Friday, November 12, 2010

"Cooler Weather - Cold Weather on the Horizon"

During the summer I was looking forward to being out of the heat in the autumn - and that is where I am now, but the temperatures are sliding out of the comfort zone and towards downright cold, at which time I'll be dreaming of spring again....

Earlier in the week, I stopped and listened to a street musician from Osaka perform a song in front of Shinjuku Station:

"Michiko (ミチコ) Live by Shinjuku Station"

Michiko playing the keyboard and singing while somebody (cough-cough) walks around taking a shaky video clip.

The musician's blog is:

There was a couple who set up beside her and were about to begin playing as soon as she stopped, but a police officer came around and stopped them before they could begin.  I wish they could have played at least one song.

The results of this week's gallery crawl are here:

My favorite exhibition was this one:

It's difficult to explain why exactly, but I attempt to in that blog post!

I also liked this exhibit:

 - although the gallery owner irritated me by speaking English at me as though I had just parachuted down into Ginza from another galaxy.  Probably he meant it in a friendly way, although it didn't *feel* friendly, so I didn't take it as such and just silently nodded to be civil, while refusing to step into the game.  (That "game" reference might not make any sense unless you've lived here since a date that falls before the sudden jump in the yen in the mid-eighties...).

Sore dewa, mata!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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