Sunday, May 21, 2006

"Seven Pages, 367 Photos..."

Making use of some automation, I put up seven new "Photo Batch" pages today, as follows:

"Iroiro #1 - May 2006"

"Yamanote Line - May 2006"

"Ebisu - May 2006"

"Nakamagome - May 2006"

"Shinjuku - May 2006"

"Ikegamidai- May 2006"

"Hatanodai - May 2006"

I would rather have gone over those and arranged them the way I have most of the pages in the Photo Gallery:

- but have decided that if I'm ever to get a more comprehensive coverage of Tokyo actually up there on the screen, I have got to go with the speed of automation.  Once I've got a certain coverage completed and have some time, I'll go back to putting up custom-built pages.  (Note that these photos are on the "PhotoBatch" page, and not in the "Photo Gallery".  The direct link for the "PhotoBatch" page is here:

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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