Thursday, July 19, 2018

JV&EV - Sort of a Podcast

   My preferred way of expressing myself is through writing - I can focus on the words, go back over them and come up with something I'm ready to show people.  Speaking is much more problematic - while you can do several takes of a recording (if you have the time to), it's never going to be as complete a picture as something carefully written.
   But time - so long as you do it in one take - is one area where an audio recording beats writing.  If you have some point to make and you just blast it out verbally, you can express it much more quickly than you could in writing.
   All a long way of saying that I'm thinking it would be a logistically practical thing for me to record some thoughts verbally in videos rather than wait for time to write that I never seem to find.
   And so, I made two pairs of videos in Shinjuku this week - each pair saying basically the same thing, with one (the JV version) being in Japanese (not my native language, so...) and the other (the EV version) being in English.  Here are the first pair - talking about how Shinjuku is the one place in Japan I've consistently spent time in (for one reason or another) for the entire 34 years I've been in Japan.

JV-1 新宿は故郷みたい 180717
   In the video I call JV and EV Japanese Vocal and English Vocal, but Japanese Version and English Version makes more sense, so in spite of what I say on the tape, henceforth I'll be considering the "V" to be for "Version".  Anyway, here's the English version of the above video:

EV-1 Shinjuku - My Hometown in Tokyo 180717
   In this English version, I start off calling the V of EV "Voice" and then "Vocal" and now I'm saying "Version".  Version seems the most logical to me now....
   Once I started off with the first two, later that same evening (in a different part of Shinjuku) I decided to comment on something that's come up now and then regarding the early nineties videos - people will comment on change, or lack of change, and not infrequently, someone will comment on a video that shows a place that has undergone quite a lot of change and say "Nothing has changed!".  I'm not sure that that is, but something is wrong/strange about the comment, since it's factually wrong.  In any case, as I say in the following two videos, whether a place has changed or not isn't really the point - it's just a record of what a particular moment on a particular day looked and sounded like.

JV-2 一世代前から変わったのか変わっていないのか 180717
   And - as with the JV-1 & EV-1 pair, the Japanese version is first and the English version second.  I do the Japanese version first, because if I do the English version first, I'll likely end up stumbling more with Japanese while trying to say the same thing.  Starting with the language I have a more limited vocabulary in works better.

EV-2 Everything Has Changed or Nothing Has 180717
   This could go in different directions.  Assuming there are things to say, this is a way of speedily getting words into the wires.  If there are things you'd like to ask me about the early nineties videos - or current life in Tokyo - or whatever, send me the questions and maybe I'll attempt to answer them in a video like the two pairs above.
   And while we're on the topic - here are some playlists for videos I took in 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993.  The peak year was 1991....

   1990年 (over 700 videos)   1991年 (over 1,000 videos)
   1992年 (about 250 videos)   1993年 (79 videos)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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