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June, July & August 2015; August & December 1991, Etc.

Thinking what to title this post, I at first had a feeling of staring into a cluttered closet and needing to summarize a jumble of half-forgotten contents... and then it suddenly occurred to me that what I had in mind while taking the 2015 material and while editing the 1991 material wasn't the content so much as the time of year and (for the 1991 material) the year itself.  Thus this material - for me - is all about summer in Tokyo (especially the month of August), with the December 1991 views kind of out-of-category, although fitting in historically via being from 1991.  (I wouldn't have found December 2014 material acceptable for this batch...)
That said, a couple of things do stand out when I look over this batch of video views.  The east exit views of Shinagawa Station are important to me (especially of the old east exit pedestrian tunnel), as it shows something that disappeared a bit too quickly for me.  I had a real Rip-Von-Winkle experience some years back when I went to the east side of Shinagawa Station for old-time's sake and was shocked to discover that - save for a tiny remnant of the former (soon to be eradicated) east entrance to the station, there was nothing left of the things I had come to see!  And so the video footage I took in August 1991 is a welcome way of revisiting what is no longer a part of this world.
And then (also in 1991) there's my first visit to Kawagoe, where I just walked out from the station, spent the better part of the day walking around and (amazingly) managed to completely miss all the famous tourist spots of the city!  In hindsight, I feel I'm lucky it worked out that way, as I think I recorded a part of Kawagoe that probably is under-recorded - certainly there are no shortage of visual records of the famous parts of the city, so it's good that I went somewhere else.  This video is also important to me in that I very distinctly remember stopping in the empty park and looking around from the top of a slide - feeling melancholy about things, but (until I came across that scene again while editing that footage) I had forgotten exactly where that experience had taken place.  After being in the back of my mind all these years ("Where was that, anyway?"), now there's the relieved feeling of a solved riddle; "So that was in Kawagoe then!  Huh..."
And... some other things.  As with my last blog post with links to some of my videos (July 25th, 2015), I would really like to go over each of the videos one-by-one and comment on all (or most anyway) of them, but too many things are making demands on my time, so I'll just have to post the titles and links - hoping the titles are up to the task of introducing what each video is.  (A long-held dream is to have a sponsor so I can work on video full-time...).

- Lyle H Saxon

有楽町駅-東京駅 京浜東北線右側 Yurakucho to Tokyo - Keihin-Tohoku Line 150612
東京駅-有楽町駅-新橋駅-浜松町駅-田町駅-品川駅 山手線の左側 Yamanote Line 150625g

夏の大塚 市電が通る Otsuka in Summer - Passing Streetcar 150704
新宿サザンテーラス夕方360 Shinjuku Southern Terrace-360 150630

池袋駅-新宿駅 埼京線の右側 Ikebukuro to Shinjuku - Saikyo Line 150630
池袋駅の線路工事の機械器械 埼京線 Ikebukuro Track Maintenance Equipment 150630
新宿駅 埼京線夕方ホーム Shinjuku Station Evening Saikyo Line Platform 150630
有楽町駅の出発電車 Trains Departing Yurakucho Station 150619

銀座奧野ビル階段 150619
Station Escalator 駅のエスカレーター 150619n

中央線が四ッ谷駅に到着 Chuo Line Arriving at Yotsuya Station 150613n
Table Chair and Window at Okuno Building 150613
Main Road with No Cars 150613n
Outside Escalator 外のエスカレーター 150619

神田明神の見回り 神社神社 Kanda-Myojin Temple Courtyard 150623
神田明神前の店 (A) Old Shop Near Kanda-Myojin 150623

神田明神前の店 (B) Old Shop Near Kanda-Myojin 150623

品川駅-大崎駅 山手線の右側 Shinagawa to Osaki - Yamanote Line 150625

茶ノ水駅 夕方電車の到着 Ochanomizu Station Evening Trains 150623g
新宿駅夜ホームの様子 Shinjuku Station Platform Scene at Night 150728
新宿駅南口夕方見回り Evening Shinjuku South Exit Street View 150728

夜の有楽町SB (A) Nighttime Yurakucho-SB 150716
夜の有楽町SB (B) Nighttime Yurakucho-SB 150716
西東京の雨中央線 Rainy Chuo Line Station in Western Tokyo 150716
有楽町夜 居酒屋の音 Sounds at Nighttime Yurakucho Izakaya 150716
Gallery Party at Ginza One 150612
Park - Summer View 夏の公園 150711
Summer Morning Near Tokyo Tower 東京タワー近くの夏の東京 150722n
夕方西新宿散歩 Evening Nishi-Shinjuku Stroll 150721
中央線 右側 Outbound Chuo Line Window View - Old Type Train 150706

高尾山ケーブルカー 清滝駅-高尾山駅 Takao Cable Car - Kiyotaki to Takao 150713
高尾山ケーブルカー 高尾山駅-清滝駅 Takao Cable Car - Takao to Kiyotaki 150713n

高田馬場駅前 Looking Around by Takadanobaba Station 150704
高田馬場駅前の壁画 Mural by Takadanobaba Station 150704
Departing Tachikawa Station in Old Type Chuo Line Train 150706

高尾山のビアマウント近くの眺め Mt Takao - Looking Around Near Beer Mount 150713
清滝駅から高尾山口駅までの夜散歩 Walking from Kiyotaki to Takaosanguchi 150713n

