Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"Dirty Jungle Warfare Politics at Office of Efficient Manufacturer"

From a job security standpoint, and as a human being, white color offices tend to be some of the vilest, dirtiest workplaces on the planet. I had thought that the office of a manufacturer which runs efficient factories and manufactures (usually) quality equipment would get some of that quality into its offices, but it turned out to be the dirtiest, sloppiest, most wasteful, meanest, nastiest office I've ever worked in. Go figure. If that same company ran its factories the way it runs its offices, it would go bankrupt within a year and its manufactured machines would be worthless sloppily bolted together piles of garbage.

Compounding its offices' inane rottenness, the "seishain" (direct translation "correct/proper employee" - the full-fledged workers protected by labor laws) and "hakken" (contract workers generally working full time, but often on rotating three-month contracts that help the company escape the labor laws) system is just sick. On one hand, you have grotesquely incompetent seishain workers who are never fired, typically going around wreaking havoc on quality, and on the other hand, you have underpaid (no bonuses, low benefits, no job security, very little protection under the labor laws) hakken workers doing most of the total work and nearly all of the quality work. When a seishain piece of deadwood makes a serious mistake, a sacrificial hakken worker is chosen to be a scapegoat for the worthless, but untouchable seishain worker's sins, and another disposable hakken worker is brought in to fill the axed one's position.

It's a really sick system and it seems to be getting worse. Do I sound upset? I am. I just lost my job to the lies of a pack of dysfunctional evil seishain deadwood that I had the cheek to point out were sabotaging the quality of the section's output. There's not the slightest concern by middle management scum about actual quality - just they are upset that I refused to dive to my hands and knees and kiss the ground their (and their worse than worthless underlings) foul feet walk on.

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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