Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"Old Era, Old Cameras, Old Memories...."

I've been looking at some photos of Ueno I took in 2000, taken with my first digital camera (a Kodak DC215), and they are so... different somehow from today ("today" as in now/present/modern/whatever) that I find myself staring at them remembering when I took them - trying to accurately recall how I felt at the time and (unsuccessfully) trying to tie that in both with how they make me feel now, and how more recent pictures (taken with newer cameras) look.

It's not that I don't understand the difference, but rather I'm having a difficult time believing that I, Tokyo, the world, and etc. have changed so much in just six and a half years.

And then there's the technical variable - since I'm using a different camera now, part of that look that the Ueno pictures have:

- could just be the way my old Kodak recorded the world. If that camera were still working, I could go out and take some pictures to see how they compare with my newer camera, but it's completely non-function now, so all I have from it are old pictures - the last ones taken in early 2001.

So - two questions:

1) Does anything about those pictures feel old for other viewers too? For me, I could almost imagine them as having been taken twenty or thirty years ago (which may just be due to the look the Kodak gave them).

2) Is six and a half years a long time? Specifically, is the period from summer 2000 to late winter/early spring 2007 a long time?

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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