featured.

Kokubunji Station Night Reflection 140318

Looking for Tamagawa River Access in Ome City 140321

Half-Empty Floor - Old Department Store 140321

It was a rather depressing experience to stumble upon this only half-used space in an old department store.  It seems to be a sign of the times.  The economy has never fully recovered from the bubble years of the late 1980's (along with the transition from Y360/$1 to Y90/$1, which has meant largely moving manufacturing overseas) so it's a decades-long mindset now to forever be looking at how to cut costs.  More buying is done on-line now, and only the very cheapest retail establishments survive.  Thus formerly exclusive retail buildings increasingly are taken over by discount electronic shops, (Sogo Department Store in Yurakucho becoming a Bic Camera, Mitsukoshi Department Store in Kichijoji becoming a Yodobashi Camera, etc.).  Since it's not exactly cheery, I'll refrain from saying exactly where this picture of retail gloom was, other than to say it was outside the central area of Tokyo.

青梅駅でホリデー快速を乗る Boarding Holiday Kaisoku at Ome 140321

"Holiday Kaisoku" is the name of a weekend express train that makes it quicker/more convenient to get into the surrounding areas around Tokyo - away from the central area.

拝島駅での電車内反射 Reflections at Haijima Station 140321

Old Escalator Thunk-Thunk-Thunk Sounds 140321

Early Spring in Osaki 大崎の春と新ビル工事 140314

青梅駅からを出る Exiting Ome Station 140321

青梅駅から南向き散策散歩 Ome Station Southbound Walkabout 140321

青梅市 多摩川までの散歩 Walking to the Tamagawa River in Ome City 140321

橋から多摩川を見回る 360-Look at Tamagawa River in Ome City 140321
Riverside Scene Beside Tamagawa River in Ome City 青梅市の多摩川 140321
Inside of Historical Old House in Ome 青梅市の古い家の内部 140321
多摩川隣の見回り Looking Around Beside Tamagawa River 140321

Walking Down Main Street Towards Ome Station 青梅駅に向かう 140321

Ome Shrine and Reflections 青梅市の神社と反射 140321
Exiting Shrine Grounds and Walking Down Street in Ome City 青梅市 140321

青梅駅 改札口からホームまで Ome Station Entrance to Platform 140321
1991 Saikyo to Seibu Transfer at Ikebukuro 池袋駅 910319

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro 西武池袋線 910320

1991 池袋東口散策散歩 Ikebukuro East Side Walkabout 910320

1991 池袋駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 西武池袋線 Ikebukuro to Hibarigaoka 910320

1991 Rainy Evening in Hibarigaoka ひばりが丘の雨夕方 910322

1991 Tobu-Tojo Line to Countryside 下り東武東上線 910323

This is a fairly good view of the far end of the Tobu-Tojo Line and how the countryside around (but outside) of Tokyo looks.  Even counting Saitama as part of the greater Tokyo area, the end of the Tobu-Tojo Line is almost in Gunma Prefecture.

1991 Late Night Tobu-Tojo Line 夜遅くの東武東上線 910323

1991 Late Night Ikebukuro Station 夜遅くの池袋駅 910323

1991 Ikebukuro to Hibarigaoka 池袋-ひばりが丘 910323

1991 Nighttime Hibarigaoka 夜のひばりが丘 910325

1991 ひばりが丘-新宿 Hibarigaoka to Shinjuku 910326

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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