Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Looking for a New Movie to Watch...

I haven't been watching new movies for several years now, so I got on-line and watched several previews (trailers).  The result is that I seem to only want to watch some combination of romance and or comedy.  The Bang!-Bang!-Bang!, Zoom!-Zoom!-Zoom! movies leave me feeling like I've stumbled back into my old high school days or something.  Here are the previews I watched and made a quick note about so I can make a list of things to watch.  The comments (in most cases) are based solely on watching the preview, without having read anything about the movie:

The Color of Time
Man goes back to old hometown and meets complicated current reality and complicated past, etc.  Personal mystery/adventure/discovery - sentimentality?  Seems like it might be interesting...

The Councilor - Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz
Looks like it could be interesting - cool people, bad people, destruction, death.

Palo Alto
Story about High School Life - Teenage pathos/adventure/discovery/danger/etc.  Looks kind of interesting - probably a little uncomfortable to watch (complicated memories of a complicated time...)

Before I Disappear
Druggie guy gets call to go pick up niece.  Unlikely meeting of souls takes places.  Looks like an interesting movie from the trailer....

Suburban Gothic
Comedy Horror movie... No Thanks.  I mean... it looks like it's a funny movie actually, but I really don't like horror movies, not even good ones!

The Lookalike
Dead woman - leading to search for lookalike to carry out some dangerous task.  Hmm... maybe interesting....

Miss Meadows
Sweet woman elementary school teacher is ba*a*s vigilante killer in her free time.  Hmm....

Space Station 76
Science fiction comedy - from trailer looks like retro-60's movie?  I get the feeling I might find it simultaneously amusing and irritating to watch...

The Prince
Bruce Willis action-revenge movie (what else?) in the “Die-Hard” mold it seems.  Maybe good Bang!-Bang! movie to see.  Action, cars banging into each other, chases, people killing each other, etc.  [sigh/laugh]

The Protector 2
Huh... I hadn't heard of the first one.  Looks like a new version of the Jackie Chan series.  At my age, maybe not something I'm all fired up to see.

Reach Me
Self-help book at center of various people's adventures.  Looks like it might be interesting.

Dying of the Light
Nicolas Cage as CIA guy going on revenge trip.  Violence, action, adventure, etc.  In light of the actual deteriorating state of the world - maybe profoundly depressing to watch....  I think I'll pass on this one.

Will Smith in Big Job con job movie.  Hmm..  Might be interesting.  Bang-bang, zoom-zoom, wow-wow....

Furious 7
Cars!-Cars!-Cars! - Zoom!-Zoom!-Zoom! - So this is the 7th one in the series?  Oookayyy... can't deny it looks entertaining, but at my age I think I'd end up rolling my eyes at lines written for high school students?  Not sure... probably should watch one to see how it plays.

Story of perseverance - and not breaking.  From the trailer, the scenes - in a modern movie - of WW-II POW situations in Asia... I wonder how accurate this trans-Pacific story can be?  So many before it (most) have got it wrong in one way or another.  Understanding another culture is not actually an easy thing to do - add in time and you're nearly guaranteed nine parts fiction for every one part that actually matches (somewhat) what it's supposed to match.

Fifty Shades of Grey
Huh... OK, a 2015 version of the 1986 movie “9½ Weeks” - this time with helicopters, etc.  I remember when watching “9½ Weeks” in 1986, a scene with a CD being pulled automatically into a CD player seemed futuristic.  Time flies...  //  I looked up 9½ Weeks and see the character's name was “Gray”!  Ha-ha!  So is that what the “Grey” in “Fifty Shades of Grey” is?  Just a coincidence you say?  Yeah, okay, sure, whatever....

If I Were You
Two women decide to tell each other how to live their lives.  Comedy, maybe funny....

Looks like a fun comedy movie.  Trailer got me smiling, can't be all bad.  Think I'll check this one out.

City of Angels
Saw this one before.  Good movie.  Romantic... not comedy, but a romantic movie.  Liked it before - think I'd like to see it again.  (It's an old movie, BTW.)

After spending all this time in Japan, I'm reluctant to see Hollywood movies that feature Japan at any point in history, as they tend to get it wrong, but this looks like it might... might be interesting....  The story line (from what I gather from the preview) revolves around a man coming to Japan to acquire material and/or know-how for silk production.  I seem to recall reading about some actual event like that happening historically, although I thought it took place in China, not Japan?  (I need to look that up when I get time.)

The Cobbler
Looks like a fun comedy to see!  Cobbler discovers magic machine in the basement that makes shoes that transform the wearer into the original owner of the shows.... 2015?  It's still 2014!  Guess I'm going to have to wait for this one.

The Longest Week
Romantic comedy about rich playboy that gets cut off from his rich family's money supply.  Looks like it might be entertaining.

Third Person
Oh... now this definitely looks interesting.  Writer overseas getting mixed up in things....  A movie for people beyond the young student stage of life.  (I was about to say it was an “adult movie” when I realized that term has been taken already to represent something entirely different - age-restricted movies for adolescents....).

Well - that's what I have for now.  I like movies, but haven't been watching many of them for some time now.  What I've found in the past, is that actually makes me easy to please in a way (movie-wise)... in spite of what my comments above may indicate!  What I remember from back when I rented a lot of movies, is that if you watch too many movies in too short a time, you get hyper-critical of them and can't just enjoy the story.  Maybe that's why there are so many Bang!-Bang!-Bang!, Zoom!-Zoom!-Zoom! movies - they aim to give you an adrenaline fix that bypasses thinking.  While you're waiting for the next Bang! or Zoom!, you stop thinking about the idiocy of the story line and lack of any intelligent content in the dialog....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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toasty said...

What sort of movies do you like? If you check Google Play, Lord of the Rings is being offered for free this week, so you could download that to watch. Most recently I enjoyed Snowpiercer, which was made by a Korean director.