Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Chuo Line Left Side Commuter Views"

There are many interesting stations on the Chuo Line, but the passenger density of the line doesn't make for the most relaxing commutes! On December 4th and 7th (Friday & Monday), I ended up near a door, so I could take pictures out the window. December 7th was interesting, as it was the first weekday that the new inbound section between Kokubunji and Mitaka was used. Of the four video clips listed below, the first two were taken from the new inbound elevated section, and the last two were taken further down the line, past Mitaka.

"Chuo Line - Inbound from Kokubunji-A" (091207-08:20)

Looking out the left side of a Chuo Line train running on the newly constructed elevated rails. They elevated the outbound rails first, and then (after constructing the elevated portion for the inbound tracks next to the elevated section for the outbound), the inbound went into use this month. Construction is still ongoing of rebuilt stations.

"Chuo Line - Inbound from Kokubunji-B" (091207-08:25)

Beginning with a diagonal view as the train passes by a newly opened inbound platform at a station still under construction (thus the white background). (As this was a Tokubetsu-tsukin-kaisoku [Special Commuter Rapid], there were no stops between Kokubunji and Shinjuku.) Along with elevating the rails between Mitaka and Kokubunji, they've rebuilt the stations in that section, with construction ongoing.

Also views of residential houses and apartment buildings that are fairly typical for areas within Tokyo, but away from the central area. (Actually, there's still some of this look to central Tokyo, but the central area is increasingly becoming a large high-rise zone.)

The end of the video is where the newly elevated section comes back to ground level just before Mitaka. Just after Mitaka, it is elevated again.

"Chuo Line - Inbound from Mitaka" (091207-08:29)

Diagonal view of built-up area along tracks after passing Mitaka. From here on in to Shinjuku, basically the area around each station in this stretch is build up, and the areas between stations are a mix of individual houses and apartment buildings.

Notice how quiet it is inside the train... people very rarely talk during the morning commute. Late Friday night outbound trains are a different story!

"Chuo Line - Diagonal View, Koenji to Nakano" (091207-08:41)

Between Mitaka and Shinjuku, the only place the main Chuo Line (not the Sobu Line, which is also known as the local version of the Chuo Line) trains can pass other Chuo Line trains is Nakano, so typically, morning rush period express trains creep along after Mitaka until nearing Nakano, where they can pick up speed, pass a train waiting at Nakano Station, and speed on in to Shinjuku Station. This video shows the view from just before Koenji Station (one station from Nakano Station), until just after Nakano Station. The train is still accelerating as the clip ends. (Nakano Station is where the buses are - the waiting train at Nakano Station is on the opposite side of the train from this view.)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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