Thursday, April 06, 2006

Spring & the Boxes...

Spring... the cherry blossoms are still out in Tokyo, although about 20-30 percent of the pedals have fallen like a pink snow on the ground in parks around the city.  It's still cold though... and while most of the city's residents are looking fashionable in their light spring clothing, I'm looking stodgy in my down coat - but I'm warm and they're cold.

I watched a movie from Finland last week called "The Man Without a Past", or at least that's what it is in Japanese ("Kako no nai Otoko"), and today I stumble upon an ad for a place in Omotesando Hills for a fashionable shop selling fashionable fashions from Finland.  Let's see... the name was "marimekko".  Every heard of it?  I don't know anything about fashion myself.  Just I like what I like and don't like what I don't like, even if it is fashionable (like those really ugly brown bags that so many woman like to throw their money away on).

I found that website again - it has photos of the fashionable shops at Omotesando Hills, and also a few pictures of the complex when it was still under construction, etc. - here:

Not much more time to see the cherry blossoms, so maybe I'll have another look tonight.  On the other hand, I've already seen them in several different places and I'm not feeling especially like I really need to go out of my way to see more of them - beyond the one's I come across on the usual routes anyway.  The next thing I'm looking forward to is warmer weather!  I do not like the cold....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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