Monday, March 05, 2007

"Not the Issue!"

I'm irritated. Alright, so what else is new, I'm nearly always irritated - but this time I'm *really* irritated. I'm hearing that temperatures are going up, so global warming is real; I'm hearing that temperatures are fluctuating wildly, so global climate change is real; then I hear that the glaciers on Mars are melting, therefore global warming on this planet can't have anything to do with human activity - it's just happening; I hear from a visitor from the southern hemisphere that "humans have no effect on the planet"; I hear that Al Gore lives in a big house that uses more energy than his neighbors, therefore his work on getting the world aware of climate change is bogus (cute logic there - left me speechless, it did - I thought that the former Vice-President of the US camped out in a sleeping bag in a tent); I hear today that there is new evidence from long ago that the planet's climate has (gasp!) changed before, therefore it's just a natural process....

I'm hearing all this... this... noise... and I'm thinking "What the f**k?!?". Is anyone visualizing in their overworked biological computers (built-in between their ears and conveniently not running buggy brand-W software) the mind-boggling concept of vast amounts of toxic junk (from the fire-breathing machinery bipeds have made) pouring into the air every bloody *day*? Are temperatures going up, down, sideways, or into the fourth dimension? Who cares! Whatever is going to happen is open to speculation, but that all that toxic junk will have a bad effect on the planet is just (or at least should be) common sense! Scale it down to a garage - lock yourself in one with a car running and you will be dead - *dead* - in not a very long while.

No effect on the planet? Sure - just like one car, with one tiny engine - just one out of the gazillions on the planet, will have no effect on you in that garage (ho-ho). It may be that no one can predict the exact moment of future death or brain damage to that lone biped breathing the noxious output of one fire-breathing engine in the garage. Similarly, no one can predict the exact moment or nature of drastic damage to the planet, but that damage in one form or another will be done if the noxious gases don't stop is not in question by anyone with a non-malfunctioning brain.

What's to be done? I don't know - gleefully ride the machines into a dead future I guess. Or maybe try to come up with something less toxic and scale back use of the toxic fire breathers in the meantime?

And that's just one aspect of the overall problem anyway - depleted fishers and dead zones in the ocean, toxic junk in the water supply, etc. Serious issues that people don't want to think about I guess. At least it would be nice if people would shut up about the temperatures already - "It's getting warmer!" - "No it's not!" - "People are ruining the planet!" - "No, people have no effect on the planet!" - $^%$^$$#^$^$%!!!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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