有楽町駅-新橋駅-浜松町駅 山手線 Yurakucho to Hamamatsucho - Yamanote 150722g
京浜東北線と山手線が同時に出発 夜の駅 Keihin-Tohoku and Yamanote 150710
神田川と電車 昌平橋からの眺め Bridge View of Trains and Kanda River 150707g
神田駅-東京駅 夜の山手線 Kanda to Tokyo - Yamanote Line 150710
高尾山口駅-高尾山駅 京王線 Takaosanguchi to Takao - Keio Line 150713
有楽町夜の居酒屋散策散歩 Yurakucho Izakaya Night Walkabout 150716
東小金井駅で中央線の雨出発 Boarding Chuo Line at Higashi-Koganei Station 150716

有楽町駅-東京駅 京浜東北線の右側 Yurakucho to Tokyo - Keihin-Tohoku Line 150716
夜の有楽町駅前 Nighttime Street by Yurakucho Station 150710n

1991 東京中央郵便局 内部 切手選択など Tokyo Central Post Office 911210n

1991 東京駅-神田駅 中央線 Tokyo to Kanda - Chuo Line 911210

1991 有楽町駅-東京駅 山手線 Yurakucho to Tokyo - Yamanote Line 911210

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅-川越駅 西武線と埼京線 Hibarigaoka to Kawagoe 911207

1991 川越駅-新宿駅 埼京線 Kawagoe to Shinjuku - Saikyo Line 911207

1991 日吉駅-渋谷駅-池袋駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Hiyoshi to Hibarigaoka 911207

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅-銀座駅 西武池袋線と丸ノ内線 To Ginza 911210

1991 銀座と有楽町の散策散歩 Ginza and Yurakucho Walkabout 911210

1991 川越市散策散歩 Kawagoe Walkabout - No Tourist Places 911207

1991 新宿駅-渋谷駅-日吉駅 山手線と東横線 Shinjuku to Hiyoshi 911207

1991 夜西新宿の散策散歩 Nishi-Shinjuku Night Stroll 911207

池袋駅-石神井公園駅 西武池袋線右側 Ikebukuro to Shakujikoen - Seibu Line 150801

石神井公園駅-東久留米駅 西武池袋線 Shakujikoen to Higashikurume - Seibu Line 150801

所沢駅ホームの見回り 暑い八月の日 Tokorozawa Station Platform in August 150801

夕方新宿駅前の南口 Evening Shinjuku South Exit Area 150804

国分寺駅前の工事現場 Construction Site by Kokubunji Station 150801

池袋駅前東口 暑い八月の日 Ikebukuro One Hot August Day 150801

池袋駅内 Ikebukuro Station Concourse 150801

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-池袋駅 西武池袋線 Hibarigaoka to Ikebukuro 910801

1991 池袋駅辺りの散策散歩 厚い八月 Ikebukuro Hot August Day 910801

1991 南馬込散策散歩 厚い八月の日 Minami-Magome Walkabout - Hot August Day 910801

1991 新宿駅-五反田駅 山手線 Shinjuku to Gotanda - Yamanote Line 910801

1991 新宿駅辺りの散策散歩 厚い八月の日 Shinjuku Hot August Day 910801

1991 池袋駅-新宿駅 埼京線 Ikebukuro to Shinjuku - Saikyo Line 910801

1991 西馬込駅-五反田駅 都営浅草線 Nishi-Magome to Gotanda - Asakusa Line 910801

1991 五反田駅-東京駅 山手線 Gotanda to Tokyo - Yamanote Line 910801

1991 東京駅 雷雨 Tokyo Station Rain Lightning and Thunder 910801

1991 東京中央郵便局で切手を買う Tokyo Central Post Office in Rain 910801

1991 夕方池袋駅など Evening Ikebukuro Station Etc. 910801

1991 夕方ひばりが丘 Evening Hibarigaoka 910801

1991 東京駅-池袋駅 鉄の丸の内線 Tokyo to Ikebukuro - Marunouchi Line 910801

1991 五反田駅-西馬込駅 都営浅草線 Gotanda to Nishi-Magome - Asakusa Line 910801

1991 ひばりが丘 厚い八月の日 Hibarigaoka Hot August Day 910801

1991 中野駅-武蔵境駅 朝一の中央線 Nakano to Musashi-Sakai - Chuo Line 910803

1991 午前四時十分の中野駅 410AM Nakano Station 910803

1991 野方駅からの夜バス Night Bus from Nogata Station 910802

1991 田無駅-鷺ノ宮駅-野方駅 西武新宿線 Tanashi to Nogata - Seibu-Shinjuku Line 910802

1991 夜のバス ひばりヶ丘駅-田無駅 Hibarigaoka to Tanashi Night Bus 910802

1991 ひばりヶ丘駅-渋谷駅-渋谷-東横線 Hibarigaoka to Shibuya Etc 910803

1991 朝の散策散歩 武蔵境駅から田無駅まで Western Tokyo Morning Suburbs 910803

1991 東急東横線渋谷駅 1991年の様子 Toyoko Shibuya Station 910803

1991 朝のバス 田無駅-ひばりヶ丘駅 Morning Bus - Tanashi to Hibarigaoka 910803

1991 東急東横線の車内アナウンス 急行駅 渋谷-桜木町 In-Train Announcement 910803

1991 Big Truck - Difficult Turn 910803

1991 品川駅東口(港南口)横断トンネル Shinagawa Station East Exit Tunnel 910810
1991 品川八月散策散歩 東口(港南口)水辺など Shinagawa Walkabout 910810
御茶ノ水駅 暑い八月の日 Ochanomizu Station - Hot August Day 150811

湯島聖堂の360 暑い八月の日 Yushima-Seido - Hot August Day 150811

Yushima-Seido Courtyard - 湯島聖堂 暑い八月の日 150811

神田明神 暑い八月の日 Kanda Shrine 150811
Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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