Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Shibuya Station Area on Saturday Night, November 27th, 2010"

I dropped by Shibuya on Saturday night to meet a couple of people.  (Mysterious?  Cool!  Good reason not to explain it then!)  On the way back to the station, I took a few video clips - including of a band that was playing in front of Shibuya Station... until an angry-looking police office (or security person?) started talking to the leader of the band.  The music stopped - the police officer talked angrily on - the band leader looked resigned/irritated/disappointed... the camera dude turned and walked under the rail bridge (see clips below).

Shibuya - From West to East Side - (101127)

Walking Downhill in Shibuya - (101127-2109)

Street Band in Shibuya-A - (101127-2112)

Street Band in Shibuya-B - (101127-2113a)

Street Band in Shibuya-C - (101127-2116a)

Street Band in Shibuya-D - Stopped - (101127-2117a)

Saturday Night Shibuya - From East to West Side - (101127-2118a)

Shibuya Crosswalk - (101127-2122a)

Shibuya Sidewalk - (101127-2123a)

Exiting Inokashira Line in Kichijoji - (101127-2151)

On a national holiday - a nice day in the park:

Kodaira Chuo Park Concert (A)

Kodaira Chuo Park Concert (B)

Kodaira Chuo Park Concert (C)

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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