Friday, February 10, 2017

Low-Resolution Everything

February 9th, 2017
   Writing is a strange thing - or maybe a very ordinary thing (come to think about it) in that the longer you don’t write, the less you have to say, and then when you actually force yourself to write a little, the more you write, the more you want to write.
   At the moment, there are storms of thoughts raging through my consciousness, but then I stop and think, “Wait... what meaningful thoughts can you put into the wires now anyway?  Everyone can see it - friends and enemies alike.  It can be endlessly manipulated, never erased...” and so here I stand - on the dock - in the harbor - ready to launch ships of thought, but abandoning the journey, as the concept of... well, what I just said above, kills the urge to write.
   Next thought - “Photography! ..... But wait... anything recognizable is becoming taboo.  Faces, car license plates, building names in the background... the current popular thing seems to be to black out (fuzzy out?) anything recognizable....”  I was recently asked if I would buy a “4k” video camera.  I can’t anyway (too poor), but even if I could, what’s the point?  When you need to kill detail to protect a privacy already lost (you can’t exist in the modern world without your every move being recorded by security cameras, etc.), why would you want *more* detail?  Instead of blacking out sections of a high resolution picture, I’d rather just take an overall low resolution picture and be able to use it as-is without mutilating it.
   Maybe that’ll be the next marketing thing: “Low-Res Fuzzy Pictures! - Yes, you too can take low-resolution pictures and actually use them without molesting them first!  It’s Amazing!”  [sarcasm]
   So there you have it.  In this Sick-Sick-Sick-Sick-Sick World we live in, only Low Resolution text and Low Resolution pictures are... are... ........
   - LHS

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