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"Ikegami Line, Yamanote Line, & Nishi-Shinjuku in the Rain"

Several videos from January 12th, 2010, starting with the Yamanote Line coming into Shinjuku Station, followed by a few views on the Ikegami Line, an internal (and vertical) view out the window of a Yamanote Line train leaving Harajuku Station, and then several views in Nishi-Shinjuku in the rain (some of which are technically in Shibuya-ku going strictly by the address, but definitely in the Shinjuku district by being in close vicinity to Shinjuku Station).

"Yamanote Line Arriving in Shinjuku - 3:33 p.m., Tuesday" (100112-1533)

A Yamanote Line train comes into Shinjuku Station... I wait and watch as people get off - and then walk aboard.

山手線が新宿駅に到着 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 3:33 p.m.)

"Waiting to Depart from Gotanda Station - Ikegami Line" (100112-1548)

Standing by the open doors of an Ikegami Line train stopped at Gotanda Station, waiting for the driver to close the doors and get the train underway (there is no conductor on that line, so the driver does everything).

五反田駅で池上線が出発 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 3:48 p.m.)

"Elevated Ikegami Line Scenery Between Gotanda & Osaki-Hirokoji" (100112-1549)

This clip begins as an Ikegami Line train departs Gotanda Station. Just after clearing the platform, there is a view over Meguro River of several high-rise apartment towers downriver. Then the train passes several apartment and office buildings and crosses a main road that my map has labeled with three(!) different names: 317, Route-6, & Yamanote-dori. The clip ends as the trains is pulling into Osaki-Hirokoji Station.

五反田駅から、大崎広小路駅までの池上線の左側の風景 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 3:49 p.m.)

"Hatanodai Station - People Getting On & Off an Ikegami Line Train" (100112-1629)

An Ikegami Line train pulls into Hatanodai Station and people get off and others on. The clip ends as I climb aboard.

池上線の旗の台駅で人々が降りたり、乗ったり... 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 4:29 p.m.)

"Vertical Yamanote Line Departure from Harajuku" (100112-1713)

Nighttime vertical view out window of Yamanote Line train as it departs Harajuku Station and heads for Yoyogi and Shinjuku as another train zooms by going in the opposite direction.

夜の山手線が原宿駅から、出発 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 5:13 p.m.)

"Nishi-Shinjuku Street in a Night Rain" (100112-1743)

Walking down the street that lies between Nishi-Shinjuku 2-chome (left) and Nishi-Shinjuku 3-chome (right) in the winter evening darkness. Shinjuku Chuo Park lies behind and to the left and the Washington Hotel appears up the street on the right.

夜の西新宿の雨道 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 5:43 p.m.)

"Marching Umbrellas in the Night" (100112-1748)

Walking up Koshukaido, the street (in a sea of umbrellas) that forms the dividing line between Shinjuku-ku (left) and Shibuya-ku (right), with Nishi-Shinjuku 1-chome (in Shinjuku-ku) on the left and Yoyogi 2-chome (in Shibuya-ku) on the right.

夜の西新宿の雨道 甲州街道 歩いている傘 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 5:48 p.m.)

"Approaching Shinjuku Station on the Shibuya Side" (100112-1752)

Walking up the street in the early Tokyo night rain, approaching Shinjuku Station on the Shibuya side of the road.

夜の雨の中、渋谷区側の甲州街道に歩いて、新宿駅に向う 傘傘 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 5:52 p.m.)

"Southern Terrace Rain March - January 12th, 2010" (100112-1816)

Umbrella holders marching along "Shinjuku Southern Terrace" located in Yoyogi 2-chome in Shibuya.

The "Shinjuku" part of the name refers to Shinjuku as a district surrounding Shinjuku Station, irrespective of the address. Of course, considering that the Odakyu Group operates the area, and Shinjuku Station is the Odakyu Line's terminal station, it's logical that they would want to use the station name over the area name (not to mention that if it was called "Shibuya Terrace", then people would be looking for it near Shibuya Station).

新宿サザンテラス、夜の雨の中、渋谷区、新宿駅に向う 傘傘 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 6:16 p.m.)

"Crossing Blue-Light Bridge in Shinjuku" (100112-1818)

Crossing the pedestrian bridge over Koshukaido between Shinjuku Station and Southern Terrace - which is also a bridge from Shinjuku-ku to Shibuya-ku. I think the blue illumination was temporary, but I'm not sure. I'll have a look at the bridge the next time I'm in Shinjuku.

新宿の青い光の橋をわたる 甲州街道 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 6:18 p.m.)

"Car Culture Shinjuku" (100112-1818)

The area in front of the south entrance/exit of Shinjuku Station. (Also a look back at the pedestrian bridge I had just crossed, with its blue illumination.) Look at the amount of space given over to internal combustion machinery... I fully understand the need for cars out in the countryside, but in a city like Tokyo, they are curse! Naturally there is a need for some delivery vehicles, taxis, emergency vehicles, etc., but a lot of the people driving within Tokyo don't really need to be - they could be taking a train or bus. Too much of the city is sitting under asphalt and concrete.

新宿駅南口前の夜の雨の中の車... 車... 車... 甲州街道 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 6:18 p.m.)

"Walking Against Umbrella Traffic in Shinjuku" (100112-1819)

Walking against a river of umbrella-wielding bipeds headed in the other direction.

新宿駅南口前の傘傘傘 夜の雨の中 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 6:19 p.m.)

"Rain Reflections in Shinjuku" (100112-1820)

Walking away - down the hill - from the south exit of Shinjuku Station through rain, looking down at one point at colorful reflections on the sidewalk asphalt, and then heading across a main street crosswalk full of umbrella-wielding bipeds.

新宿の雨、光、傘傘 夜の雨の中 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 6:20 p.m.)

"Nishi-Shinjuku 1-Chome Side Street" (100112-1841)

Walking down a side street in Nishi-Shinjuku - near a complex of discount electronics shops (mostly Yodobashi Camera - located in the opposite direction).

西新宿細い道 夜の雨の中 東京 (Recorded on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, at 6:41 p.m.)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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