Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Four Little Pigs

   Do you know the story of "The Four Little Pigs"?  The story was never completed.  Many of you probably know about the first three, but I'll go over the story here again, and fill you in on the fourth guy.
   There once were four little pigs who lived at home with their parents until their parents could stand them no longer and kicked them out into the wild.
   The first little pig threw up a house of sticks, and enjoyed life until the Big Bad Wolf came, blew his house down, and had him for lunch.
   The second little pig built a house of wood, which was stronger than sticks, but still he suffered the same fate as the first little pig.
   The third little pig spent a lot of time and money putting up a brick house that the Big Bad Wolf couldn't blow down.  Then, the wolf was stupid enough, and small enough apparently (despite his name), that he went down the chimney into a waiting pot of boiling water.....  The third little pig, being of a cannibalistic bent, ate the wolf who had eaten his brothers.
   He enjoyed a quiet life for a few years until a big earthquake brought his brick house down on top of him, ending his life.
   The fourth little pig, who had realized the area was prone to earthquakes, had put up a five story, steel reinforced concrete house, with a home theater on the fifth floor.  He was the only one of the four to live a long happy life.
   How did the fourth little pig get enough money to put up such a cool house?  I don't know.  I wish someone would tell me.  And how about the third little pig, how did he get his mitts on all those bricks anyway?
- Copyright 1997 & 2018 by Lyle H Saxon

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