Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Toxic Stinking Hand Creams...

   I suppose it's just a coincidence, but it seems like all the women I work with who are from 26-29 years old are smearing on hand creams several times a day.  What typically happens is this:  I begin work just thinking about what I have to do on the screen, and after a certain amount of time passes, one of these mid-to-late twenties women around me pulls out some hand cream, and then proceeds to lather it all over both sides of their hands (typically spending 45-60 seconds on this process).  As they work the toxic goo all over their hands, the air is filled with a noxious, horrible smell, my eyes start burning, and it becomes difficult to do my work.  After 20-30 minutes, the toxicity dies down enough that my eyes begin to not hurt so much and I can resume working normally... until, that is, one of this category of bipeds pulls out their bloody horrible-smelling noxious toxic hand cream again and poisons the air all over again.
   Smoking and noxious hand creams should both be illegal.
   And, while I'm on the topic, these same mid-to-late twenties women I work with generally can't keep their hands off their smartphones (for personal use, not business) for more than five or ten minutes or so.
   Must just be coincidence, but that's how things are around me this year.  I suppose I should have written this with gender-free vocabulary, but with the people around me, it really is one side that is toxicating the air with hand creams and constantly texting when they should be working....  It's bloody irritating.


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